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Tiny crescent moon
Strings of silver light fall upon each crack in concrete
Dew drops caress the greenery
Reflecting shadows on pavement
While capturing moon light
Every chirp of a morning cricket lost in the night
Like the sap filled tree covered in chemical love
Destined to be suffocated by a promise
Growing tall and old in woods of the past
Seemingly untouched
Yet ran through the filters of this society
Broken and damaged
Just as the morning cricket and the sap filled tree
Tiny crescent moon
Seemingly untouched
Please stop saying "All Lives Matter" in response to someone saying "Black Lives Matter". It's time to open your eyes. Ignorance isn't bliss.
We spit the words "this world is messed up"
But we can't swallow their reality
White privilege

Their bellies are full of reality and they starve
We nod our heads and pretend we know how it feels to starve
White privilege

Everyone else says it exists
But we "just cant see it"
White privelege
It can be slow and gentle
Let your waves crash in perfect harmony
Each ****** a breeze in the ecosystem of you
Simple moaning of melodic pleasure


It can be fast and rough
Hurricanes and waterfalls
Each ****** a windstorm in the ecosystem of you
Screaming, still melodic

I can do this often or seldom
This ecosystem can have many visitors or none
*** is mine to have
Whenever I please

You label me
But sweetie,
I'm too wet for your labels to stick
Her calming, gentle auroral light can turn to a blazing inferno of everything red and hot in a matter of seconds
You blame her womanhood for all her anger and anguish
While your manhood ironically suffers an inferiority complex
Which you reveal through your anger and depreciation of all life
Her womanhood is what held you
Cradled you, and fed you
Her womanhood whole-heartedly accepted you even when she knew you could become so cruel
So you blame her womanhood for all her anger and anguish
When it was your manhood who told her, her place is on the ground while you flew through the sky
I've asked myself to start looking at things not easily seen
Like the pieces of you, you smother between sheets subconsciously
For example, your compassion
I gulp down my empathy in hot tea so the person sitting across from me
Never knows how I really feel
Society said most importantly do not feed the animals
Each slimy creature comes with claws and fangs and each slight difference you posses is a dangle of fresh meat destined to be torn at the seams
So you spill
Each pill you take makes you fall deeper inside the well
Tell each of your wishes, fare well because with each passing hour another hole is dug
Another life swept under the rug, with a pull and a tug
You fit
Into every gender role, stereotype and statistic
It's like our life is a mission of self hatred and wrong decisions
So we can slip in to more fitted opinions
Like we're living in the terms and conditions made up of fine print and "read between the lines"
Because the lies were fed taste like a sugar and dread
But we turn our perfectly make-upped cheeks because it's served with a smile
All the while we live to die, it comes slowly, but I break down and cry at the thought of me not living compassionately
The thought of me not loving unconditionally
The thought of me not being happy being whatever the **** I want to be
So now I'm uncovering the pieces of me I previously smothered between sheets
And I encourage you to do the same
We live in the badlands
This world is a bad land
We killed it
drew lines all over it
And sold it

We live in the badlands
This world is a bad land
We stole them
Tried to draw chains on their souls
And sold them

People rose up from the badlands
Took its name as their own
They run around
Killing people
Drawing lines thru their names
And burying them
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