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chaouki 3d
i wrote two long complicated poems.
and somehow couldn't understand them either with such complicated vocabulary.
until she said "i miss us"
and that was their summary.
chaouki 4d
there's a weird thing about this poem.
for some reasons i am unable to                      .
chaouki 5d
'tis not the therapeutic night i wished for.
'tis not the therapeutic reaction i hoped for.
'tis not the therapeutic approach i looked for.
'tis not the therapeutic hug i'm still longing for.
'tis not the therapeutic gaze i look for.
'tis not the therapeutic interest i anticipated to perceive.
'tis just me being naive.
no happiness should be linked to your love anymore.
even tho , you is who i'll always care for.
'tis not you but none can stop this personal blasphemy, not even me.
chaouki 7d
     ­                          .      
chaouki Jul 10
you're all mistaken, here's my statement.
i'm feeling rather vacant, by thy feelings i feel forsaken.
am i mistaken? here's my statement
i'm feeling rather insubstantial. by thy love.

'tis a love i adolize but my heart explained it in a way that i can't decipher.
thus these inklings seem consequently inconsequential.

'tis a love i miss, withstanding the hurdles that i too have to withstand.

i'm not mistaken, here's my statement.
thy love felt and feels rather righteous. but i feel rather unwell.

grant me a therapeutic night, or a therapeutic hug that's all i need.
i prayed..
god, accord her with tolerance and merriment so she can grant me some time to recover
i still pray..

and i'll be back longing your presence with a disturbing anticipation of thy feelings not forsakening me.
chaouki Jul 10
"cotton minds", yes cotton minds.
cotton minds generating dopamine with their childish brains down the cotton slides.
at the beach, a treasure is what every cotton mind finds.
but no sandpaper even with a vision that is greater could see it.
and when the day is over and it's time to go home, every cotton mind cries because of the lies of his hater, creater, lover, maker.
you guessed it, "the sandpaper".
cotton minds are childish, no sandpaper would understand them cause they'd rather see a fish on a dish rather than in the sea.
see? cotton minds are everywhere yet so rare, with a hope and a flarethat no sandpaper could every show.
show? yes.
a teeny-tiny show is what you're reading and with it you're having a nostalgic feeling of your previous cotton life.
in your mind you hear the silence, with stress and finance.
your old cotton mind melted until it's now sandpaper.
up many levels and your little angels became bigger devils.
flushed down your dreams and hopes and now we're all cotton mind killers.
right now as you're being told, cotton minds are more precious than gold.
it's something you can't own or hold.
something you need but on it you let your anxiety feed.
sandpaper could be a doctor, but when cotton he played soccer.
sandpaper could also be a dentist, but when cotton his dreams faded in the mist.
but we all know that sandpaper is a cotton mind fader.
once you have it you forget the happiness and the glee.
check your reaction and see.
sea? yes in a reminder of the sea, cotton is water, cooler, smoother, and better but weaker fellow than the hotter, cruel, yellow, denser and sandier sandpaper.
chaouki Jul 9
let us sleep, you and i.
with the kisses you apply.
we shall finally unify.
yea i'm your guy.
who loves that sparkle in your eye.
also i'm high ...
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