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Celine Leduc Jan 2014
JE ME SOUVIENS  (I REMEMBER) by Céline Leduc 12/2013

I REMEMBER is the motto of Quebec
I remember the English colonized me.
I forget I colonized First Nations.
I remember multiculturalism is bad.
I forget it allowed me to keep my culture.
I remember the Church is my downfall
I forget it was Louis XIV and Napoleon politics
I remember my language matters
I forget I imposed language on First Nations.
I remember my culture
I want others to forget their culture
Quebec’s  new motto should be
This poem is written and was inspired by the proposed Quebec Charter of Value that the current government wants to make a law, that forbids any religious symbols.
Celine Leduc Apr 2013
Pollution of the mind is real.
Our minds are cluttered with uselessness.
Stories on the street repeated mindlessly.
Words describe men and women as animals.
We insult the person and demean the animal.
We are no longer part of nature, unnatural we are.

People are dumb as a donkey, wise as an owl.
If a woman disagrees she is a *****, fights, a cat, she is.
To be a good mother you have to be a hen.
A man is built like a horse he is part of a stable.
In times of slavery Black people were animal, soulless.
Confusion between humans and animals caused by disconnection.

Religions and Politics in ****** use rats to justify: hatred.
Jews are told they are pigs, and drink blood.
Blood and Pigs are forbidden in Judaism.
Culturally socially we repeat mindlessly: slander.
Our connection to the earth and animal is lost so is our humanity.

Pollution of the earth causes pollution of the mind.
The earth cleanses itself by fire and ice.
The mind can also:  freeze out these concepts these fallacies.
Burn the words that are defamation and abomination.
Do; yes do this to avoid the fires of hell.
Soon, hell will freeze over and become heaven.
This poem is part of a reflection on religion and heaven...  soon available in a book.
Celine Leduc Apr 2013
The Bible is the word of God
Or man who was inspired by God.

God’s words come to mind.
Man interprets God’s mind.

God created man and women in his image
Man wants to make them in his image.

God seeds the earth.
Man spreads his seed.

Earth is our mother she leaves us free.
Man wants to control mother earth.

Nature grows wild  abundance on earth.
Man runs wild there is dearth on earth.

A volcano erupts life is fossilized
A bomb is dropped life petrified.

An act of god is part of nature.
An act of man is counter nature.
Celine Leduc Apr 2013
Typing was not my strength, it was my shame.
Typing is a skill to make words legible, not for me.
Letters were rarely in the right order, what a shame.
Things change, typed word can create order.

Secretarial work was not my thing.
Typing purchasing orders all day was not for me.
One typo, the order goes in File 13, to erase my error.
At the end of the day my wastebasket was piled high.

I typed a purchasing order and things changed.
It was for 50 tapes, my fingers flew to my shame.
My boss called me in his office, asked to read
I ordered 50 rapes, you read it right rapes.

He laughed, showed me a pencil and asked.
Do you see what is at the end?  Yes, an eraser.
Learn to use it, use it to erase and correct your mistake
Do not throw away your experience.

He added:  in 5 years your mistake is forgotten
In 10 years few will remember your mistake or name.
In 100 years from now no one will know who you are.
I wish to be remembered as a woman activist poet.

I no longer use File 13 to delete a shame.
You see, I write and type about the shame of ****.
The shame every woman who is violated feels.
It a shame but not her shame, file and record his shame.
This is a true story, my boss was a wonderful man,  with a sense of humor.  Mornings he would make his own coffee  and he would also make one for me.   He believed in women and their rights, we had interesting conversations about women and how they were leaders and could make a difference.   He made sure I got promoted to junior purchasing agent,  he saw potential in me, but not as a typist.  This poem is dedicated to him, Mr Creswell.  Most of the poems I shared on this site will be part of a book about women all women and some good men.
Celine Leduc Apr 2013
Revolution – evolution
The drums are calling
Hear the beat.  
Listen to the drum.
Listen to the beat
Groove to the beat
Start a revolution
Hear your heart beat
Move to the beat
Cause an inner  revolution.
Be a leader in evolution.
Dance to the beat
Be one with the beat.
Be one with the earth.
It is called evolution.
Celine Leduc Apr 2013
You look so fine strutting down the street.
You swing your hips to your inner-beat.
You move to the sounds of your IPod
You groove to the inner-beat you know.
You are one with the music.
You are one with your universe.
Go on moving to the new beat.
Celine Leduc Apr 2013
Living in the city, exposes us to inner-city life
Life and death dance with each other.
Maples Road, Elm Street or Pine Avenue
No such trees shade your way.
A tress falls a child falls, R.I.P.
The forest is now a wooden coffin.
Trees planted are young and sickly.  
Buildings and not trees offer shade.

The streets are like a cloudy rainy day.
Cement and asphalt stifles the grass.
Cops walk the beat, whistles blow
Sirens, honking horns, gunshots,
Tires screeching scream for attention.
Gangs are rebels with a cause, to be free
Try to listen for the heartbeat.
Life in the city can be life and not death.

Listen, can you hear!  A child is calling.
Look can you see!  A baby is crawling
A blade of grass grows in the cracks.
The inner-city is alive with a new beat.
Life can grow, life can thrive
Let's gang-up for a cause to free
Let’s tap to the beat we call life.
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