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Feb 2014 · 943
Cerrie Feb 2014
I know not what to say
Or see
As your tardy empathy
Breathes along my sutured neck.
Your lushness of waves hath borne
Golden glimmers of fragrance too sweet
That nerve endings fray.
Smirk so softly into my soul
Your pheromonal whispers
So that dreams may weep syrup,
So may my cheeks dew with sugar.
Lusher are your fallacies
Than your twirled smirks of incandescence;
Lusher are your maladies
Than your smoldered iridescent kisses.
Feb 2014 · 433
Love #1
Cerrie Feb 2014
Breathe my skin
Caress my soul
******* radiance
Stir my unknowns
Whisper your breadth
Of benevolence so deep
Cultivate my fields
Of love you may reap
Nov 2013 · 974
I knew not cold
Cerrie Nov 2013
I knew not cold

Until I called your shadow my home.

Years have since passed

But your cuts remain fresh,

Leaving me haggard,

Blind to my own radiance.

We know each other no longer

But you hold a place in my heart

Born in jealousy,

Reborn in hatred,

With sharp pangs of love

Which refuse to be drowned.
Sep 2013 · 729
Do I Compare?
Cerrie Sep 2013
Do I taste of fresh-brewed sweetness
Or of shattered remnants long longed for?
Beneath the cloth that cloaks my hairs
Can you smell the lust-laced jubilance?
In the budding curvatures of my hips doth lie
Your candy-colored promises.
Do my sickly-sweetly-caramelized
Whispers haunt your ears at night
Whilst I pant not far above you?
Your tastes buds scratch my jawline
And deeply settle amongst my heartstrings,
Pulling, stretching, strengthening;
All the better to break them, Lovely.
Do my stares of loving compare to aquatic depths,
Their currents overflowing?
Or do my inky irises hint at sultry
Twirlings of her hair?
Jul 2013 · 453
Cerrie Jul 2013
I long to leave my baggage in your void,
Then stand atop the world
Whilst I stare into the chasm ahead.
I give you my sorrows and
I lend you my hurt;
Their everlasting bonds to myself
I will break free.
Dec 2012 · 557
Remind Me of the Times
Cerrie Dec 2012
Fill my heart with sweetness
And gauge our breadth of love.
And write a melody
Of you and I engulfed in waves
Of serendipity.
Write a sonnet filled with words
That speak of our oblivion
To all the hurting loneliness
That dwells and thrives inside.

Remind me of the times before
In which I knew you not,
When all was well but all was hell
Within the scatters of myself  
That lay upon the stage
Splayed out for judgement day.

Remind me of the times before
In which I knew you not,
When I would sell my heart unknowing
Of the pain that was to follow.

Remind me of the times to come
In which I love you not,
When I'll let go of all of this mess
And cease to cause further distress.
Dec 2012 · 2.7k
Amber Waves of Ecstasy
Cerrie Dec 2012
Alone I walked into the sea,

Engulfed by amber waves of ecstasy,

In which I crossed a boundary line

Where I left my mind behind.

I swam and swam until I tired

Yearnning for something I’d never acquire-

A thing that was the death of me.

O, those amber waves of ecstasy,

How they tossed and tore at my fragile being

Attempting to show me what I was not seeing;

Reaching for conclusion that would be freeing.

Amber waves of ecstasy,

Amber waves of ecstasy,

Please come and drown me once again,

Come deafen the screams within my head

That crave to be released from me.

O, amber waves of ecstasy,

The fault of my errors lie with me.

O, amber waves of ecstasy,

Please show me how to set myself free.
Jun 2012 · 5.5k
The Lollipop King
Cerrie Jun 2012
The Lollipop King, with his mighty staff,

Flavored all the colors of the rainbow,

Enticing me with what he has

To places where I must not go.

His lust-soaked pheromones masked with licorice

Entice the hearts of the fair maidens of the land.

While I too have fallen victim to his confectionary wishes,

Of this courtship and this romance became something unplanned.

I have now found my way into this lollipop dynasty,

Becoming another member of this sisterhood of sugar.

But the difference with me, if you’ll lean close, you see,

Quoth the Lollipop King, “I do not want to lose her.”

And always alone I’ll say to myself:

When will his time come to place me on the shelf?

— The End —