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Cassandra Leonar Jun 2018
The chamber is dark…
I expect no visitor but you are here
Our milieu feels arctic yet your presence keeps me warm
You do not look the same to me
But I know that you’re my love.
You whisper to me softly –
And tell me it will be all right.
You smile as if there’s no tomorrow,
I know it’s only for tonight.

You take my hand and then we dance,
It feels so great and sterling.
The music's grand tho there's no band
We flit through sound of beating.
You sing the song that we both love
I join - we sing together.
I treasure the finite moment that we have
Wishing it will last forever.

The beating suddenly stops, it's quite in the milieu.
I know it's time for you to go, I let you -because I love you
You gently kissed me on the cheek
And brush my hair back softly.
You lift my face up and our eyes meet,
It's telling me that you are happy.
It breaks my heart but I don't cry
Even though it's killing me inside.

It felt like being stick from the innards
A fluttering and sharp pain within.
I saw how you let go of my hands
And heard how you say goodbye that evening.
For the last time you called my name,
And said your tale of love to me.
My heart is numb- drowning in pain.
Shattered and wrecked - that's what I see.

Tears just rolled from my eyes
The beat in my chest wanted to applaud.
My body's alive but my heart died,
Like your body hard and cold.
Everything that comes together, they say falls apart
Slowly fading our memories together, rewinding it to the very start.

You weren't even a person anymore
But I still love you present tense.
I guess my love for you is forevermore
Tho you did not make it till the end.
You have walked away into my life
And I was needed here,
I will always miss you love
But I know that you are near.

— The End —