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chantel belfon Jul 2010
if i could love
that forever love
that dyer lust
that forever trust
that is what i want to show
show me love, lust,
and all it has to give
show me faith
and how it heals
show me you
the true you
and i shall learn
disarm your guards
let down your shield
show me love
and i too will love
oh how ill love
chantel belfon Jul 2010
set me free
ill show you the real me
the unconditional me
the  me you seldom see
i just want to be me
the me i hate
the me i love
the me that longs to be
you could love me
as can i
i just want to be free
free to be me
chantel belfon Jul 2010
Absent mind
compressed thought
the absence of sight
that's what i thought
yet i have no thoughts
or do i have no logic
logically, i can not stop it
it that is that
that that is it
my mind is scrambled
my brains in a twist
a knot too strong
a knot too hefty
i can not hide
for it wont let me
hiding hiding
still no sense
i live and i die
that's all that makes sense
chantel belfon Jul 2010
give me one second
to show you how i feel
give me one minute
to show you what i mean
for what i mean is true
true to you
ill show you
give me a life time
to show you
i want you
all of you
for a life time
i love you
chantel belfon Jul 2010
the scariest thing
the scariest thing,
facing it
the truth within
the one that is to be seen
the one i feign
the truth
I cant face the truth
i must face the truth
it will be known.
chantel belfon Jul 2010
Blank thoughts full of words
  uncompromisable yet so vivid
  twisted feelings like the vines upon trees
heart out as far as the stars
only so far because it cant be reached
unquiet mind so full of thoughts
so alone yet everyone's around
scream, louder
but in the mind no screams are heard
alone, confused, distraught
this unquiet mind shall one day be tamed
chantel belfon Jul 2010
Out of the blue you swept me off my feet
both literally and figuratively
i love your strong yet gentle embrace
from your baby blues to your golden locks
your being is one i enjoy
your presence is what i crave
hold me in your arms and never let loose boo
as i tell you
i want you too
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