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CE Green May 2022
It isn't the keys or the bottlecaps
adorned with some image of a deity,  that makes me stumble.

Just this month.

I've told you all there is to tell
back in place, the lovers helm,
a sickly visage of diner's guilt.

Just this once.
A front.

It isn't carrying things, or the weight I drag about
it's a wonder wheel of intent and purpose doubt.

you've told all there is to hide
back a step, the liar's guise,
an enfeebled glance that misguides
CE Green Apr 2022
Enveloped in rapturous craze
Sweaty soul, gainless days
There we were again
like things had never changed.

Some old Soul Song plays
Grasp your wrist and fall into stasis
Because I couldn't please you, not then
But I still want to dance with you
Perhaps romance is not lost on us.

Wind down and tell me a funny story
There was one about your sisters folly
We go ahead and fall short of transparency
I idle along, expectantly

This can't be the end of you and me
as much as it needs to be.
CE Green Mar 2022
Head case, ending the story
color bleed head flip astronomy
frantic fantasy:  a question

Pre Chorus:

Would the notes that were gifted mean anything?


I'd let you know that I love you, that I was sincere in my appreciation.
and if I collapse suddenly, I'm sure it's imminent sentimentality.

Well! Ok!

My guts are worn and ripped, my stomach drunk and stiff
Keep those thoughts to yourself, to yourself. (X2)
CE Green Feb 2022
Someplace far North
there is prickly rain pouring.
Within a valley,
a sun soaked memory,
and warmth no longer lingering.

For these are the days I spend,
Gather and taste the endless ad nauseam.
Routine is ******, boring and nuclear
Twilight lust ******, soaring and unclear.

The silver lining in-between,
the ceremonial guillotine.
My head comes off clean with wonderous efficiency.
CE Green Jan 2022
An entrance thief who gathers entry fees
Well unknown and shockingly clean.

Price gouge the lovely deep
Whole of anti anniversary.

Hip strut, floral shift
One swift reminder
Of how I'm not over this.

Good guys, stand up kids
Finishing last, and worshiping carelessness.
CE Green Jan 2022
Thumb split, encroaching dead skin
Text message architect, you included
a memory within.

Imagery drought **** love eyes
emoji stressed forlorn insect thighs.

now without a doubt, you grasp on to
my worrisome tide full self

Indigo, doesn't know where to go, when blue is left to its initiation show.

Numb drift, welcoming dead thin
Draft notations, all intrusive
a daydream within.
CE Green Jan 2022
Often I can't explain how it happens
How I get choked up at the initial glance we share, most days.

And yes, it's early, a morning happenstance. Too early to classify as pretense. This is my vulnerability bleeding through your loveliness.

Grabbing me close, no signs of release, a craned neck with silver chain, worn and cheap.

Scented flower child reaching to breathe, a thrift store tee shirt, sleep sized, you lent to me.

I don't want to die tonight, the tyranny of my dreams say otherwise.
At least we have December.

Coal mask breathing technique, the most uniform and unmatched fashion.

i just don't know what I'm-a-gonna do. if i dont find a cure for the january blues.
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