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I just want
to wear flowers
in my hair
and raindrops
in my eyes
and feel the heat
of your lips
blow fire
through my veins
i have always been a wanderer -
i roam the earth, bare feet against the dirt,
finding temporary resting spaces for my heart.

i have traversed the plains, scaled mountains,
felt the tear of sinew and faith when i fell.
i have scars - raw and aching - that
leave me breathless in the daylight.

but along the journey, i found you
with wounds that mirrored mine;
a familiar fear in your eyes
but brazen hope in your heart.

and with arms outstretched,
you cradled my weary bones
drew promises around my scars
kissed the corners of my eyes
and whispered in my ear
"breathe, love, and hang your heart here -
you're home"
Chelsea McMahon May 2016
Words collided,
My skull spinning with
the repercussions of
words said,
love lost,
bones broken,

and right at the point
where my knees hit the floor
all i could see were
fireflies, dancing in the ashes
rising up to join
the stars.
Chelsea McMahon Mar 2016
You struck a match
Against my ribs,
Saw the flames
Lick the blue
Of my eyes.

Now all that's left to do
Is watch me burn.
Chelsea McMahon Nov 2015
You are the answer
To every question
I've ever had
And all of the ones
I never even thought
To ask.
Chelsea McMahon Nov 2015
I don't believe in god
But I do believe in the
Warmth of your breath on my shoulder,
The emerald shine of your eyes
In our shadow
And the way you seal my fate
In figure eights on my neck.

I don't believe in god
But I believe in heaven
Here, with you
In the silence of a love understood
That needs no words
And needs no god,
Just the trace of your fingertip
On my lips.
Chelsea McMahon Nov 2015
There's not much left,
Pieces left strewn
And abandonded
In all of the places
I've ever died

There's not much left,
But you can have this heart
If you would like.

It isn't much,
But it sings in the thunder
And it is all I have left
To give.

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