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dlroene Aug 2018
Where the ends of the day settles into the dust of tomorrow,

In between

The quiet does not come.
dlroene Oct 2017
I discover new songs
On nights like this
and stare blankly into the desk light

A daze
Of how much time had passed
Since I coped with you being away

does not change
the dullness
from the space you once occupied

In the midst of catching a breath
recovering from a flu
And a dry cough

I realise
Maybe a wreck of me
will never be dulled enough
to numb your non-existence
dlroene Feb 2017
This green-eyed deluge
Dammed with fear of consequence
Refer in third person
Because extraction makes a distance from 'I'
or so it seems

You know you are above this

Bird's eye view
so you look for distractions
to numb the strength of the whole spectrum

Why is this the most difficult to dispossess

Esteem must be cut from this
You are above this
Do not simmer in this

no, but
do not feel.
dlroene Oct 2016
Don't want to pretend to know
Lights out
Young cuticles
Scratching beneath the truth

Coming forth

Tell one more lie
but I'm not your love
dlroene Jul 2014
A heart in free fall
So used to isolation
The mind's a safety net

I promise you
I will keep the ground
At arms' length.
dlroene Jul 2014



When words become echoes of the self one minute past

When what’s seen passes and is forgotten

When details are absorbed into the surroundings

When recollections are blurs

When the body is a vessel

When the mind wants to cease




And the heart leaves all thoughts behind

Because wanderers or not we all are lost

-(when words randomly string themselves together,
they give me a sense that perhaps,

I am not empty.)

— The End —