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Jul 2013 · 351
Memories of You
Cherry Rae Lynn Jul 2013
All my memories of you,
Are just that,

I'm cleaning my hands of you,
No more love,
Memories, all that remains.

I don't love you,
It wasn't real,
Memories of you.

My Memories,
Fade away.
May 2013 · 399
Let go
Cherry Rae Lynn May 2013
Its time to let go of my memories of you
we were the perfect couple
but behind closed doors there was only pain

I loved you, well, the person i thought you were
you were always so distant from me
but it felt so close, you knew all my secrets

i remember the good and the bad
i remember the night you told me you loved me
i remember when you left me,
and when you took me back

but mostly i remember the lies,
the hurt and betrayal,
i remember leaving you but still being tied to you.

Its time to let go lf my memories of you...
Apr 2013 · 1.3k
Holding on
Cherry Rae Lynn Apr 2013
You're still holding on*
let go of me, or what we used to be
ive changed, and not for the worse

You're still holding on
but ive moved,
say goodbye to our memories

You're still holding on
if you really loved me you would let go.
You know im done with this chapter of life
and i read much faster than you,

You're still holding on
but could you let go of the past,
of the pain, of me.

*Its time to let go
Apr 2013 · 672
Learning experiance
Cherry Rae Lynn Apr 2013
Taking a chance in life can be hard,
You never know who to trust,
Who is going to be there for you,
Who is just going to be another let down.

But I decided to take a chance,
to take a chance on you,
and now i know it was the right one.

You taught me that Im better off without you,
Im stonger than I thought I was,
and I can be independent.

You didnt treat me right,
and I dont really blame you.
but now Im the one moving on,
while you're still holding on.

— The End —