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Chelsea Nov 2017
i carry so much weight on my shoulders.
and although my knees tremble, i have not staggered.

-the hurt you caused me only strengthened me.
thank you
Chelsea Nov 2017
when will you realize that all this hot blood that pumps through my veins was because of your coldness.
sweetie, even though you left me, even though you broke me.
my warmth will melt your ice.

-are you ready?
Chelsea Nov 2017
i hope that when you kiss her that you think of me, and how my mouth knew yours like it knew the rest of your body.
i hope that when you finally tell her you love her that it will be me that you are picturing.
i hope that when she leaves you that you will be as numb as i was when you left me.
i hope that she ***** you up so badly that you will finally understand what it means to be me
Chelsea Nov 2017
like this candle flame, i wish you would blow out with the wind
Chelsea Nov 2017
the hand you had around my throat was less suffocating than the words that escaped from your mouth when you said you didn't want me anymore.
Chelsea Nov 2017
the girl that answers your down to **** text at 1am by spreading her limbs wide for you to come to will not give you the same thrill that the woman who stays up talking to you about your childhood, your fears and your dreams despite the fact that she has morning class.

Savour this woman if you find her, she is one in a million
Chelsea Nov 2017
unbotton my blouse, caress me with your warm hands.
bring me in close and whisper "it's only you, baby."
then slam me into a wall, trail your fingertips up my body like i am a spanish guitar and you want to hear the melody.
pick me up and lay me on the bed, look at me with desire and lust.
you seem all too familiar with this, so i know i am not the only one.

-your first lie
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