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Chikadey Grace Aug 2015
We all take a step
We all take a breath
Learning to hide our inner emotions
Fearing the worst
Knowing only the fear
containing us from what really out there
holding you back and not letting you surrender
I'm not going to be quiet any longer
The games you've been playing
The things you keep saying
Hate is all you can give me but for what
What did I do that made you hate me
Did I say something to offend you
Say your name in a snotty tone
No I liked you for a mere
and its been years since I've actually spoken to you
all I get is messages saying how much you
"Hate me"
but for what reason because
every second you hate me
is another second you spend WASTING your time
hating someone
Who did nothing
and doesn't deserve to be hated
in the least
we are to old for this get over it
I've been over it since sophomore year
its time you stop acting like we are in middle school
because face it
we are not 13 anymore
This year is about
Forward moving
and I cant move forward if there is something
who can't seem to shake something from
four years ago
I'm done
Chikadey Grace May 2015
No more tears
I promised myself
Anger and Fear
I need out
I am "safe"
won't hurt a fly
only maybe
I may try
I see my blood
My long lost blood
and forever I thought it was finally gone
Now as I sit on this plane
Thinking about the times you were not here
When I wanted to die
The days that I spent crying
I sit on a plane only writing a line
So I said
Who knows how many you have read
Well its time for sleep
hush hush
Sweet dreams
Chikadey Grace May 2015
The wind is whispering
Hush hush
All of our secrets
Like a sea of needles
Chikadey Grace Jan 2015
I'm under stress
It's getting worse
soon itll be
Chikadey Grace Jan 2015
When you left
I never thought I'd ever be happy again
I wasn't right
I have been happy
But there's still something missing
This is hard
to say
to anyone
especially someone who knows your deepest secrets
who can scream them to the entire world
but someone who should know
that even though
your heart has been torn by the person mentioned before
something still pulls you towards them
though you promised yourself
you were over him
promised your parents
you were friends again
but the pain of seeing him hurts so much
because you know you're still in total utter love with him
but you don't want to ruin your just mended friendship
or have him hate you again
yet when people tell you he still likes you its hard not to think you have a chance
and you've apologized over and over for what you've done
but never once has he said you've been forgiven
It's hard when you love someone
And you would do anything for them
This is hard
telling you that I'm still crazy about you
This is stupid
This is hard
Chikadey Grace Jan 2015
You have forgotten me
Not the first time
I'm fine
Chikadey Grace Jan 2015
Not chain link  no sword still a knight to me
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