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Nov 2020 · 180
First Drizzle In Doon
Ceida Uilyc Nov 2020
You poured down like a warm kiss on a chilly night
Waltzing about with your cold tendrils
You took me back to my effervescent hometown
Its trembling branches
Its pitch dark horizons
And navy blue skies
When the trees fell
While the power slept off
And made us all fireflies
Fluttering for dewdrops to light up
Looking for embraces to snuggle into

I’ve been yearning for you
Days into months into years
Thanks for dropping by
November rain in Doon
When it rained for the first time in my new home
May 2019 · 852
Ceida Uilyc May 2019
Sitting around the patchy tree stumps at Sagar’s Cafeteria,
Campus was not solitaria*.
Listening to songs saved on our tiny phones, decade ago,
We devoured the sound of silence and the fields of athenrye

We lit mary jane and made merry singing along to ***** Gun
in broad daylight without the purview of uni cam puns.
Who cared if it was just a five-minute break from Hemangadutta
Or Sheeba’s hungry call for relief,
we made it seem wakeable in the dewy morns.

Sagar’s had the tastiest samosa, chicken puff
and Tiger biscuits so cheap we could fudge it in the lassi whuff.
Days and months went by hovering around Sagar than classes.
We never saved pennies, we spent bills on choora
from our pocket monies for bura.
EFLU= English and Foreign languages university; my campus.
A dash of nostalgia.
*Solitaria= solitary-area
Ceida Uilyc Apr 2019

Lullabies of thunder and gore
On a wet night's tremors at my mother's coastal shore
I heard the hum of your pitch dark delight,
Roaring with wraith o'er the lagoon
Raging tides and wreaths lo-where shroom.  

That's when I heard you bouncing off the shadows.

Another folly night in the jungles of board and milky turns of rocks, I saw you whistle past the bamboo blades.

But it was on the terrace of my paternal home that I saw the insignificantly significant red fireflies on a pitch dark night embraced in palms,
I felt your touch by mangroves and pines.

You come again to lull me to slumber
Thundering bolts refrain from shallow rompers.

Take me with your silent coos and moos.
Light my dirge and moan for moons.

Let's overthrow the albatross and harrow the silvesteros.
Send my greetings to the land of doon.
I am en route, already my beau
Apr 2019 · 713
Memories from Neverland
Ceida Uilyc Apr 2019
In the bottom of the world, where the eye can’t trace,
There is a world. Far from worlds of all kinds, there’s a maze.
It’s slopped down and valleyed to the edge of the earth. From earth it rises
and flashes like an army of ants. Mutinying army ants in hermit clothes praises.

Little huts made of clay. Ants clay-model rants they philosophize the earth. Planet of hearth.
mutineers of hard work, far from working life and politics. Licks the Saturdays to Sunday dirge.

Your sorrow will be gone morrow,
Your silence will be force of horror.

We will help you seek your justice.
All you need to do is now is close your eyes and wait for precipice.
It will bear the name of your Victor. Traitors and victory echoless.

You can rise again, stitch the rashes for Phoenix,
Fluttering to the dewy meadow of blue above. Rise above the sky this time.
Close your eyes and fly this time. Never another time to rise, close and soar but this time.
Mar 2019 · 360
Turns out there's a thing
Ceida Uilyc Mar 2019
I thought I’d learned all I had to
Turns out there’s a thing called getting better at what you do.

I thought I’d seen all them follies of life hitherto
Turns out there’s a thing called getting greater than what we were.

I thought I’d swept all them sins right out
Turns out there’s a thing called getting cleaner than what you are.

I thought I’d wept all them regrets inside-out
Turns out there’s a thing called getting calmer than what I was.

I thought I’d kept all them promises I made to my beau
Turns out there’s a thing called getting quieter than what I could’ve.
Mar 2019 · 425
Lost In The Imageries
Ceida Uilyc Mar 2019
Corners of your room,
Knows me more than you.
Because that’s where I was lost
When you talked about leaving.

Bushes beyond the wall,
Knows the promise more than us.
Because that’s where we first lit passion
When we took a walk the first night.

Mushy park benches after rain,
Knows us more than the campus.
Because that’s where we kissed
When we first felt love beyond lust.

Veiny edges of my wrist,
Knows you more than me.
Because that’s where I tried writing
When your name started fading.
Mar 2019 · 658
Ceida Uilyc Mar 2019
My handwriting was so ugly,
I practiced it day and night

I wanted to become a doctor y’see.
A doctor with a fine hand.

My handwriting became so good,
I became a Writer instead.

I Type!
Ceida Uilyc Mar 2019
Why didn’t you keep your promise?
I wept
By Day

Why didn’t you think of me once?
I waited
By the doors

Why didn’t you come back?
I counted
By seconds

Was it my command to leave?
You sprint
Out Away
Sans looks

Couldn’t you look back once?
I glared

Where the hell were you?
I knew
To Trust
Was Folly
Now I am dead.
Feb 2019 · 1.0k
Dreams are Foolish
Ceida Uilyc Feb 2019
I am on Everest
But it’s suffocating my breath.
Wish it was like the Dream
Breathless Trek
Upbeat Track
Dirging my glory all around.  

I am on Sea
But it’s killing my gut.
Wish it was like the Dream
Featherlight walk
Suspenseful score
Wailing my glory all around.

I am on Cliff.
But it’s breaking my step.
Wish it was like the Dream
Gladiator circus
Dropping riff
Lamenting my glory all around.
100th Poem
Why DAFUQ do I dream
Feb 2019 · 1.6k
Sing a Song Songbird
Ceida Uilyc Feb 2019
I’ve been walking
So long
So far
Weary eyes
Sweat cakes
Blood soaked rashes
My best friend’s taunt.

Sing a song, Songbird.
Please, Sing a Song Songbird.

I’ve been trusting
So long
So far
Wronged tales
Spiked hormones
Nauseating future
My mom’s warn.

Sing a song, Songbird.
Please, Sing a Song Songbird.

I’ve been resting
So Long
So Far
Gliding on tides
Erratic refrains
Clumped bones
My doctor’s threat.

Sing a song, Songbird.
Please, Sing a Song Songbird.

I’ve been blind
So Long
So Far
Stuttering steps
Coal filled iris
Yearns mourns of woes

Sing a song, Songbird.
Please, Sing a Song Songbird.
Feb 2019 · 507
By You and Me
Ceida Uilyc Feb 2019
For the Unfinished Dreams,
For the Unsung Love Songs,
For the Unkissed Lips,

Of the absent classes
Of the misheard lectures
Of the moaning lawns of VC

From the Unsaid Jokes
From the Unheard Poems
From the Ungrateful Deeds

By the pool by pitch dark night
By the shadow at distance
By the promises mine broken
By you and me.
Feb 2019 · 329
Haiku of Our Story
Ceida Uilyc Feb 2019
We had a great story.
But it ended oot when we
agreed to write it.
Jan 2019 · 403
Ceida Uilyc Jan 2019
There’s so much light.

It’s bright
Darkness inside.

It’s burning
Truth inside.

Isn’t it beautiful in the dark?
When there’s no sun to mellow tone the brain
When there’s no light to scorch the sight

Dark, like dots on black.

Where the skeleton uproars
The stench crawls  
And the wound moans.

It’s too much light
Too many masks.
Too many smiles.
Too bright.
And Burning.

I like the night sky better.
It's beautiful.
It's cold.
It frees.
Fan of the night
Jan 2019 · 379
Rejoice, it's time to rule
Ceida Uilyc Jan 2019
Time to cut losses and reigns
Slash bosses and veins
Snakes to slay
Win scepters made of clay.
Jan 2019 · 167
Horizons anew
Ceida Uilyc Jan 2019
Molding conviction to stay strong
Win over the hurdles, part ways of hay
What you may be, I dare you to go faster than me
My fire is endless
My conviction is bottomless
I am ready to engage.
Dec 2018 · 400
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Time flies, then
                              soars fast,
                              high, away.
Like a distant yesterday
The cogwheels were oiled then
Now it's grease draining the mold.
It took no time for them to rust.

The shots that were bottomed
Were to **** time then with laughter,
Now it is to fill the laughter of time.
It took little time to jade.

Yogamats, Shiny Utensils
They were bought to fill space then
They are emptying my belly space now
It takes some time to perish.

The grass was cool
To spend time with meaningful convos then
Now, it is a hollow trip laced with arrogance
It takes a lot of time to quit abuse.
                       Time flies, then
                       soars fast,
                       high, away.
I have grown up!
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Every time,

Everytime someone asks
a question
Any question; I freeze.

Mind fades
Neurons vanish
Oblivion brightens
Like the beginning of a DMT trip.

It needn’t be arithmetic
It needn’t be  my love life
It needn’t be about the speed of waves in Red Sea.

Sometimes a Split Second
Sometimes an Eternity.

If there’s a question
Marking the end of your sentence
You better not ask me.

O, So many questions left unanswered
When I go to heaven, God's bound to ask another!
Dec 2018 · 406
Turning ... Turned 25 Today
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
For all b'days I did
not feel good, It's different
Now. I feel happy.
Dec 2018 · 378
What Am I?
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Am I alive because I need to do more
Or just because I am a villain who needs to create chaos much more?

Am I a blessing because I empathize
Or just a punishment to the world because I don’t know where I am?

Am I rich because I have pounds
Or just a beggar without a penny for humanity?
Death is cringing my thoughts.
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
We didn’t know each other too well,
I thought of her as the prettiest girl in the class,
Intelligent but shy.

It was just the 20 minutes every Sunday of the Catechism Class
Which I attended out of constraint
Only when my lies fell flat
And mom wasn’t convinced

We connected the most in the last two years
Gossiping about boys
Taboos of Catholicism
She only listened with gleaming eyes
And I was the loudspeaker that shimmered her tears
A few minutes, perhaps an hour every month.

Then, I heard she had cancer.
I tried visiting her,
But she wouldn’t come out of the house,
Her mom said she didn’t want the world to see her hairless head
The Chemo had taken a toll.

Then I saw her in the choir section from the balcony
On a cold Sunday morning mass,
I caught her out of blue when the mass ended
Her hair was back, up till the ***
But my smile dwindled when I saw she had but one hand
I couldn’t talk a lot
So I told her ‘God Bless’,
Walked away and cursed god for his twisted blessing.
Cure for a hand.

Then, I heard she died yesterday.
10 Years fighting bone, blood and breast cancer.
I couldn’t stop my sinus tearing.
They were hot from the guilt of not catching up,
They were gushing out of the sorrow she was better than me,

Then why not me, but her.
I am a sinner. I should’ve been taken.
I took my childhood diary
It was the same words I had written 10 years ago.

Why her? Take me instead.

I played the
Prayer for the Dead
The Holy Mass on Loop
And I realized
I was never gonna meet her again.
She will go to heaven.
And I will look up from Hell.

I don't have a photo
I don't remember her voice

A fading smile
A forced respect
God, will I remember her ten years from now?
In memory of Benitta Treesa Joseph.
The cancer ate her.
Rest In Peace, Love.

Say a prayer for her,
not a like for my poem.
Just want a prayer for her soul.
Dec 2018 · 776
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Caged in the chambers of testaments
at the death of dawn
Clutching me in its grasp
Hugging me out of breath

Gurgling chaos of uncertain words
Down into the crown
Grappling me on its tongue
Blotting me out of sight

Ever felt your worst fears

When you
Write it down?
Dec 2018 · 648
Won't you let me cry?
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Spying shamans
How dare you mumble?

Speak up, Vermin.

Lying barons
How dare you pray?

Shut up, Cuckoo.

Celibate ******
How dare you cry?

Sack up, Moaning Lisa.
Dec 2018 · 170
Where to from heaven?
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
When I reached the valley of Jerusalem,
Nazareth hunted me down.
When I reached the sands of Jordan,
Egypt snaked around me.
When I reached the gates of Heaven,
Satan pranced ahead of me.
Dec 2018 · 173
What is the price of mercy?
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Pilgrims from Mordor


Can mercy be bought with
Who wants pity?
Dec 2018 · 147
My Kumaoni Songbird
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Mosquito bite
clenched me awake

With a palm full of your hair
Gleaming Kumaoni forehead
Clasped with a ruffle

rushing dopamine

You turned
I hummed

White noise
Fireworks in the distance
Swearing Windows
Bellowing Curtains
Rainy Pearls of sweat.

We curled
Twin fetus swirls
In a Womb of Thorns

The Oudh on your beard
The flaky burns on my temples

Blended Ambroise
Glaring tunnel of light.
I didn't look up.

I watched the twilight shimmer on your mumbles
Crawling to sleep
While the darkness engulfed the whites.
My painkiller is my Kumaoni Songbird.
Dec 2018 · 340
avanti popolo
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Did we scream that day?
Why did the blood boil so much?
Where did the curdle go?
Were you strangling my nerves then?
Is it wrong to smear the red with white?
Do you remember the moans?
When did the world end, Skeeter?
Dec 2018 · 474
Midnight Summers
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Lies like Cakes
Icing of blushes
Maiden flowers of margarine
Snap me in your beak
Clunk me like a teenage mistake

When you called me a *****
I smiled
It was your passion, not mine.
Two words I absolutely despise are- ******* and *****.
Hate this ******* for addressing me that.
It's a ventout.
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
Those days
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
When I look into your eyes
There are sparkles
And Noodles

Fly away?
No, crouch down.
On all fours.

I want to see you scream.
I want to see you wail.
I want to see you moan.
Dec 2018 · 545
What's so precious
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Was the kiss so precious
the amber whimpers

Were the dogs
or to
disgust the open wounds.
Dec 2018 · 599
riveting corpses
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
diamonds and rubies

splash of moonshine
on blood
cold mines
sweet spine

flowing the sweat
like paisley plowing
lightning mud

under the bushes
meadows of bats
black and beneath
Dec 2018 · 214
days untold
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Mornings full of jugs
circling the eye like falcons

Afternoons full of sheets
Curdling the static like darks

Evenings full of smokes
Blurring the veins like purples
Dec 2018 · 132
blackwater lillies
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
When the sun went up,
it was a cold snuggle

No warmth
No shivers

Shaking to trembles
in a paradise
not mine
perhaps yours

Not ours
Theirs unknown

When the sun went down
it was a ****** paranoia
Dec 2018 · 182
dingy roses
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Mangoes and Chillies
Smoky tendrils of coolies

Wasn't it forbidden by fathers
And booed by mothers

My chasm that separated
Your ***** that persuaded

don't fly today
Let's snuggle and curl
Till the end of days
Dec 2018 · 221
Shall I spurn?
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Taught me to moan
Taught me to rebel
Taught me to sing
Taught me to scorn
Taught me to scoff
Taught me to spurn
like a cur out of my way.
Dec 2018 · 3.2k
Lavender Valleys of Yours
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
man bun
Hair, soul, shorts
Gleaming sweat

Palms screaming for warmth

Alluring smile in a dark mustache
Covered in cologne
Of Potatoes and ***
Of Chapathis and chillums

Murky embalming
You were a slice of the lavender valley
I tasted from afar.
Potatoes are forbidden for me
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
When I think of the rusted bed,
The cold night.
The snoozing soulmate.
The distant cooing.
And the bursting pops,
Five floors down.

I know
I knew
It was not insomnia that kept me awake.
It was not Mary Jane that stood me up.
It was to share the silence with you,
So that I can trip back
Whenever poesy strangled me.
Dec 2018 · 187
Feverish Vents for Words
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
Yesterday it was roaring.
Today I know it calms.
Tomorrow it will paint.
Dec 2018 · 737
Lay in my arms
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
The lazy days of basking weekdays
Cutting classes roaring of Kant
Whiskers on kittens,


Breathe the solace of scorching heat
Atop the ancient building
Of my grave

Didn't know
them pearly drops

Elixir was
Water now.

Life it gives.

Someday it'd shine like silver
On your bushy brows

Reflections in Martyrs

Lay in my arms.
Dec 2018 · 532
Chaotic evil
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
With dangling shrubs for hair

Pivoting like a vulture
gleaming smiles
You skunk,

Tainting my heart with sweet nuthings,
Blowing my fears into teary inflatables.

It didn't grow,
Because it had to burst.

It burst again
And blend into muck.

I moan the past.

Those goggles
I crave
Your Soda Glasses
I raved

I can
Swim again
In the murky depths of our
chaotic evil

Oct 2018 · 145
Ceida Uilyc Oct 2018
Why do we do what we do?
Why do we jump even if it’s a dump?
Why do we turn to wolves for a burn?
Why do we heed to bleed?

When the noise lulls and poise hulls
It’s not staggering.
It’s badgering.
Reason, even of a bison catches the raven by awe.
It lays flat and blaze to plaid.
What is reason?
Sep 2018 · 220
Uncaged Sings
Ceida Uilyc Sep 2018
my birdie inside

She sings and walks
Then wails and stops
She can open the gates,
But she won’t fly far.

She moans and crackles
Then screams and stagnates
She has seen the stars
But she won’t go that far.

She bellows and heaves
Then shudders and drops
She kept dreaming to fight
But she never sword any.
Sep 2018 · 134
Ceida Uilyc Sep 2018
Snarling clues underneath the dollies
Waiting for a nudge to rise up and vanish
And pop back only when the fret breaks into a moan
They will never find
Why else do you think people still talk about the people on Titanic?

Chummy jays
Cockooing with crows saying its alright
Mocking sad a bulge hiding behind the crooked crimson spring
They will never see
Why else do you think Amazon Rainforest is not a Honeymoon destination yet!
Ceida Uilyc Sep 2018
I didn't wanna see star-crossed lovers all around me.
Sep 2018 · 321
The truth is,
Ceida Uilyc Sep 2018
I think you’re too sweet
because I like Espresso now.
10 Words
Apr 2018 · 349
Goodbye Dragons
Ceida Uilyc Apr 2018
How we c o i l and s w i r l
Serpents                        into
Bright           and       black.

          Gnawing and pawing
                             Beavers into
          Bobbed apples      seeds.

Why we writhe and ache
  Worms           into
Withdrawals headaches.

                            Hermits        on Holy Grail Chase
                            Beacons into
                                                        Dist­asteful      b l u r s.

                                     May we shine
Eagles into
Suns and kins.
Apr 2018 · 367
Amma's Flailing Eyes
Ceida Uilyc Apr 2018
When she plucked
Glass shards
Pricking my sole with a surgeon’s ease
While I lay
Wondering how sharp her eyes were.
She made me cry
Scream and Wail that day

11 years since then.

When she looked
Dandruff tards
Molding my scalp with a blinded finesse
While I lay
Pondering in her lap how long there was
She made me smile
Sadly and shed tears yesterday

11 years since then.
When my Amma (mom) inspected by dandruff-clad head, she failed to notice the dandruff yesterday.
She is getting old.
She is going away.
She who could pluck the thornes and stuck-glass-pieces with a surgeon's ease a few years ago ... is a blind surgeon.
She doesn't know.
I won't let her go.

She makes me laugh, cry and smile with a strange sadness now.
I hope she lives forever.
I can't think of a life without you.
Love you so much Ma.
Ceida Uilyc Mar 2018
Wondering when I let go of the loot
Might delusion swing me on a chute?
Mar 2018 · 959
Purple Haiku
Ceida Uilyc Mar 2018
Subtle misery amber soot
Soothing its way numbing mute
Dopamine Aye!
Purple they say it shows up. It's purple I hope that pops down.
Purple tangled the haiku rules, not me.
Mar 2018 · 241
Is Today To Die?
Ceida Uilyc Mar 2018
There was once an English Sir
With a waist pricked by hernia in a pur
He said it's not ‘Two-Dai’, *****
But, ‘To-Die’, say it right
That was 13 years ago
And I still trip on To-Die
By Joseph Sir.
A fleeting memory of my Sixth Grade English Sir. Hope he's alive, hale and hearty as ever!
Mar 2018 · 222
Mirage Mirror Did it All
Ceida Uilyc Mar 2018
Mirage mirror
Told I must fall
the lower

Dainty Saints
Vowed this is all
the more

Sizzling scissors
Made me small
they bore

and snuffed pores
***** no more today.
mirage mirror is a character I'm working on. Throw in thoughts, any at all!
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