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chaffy Sep 20
catch a note forward
in the basket of quality
often deciding what is likely
so fast and frivolous these days
words becoming more and more
of a plainsong drone inhabiting such
a confined area upstairs (but more of a)
downstairs situation and
i’ve forgotten what
that exactly

we were talking
i hear many things
great party we enjoyed
smart boy you must have
glancing along the tight rope
i can never tell never which kind
of man i am if it’s not love (personified)
then hate me softly please
and we should forget
what that all

it’s another poem
some slurring or another
maybe they will find someone
and i’m sure it will if nothing else
decadence is just around the corner
one could lose themselves (in possibilities)
the maddening uncertainty
and i don’t think i
will ever
chaffy Sep 18
Me encanta un alma pesada, muy tierna.
Manos arriba, no mueva,
Soy culpable.

Ven conmigo,
Mi corazón está agrio, entrégalo aquí.
Dámelo y gíralo alrededor.

Ya que te sientes triste,
Tú debes gustarle.
Todo lo que amo no es feliz.

Completamente solo, sin cuidado.
Desde que la luz del sol derritiendo,
He tenido un alma pesada, muy tierna.
Este poema es uno que he escrito en inglés también. Hice eso para enseñarme español, como una forma de practicar. Podría hacer esto más en el futuro, fue divertido.
chaffy Sep 9
i can never age

life's a guilty consequence
drooling away on my pillow

it's all my fault

yeah sure yeah but
monkey see monkey do

hush, *******

you ooze from every pore
and reek of it too

get some sleep

whatever it takes
chaffy Aug 19
A halo on the street,
Same questions again.
Found friends a human needs.
Then suddenly in the corner of
Where am I anyway?

Imagining being oneself.
So groovy today,
Altered seconds come easy.
Dance my skin off.
Our bones want the sun.

I couldn’t tell you a secret,
Don’t know the answers.
Fun and fulfillment, so lovely.
Break something special,
While people are still around.
chaffy Aug 4
I love a heavy soul, so sweet.
Hands up, don’t move,
I am guilty.

Come with me,
My heart is sour, turn it in,
Give it to me and spin it around.

Since you feel sad,
You must like it.
All I love isn't happy.

All alone, no caution.
Ever since the sunshine melting,
I have had a heavy soul, so sweet.
chaffy Apr 6
The stupor came to a rest.
As long as you keep breathing you’ve won this fight.
Forget this terrible vibration, worthless.
No point in pondering unimaginable secrets.
It’s merely gibberish, product of a foul paranoia.

I had hair on my tongue... the mind is easily fooled.
Realize a thought, but remember to follow peace and tranquillity.
Pleasant music fills my ears.
Don’t fear, one could settle quickly and enjoy a dream.

The air was thin to breathe.
I found what we were looking for, at last a fair excuse to celebrate.
An ocean of spectacular fluorescence.
Whatever happened, it was going to be good for us.
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