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Ceida Uilyc Feb 25
I am on Everest
But it’s suffocating my breath.
Wish it was like the Dream
Breathless Trek
Upbeat Track
Dirging my glory all around.  

I am on Sea
But it’s killing my gut.
Wish it was like the Dream
Featherlight walk
Suspenseful score
Wailing my glory all around.

I am on Cliff.
But it’s breaking my step.
Wish it was like the Dream
Gladiator circus
Dropping riff
Lamenting my glory all around.
100th Poem
Why DAFUQ do I dream
Ceida Uilyc Feb 20
I’ve been walking
So long
So far
Weary eyes
Sweat cakes
Blood soaked rashes
My best friend’s taunt.

Sing a song, Songbird.
Please, Sing a Song Songbird.

I’ve been trusting
So long
So far
Wronged tales
Spiked hormones
Nauseating future
My mom’s warn.

Sing a song, Songbird.
Please, Sing a Song Songbird.

I’ve been resting
So Long
So Far
Gliding on tides
Erratic refrains
Clumped bones
My doctor’s threat.

Sing a song, Songbird.
Please, Sing a Song Songbird.

I’ve been blind
So Long
So Far
Stuttering steps
Coal filled iris
Yearns mourns of woes

Sing a song, Songbird.
Please, Sing a Song Songbird.
Ceida Uilyc Feb 3
For the Unfinished Dreams,
For the Unsung Love Songs,
For the Unkissed Lips,

Of the absent classes
Of the misheard lectures
Of the moaning lawns of VC

From the Unsaid Jokes
From the Unheard Poems
From the Ungrateful Deeds

By the pool by pitch dark night
By the shadow at distance
By the promises mine broken
By you and me.
Ceida Uilyc Feb 3
We’d a great story.
But it ended when we
agreed to write it.
Ceida Uilyc Jan 12
There’s so much light.

It’s bright
Darkness inside.

It’s burning
Truth inside.

Isn’t it beautiful in the dark?
When there’s no sun to mellow tone the brain
When there’s no light to scorch the sight

Dark, like dots on black.

Where the skeleton uproars
The stench crawls  
And the wound moans.

It’s too much light
Too many masks.
Too many smiles.
Too bright.
And Burning.

I like the night sky better.
It's beautiful.
It's cold.
It frees.
Fan of the night
Ceida Uilyc Jan 2
Time to cut losses and reigns
Slash bosses and veins
Snakes to slay
Win scepters made of clay.
Ceida Uilyc Jan 2
Molding conviction to stay strong
Win over the hurdles, part ways of hay
What you may be, I dare you to go faster than me
My fire is endless
My conviction is bottomless
I am ready to engage.
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