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Cecile Havenga Mar 2012
I was asleep,
Closed eyes and lost mind
Woke up.
Still dreaming of the flowing rivers
Remembering the unending waterfalls,
Into the depth unreaching.
Coming up for air,
A sweet breath of freadom.
The swirling current to strong
With hands pushing from above.
Splashing in need.

There be no sweet breath.

No life raft to reach.

Feat growing heavy
Legs and arms weary
The abbility to float lost in the down poar.


But the crashing down of water's to loud.
Unable to be heard.
Never to be seen again.

The drought doesn't come,
The dam is never buildt,
The sky fills with dark clouds
And the rain pours down.
Cecile Havenga Mar 2012
Life is a little mystery, no one can explain.
No matter how hard they try, it is all in vane.
'Cause there's always someone who wants to prove you wrong,
And they always believe, but not for long.
God didn't create this mystery for us to break,
For us to understand and for someone else to hate.
We were meant to believe,
Not as a scientist meant to achieve.
You're supposed to enjoy wondering what this might be like,
You're supposed to love not knowing, you're supposed to be psyched.
And if someone tries to force their thought,
Ask them if God wants this to be sought.
For life should be a mystery, not knowing what is now,
No one figuring out what's happening or how.
Cecile Havenga Mar 2012
A heart is a form of love and affection,
Yet it cannot feel a thing.
It's supposed to know better then your head,
It's supposed to humm and sing.

Love comes from the heart,
Yet only liquid it sends.
But isn't love just
What happiness lends?

You can only love with poor heart,
Yet the heads the one that thinks.
Isn't love what you think of someone?
Or that's wat says my shrinks!

Love isn't what you think,
It is what you feel.
Yet isn't it your head
That makes things seem real?

A heart is just a form of living
That stops when the head is dead.
The term "love comes from the heart" is just a saying
Thought up by someone, lying thoughtless in their bed.
Cecile Havenga Mar 2012
Declaration of illness
Feeding the korn
Seeking for hatred
Deny you were born

Consoling the madness
Refusing the love
Being a person
You know nothing of

Condemning the faithfull
Controling the truth
Dementing the sanity
Jump from a roof

Return from the happy
Consumed by the sad
Hiding the good
Libirating the bad

Serounded by darkness
Protesting the light
Retreting from goodness
Put up a fight

Surviving the rightiousness
Leading to just
Depriving the evil
From hate... I must.
Cecile Havenga Mar 2012
There are time when I am scared,
Not knowing what I fear.
There are times when my heart is broken,
But I cannot shed a tear.
There are times when I am mad,
But I cannot scream a word.
There are times when I am glad,
But I can't find a reason to smile.

There are times when I feel fat,
So I go and stuff my face.
There are times when I feel empty,
So I go and look for space.
There are times when I feel ugly,
So a mirror becomes my life.
There are times I want to heal,
So I cut me with a knife.

There are times when I want to cry,
And all I do is smile.
There are times I want to die,
And I give myself new life.
There are time when I **** the people,
And I'm the one that dies.
There are times when I hurt myself,
And still, I'm the one who cries!
Cecile Havenga Mar 2012
you did it well the first time
the second time you lied.

your grabbing arms were short
your inviting smile grew grimm
you pulled me in with sweetness
and spat me out with taste

your promise of satisfaction
was well planned but short lived
wrongfully projected
willingly endured

you thrill me 'till i'm disgusted
play me 'till i'm bored
i invite you
you detain me
i hate you

even still i don't feel
i critique pleasure enough,
for eroding my conscious mind
losing my ability to judge
on the pathway of your ride!
Cecile Havenga Mar 2012
What is the mightiest thing?
you would probably say God
But time has more power than a God-times-three-pod!

time is the source of everything
of life and death and love.
you need time to be noticed,
time to be seen,
time to push and shove.

You need time to tell him
there is no time to spare
Give me time to get to know them
There's no time, so do it if you dare!

still you say God is mightier
then now, then and when
and He can tell you everything
that happens now and when..

so when will He come for His children?
When will he practice his might?
nobody knows for certain...
probably when the TIME  is right!
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