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710 · Nov 2013
Rainy Days
Catrina J Nov 2013
rainy days come and they go.
so blissful they breeze by the seems of all we fail to know.
picking up the left behinds and whisking them away to a land..far away.
back in my day we would say "rain rain go away.. come back another day.
But unlike any other day i feel a calming comfort when alerted by bursts of winds and when the storm settles you'll fell better.

rainy days get the best of me.
they get my creativity.
they get that unlike the rest, i have yet to express the simplicity that's instilled in..rainy days.

we nuzzled together to ward off the cold but behold this rainy day came to the rescue to hold you in my arms. This blanket was our armor. this rain was our guard.
these memories will be ours.

soon enough the stars will appear in the distance and then we may dance & kiss til the end is near but sit for a second while the rain does his dance. give it chance to prance for a moment. for soon we shall own the night
341 · Nov 2013
Do you mind?
Catrina J Nov 2013
feeling stuck is nothing new to me.
it's nothing unusual to me
usually, its how it shouldn't be.
but lately that's how it has to be.
i guess. i haven't found the reason yet.
but i bet it's standing right in front of me.
only problem is it has this glossy blurry coat.
it looks sorta gross.
it looks like something i have to discover on my own.
so does that mean i have to be alone?
it's sorta of a solo journey.
it's sorta of a draining discovery.
there's a lot of uncertainty behind this glossy imagery.
its gonna take some time for me to see whats ahead of me.
so do you mind, holding me?

— The End —