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AJ Mar 29
It was then, she knew
Little by little, it blew
All of which turned to disarray
Flabbergasted, it went halfway

All was black
Emotions, lacked
She screams in agony
Everything but apathy.

A short but emotionally-filled piece of mine, hope you like it! More coming soon!
AJ Mar 24
She cried for help,
No one was there

She stared at the blank sky
Thinking it deserves another try

Emptiness filled her heart
Bewildered with sadness

She tried again
And so she glanced in the distance

There, it was him, waiting.
Hope you like it! More coming soon!
AJ Mar 24
Barren with sinking thoughts
A void so dull and empty
Driven by anything that sought
Shrieked in fear, it was aplenty.

Realized, it spelled trouble
Lost, out of arm's reach
Tired and out, it was a struggle
Like a star, waiting for someone to breach.
Just one of my works I'm proud of, hope you all like it!

— The End —