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Charlotte Oct 2012
We are the children
Of a single flame.
Our lights burn on
As an eternal are
For really we are one and the same
Not at war with the world
But at ones own name
Struggling to find where we really belong
Why can't we see we were at home all along

A fight that only we can decide
Yet one that affects everyone inside

We are the children
Of a dimming flame
Fading away in this wicked game
Searching for truths where there are only lies
Looking for a home that is well disguised
But alone we still travel
When there's hope in your eyes

I am a child
That can only be happy
After being so sad
Still learning who I really am
Fighting the world everyday
But it is with you that I find my name
For it is in your embrace
That I stop trying to find where I belong
For it is in your arms that home was, all along.
Not sure about the last stanza, if anyone has any suggestions, they'd be more than welcomed! Thank you.
Charlotte Oct 2012
Sat on the tube
Sardines in a can
They share a lingering touch
Young love, they all say
Beautiful, they all say
He smiles up at her

Moving through the station
Hands clasped against the lashing rain
Immersed in city sounds
Young love, they all sigh
Beautiful, they all sigh
As the mother smiles down at her son
Charlotte Oct 2012
Orange and pink hues,
Pick out the skeleton
Lashed to the bed
Half-immersed in cool saline
Taking your breath away
Birds still lingering
On the crumbling frame
Watching, as pebbles sting souls
And the sun slips behind the horizon
Charlotte Oct 2012
Light has long since faded away
Standing, soaked, in the rain
Every headlight just might be you
I wait for you in vain

Seconds, minutes, hours pass
And then you arrive
You stop and stare, paused in time
And then you come alive

Just like in the movies, swept away
Oh, I have so missed you
And when I look into your eyes
I love you, I always knew

— The End —