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Dec 2012 · 514
Dream 1
CE Green Dec 2012
I was asleep in the backseat
the rookie aircraft pilot
palms sweaty, muttering.

Lover leftovers with others
and no longer the apothecary
for each other.
"If you can't beat 'em hold your breath young man"

Bend down in the basement now materializing. There are no such wolves in the den, only an elderly woman who keeps strange hours and refuses to keep all the vessels clean.
Dec 2012 · 722
Mirror Lake
CE Green Dec 2012
Foreboding monolith of vapor: the light within you gone
Vacant, these shields of rust could use the Midas touch, that has kissed this territory
"has been" of forty-nine.

(b.)Undulations, groaning skies.
A baptism by the passengers of aerial descent and gorgeous remains dance about us.
Dec 2012 · 506
Howling In Between
CE Green Dec 2012
Intangible, trickling, and howling in between.
Everything is somewhere but most times I am nowhere.
Everyone is somebody or a couple somebodies.
Sentiment is at sea or at least appears to be when my yellow bird is away.
Descending beads of my work
Jewels of (1) sustenance, which water the bird and keep thy beak from (2) drying.
Everything is the cause but the cause itself. Everyone is (3) reacting to an event or an event maker in between. Somewhere, somebody is something
and they are howling in between.
(1) Succulence
(2)withering entirely
(3)at first
Dec 2012 · 1.0k
CE Green Dec 2012
Those types of cats can shake me
especially when you're looking your best
the Oedipus Rex yields, and you wield his complex. There are tired green eyes there
that you wont be so privileged to see unless you wait for another spring
to pass.
And all the car lots look like demographic charts: we are the Geo Metro's while they are the Cadillacs
and BMW's.
Dec 2012 · 463
Method Actor
CE Green Dec 2012
Another night spent on cheap ***** and tea
some for your lungs, some for your gut.
A can of distraction, of seething wonderment
that hides the inner-workings of your dire disposition.

And, still

you plant yourself next to the rest of the wall flowers and sneer
and make pretend you know the deal
that you know time like Billy Pilgrim knew time.
Dec 2012 · 396
You Found Me Last Night.
CE Green Dec 2012
You found me last night all exposed and vulnerable, swollen.
Almost a year to the hour you found me.
I never imagined it would be you to come looking.
You found me last night
so much the same. All defenseless and unexpecting.
Strange how your subtleties led to desire again, when at first all those months ago you were neither here nor there. That telephone number I didn't recognize, that poem I forgot I wrote.
You found me last night
with a hook in my mouth
and now with slender fingers
are yanking it so as to pull
my cheek out of my head.

You found me last night.
Dec 2012 · 412
CE Green Dec 2012
Crisis in all sectors
Ramble on alongside the majesty of your inadequacy.
Always feeling the same but not once with the fronts.
No you are forever amidst the armor that is falling to pieces,
it's fleeting rabbit's foot: leave the den of diamonds.
Eye sockets of frightened men more animal than ever
but looked upon simultaneously like fools gold.
Left and right and all about
Forgiveness not at all a consideration.
CE Green Dec 2012
All within.
Shout your spells from the river: Spirit drawling; stand beside your sinner, or let him choke.
Let her first ask if her soul will wither.
It's okay if you hate me for this
Pull emeralds and ivory from my wrist
Now turn your cheek and make believe I don't exist.
Dec 2012 · 784
There are many things.
CE Green Dec 2012
I wonder...
Do you sleep well at night? Do you think about the immensity and depth of outer space?
Do you enjoy more than one cup of coffee in the morning? Do you forget things easily?
Do you think about me upon waking from some bizarre dream? Do you have dreams at all?
Do you remember them?
Do you ever wish you had super powers? Do you tie your shoes like I do? Do you aspire to love all that you can? Do you think romantic love exists? Do you believe that chivalry died a long time ago?
Do you enjoy *** in the morning? Do you fantasize about *** with me? Do you think I would please you?
Do you think it would last? Would you forgive me if I left you a mess? Do you enjoy flirting with me from across the room, green eyes open wide? Do you know what those eyes do to me? Do you know I am disembodied and float all around in wonderment? Do you know that I think about you this much?
Do you know that it scares me?
Do you know that I don't know why but this sort of crush is enough to decide you just might be with me for all of time?
Does that frighten you?
Do you believe in god? Do you believe in the devil? Does disease scare you? Could you live with guilt? Could you love the way a person yawns when waking up next to you in the tender morning? Would you travel with me? Do you know that I think we would have beautiful children? Would you believe that I have chosen names? Do you like poetry even if you don't comprehend it but it makes you feel something nonetheless? Do you know I write? Do you know I write about you? Do you know I've seen you cry twice over small, weak men? Do you know I might be another of those? Do you know that I do not want to see you cry at the sight of me? Do you know that you just might?

Do you wonder all these same things?
Dec 2012 · 315
Haiku 3
CE Green Dec 2012
Oh Lowell morning
Youth runs quickly east then west
Allies teach no rest.
Dec 2012 · 337
Haiku 2
CE Green Dec 2012
Mexican sun on
Horizon of Pacific
Eyes meet light once more.
Dec 2012 · 423
Haiku 1
CE Green Dec 2012
Dean's fists on dashboard
Billie's voice over airwaves
Tannins on our tongues

— The End —