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I'll never cross a bridge
into a different state of mind
The traffic of my nerves
would never pardon me or be so kind.
But the currents pulsing
in the wires above my head
are burning into my skull
my joints convulse
and flicker my soul,
morse code for
"Do or Die"
as in,
Do not call this a tragedy
Or an impeding doom, I'll
Die in the confines of Kobains last words
"It's better to burn out then fade away"
I'll be better as charred dust
in the minds those who feel dismay,
then are like the life of the unexpected victims heart, eternally in delay
I write in a font that I can't speak in,
Then you command me to sing
my darkest poems
to a crowd
a voice of white lace.
I'll refrain for I,
dare not,
**** myself
in such a horrible way.
I want you to remember my name when everything is forgotten,
It’s fine that the world consigns to oblivion,
It needs a absence from the weight it was given.
Remind yourself of your perfect soul, Let that remind you of me,
of my need to find a reason why
Let me go to sleep keeping you as the reason tonight
the reason to try,
before I forget that I exist.
Summer sets its heavy heels
on top of the changing trees,
Like the season I waste away,
I will decay...
from drinking too much bleach.

But the ***** killed me more
as I let it burn my throat,
As I let myself blackout,
Only to wake up in the middle
of another conversation I’ll regret,
As I promise i’m still sane.

My mind poisoned me more
than the misunderstood bleach ever could.

This head of mine has ****** me dry.
Forced me to think alive.
But die inside my bones.

But worst of all...
It cut my tongue and blinded me
to the point where I thought I actually
wanted to see.
Handwriting is a personality of the pen
no,the hand,
no,the writer,
no,the human,
no,the water,
no, the ink,
It's the art of trying not to sink
I am not a wreck
I am the wreckage
of cigarette butts and stardust
I'm betting you're not in love
And I'm hoping that I'm right
Why love a girl who denies her own flight

I am not a tragedy
I am the unconfined breeze
That destroys the home of ideas

I am the smoke you release from your lungs
You said once, it was beautiful as it evaporates

Am I beautiful as I evaporate?
We remind ourselves
That life will come to a end
And we won't mourn it
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