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Today I turned 55
So far its one amazing life
I give thanks now every day
For all I've learned along the way

Wouldn't want to change the past
Memories gained will forever last
Spending time with good friends
A family love that never ends

Wasn't always fun and games
There were trials along the way
Found true love a time or two
Life lessons learned guide me through

So Today I turned 55
So far it's one amazing life
Never thought I'd live this way
Im having fun now every day

Today I turned 55

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
Hope to have many more, feel 35 so I think that's a good sign..
Freedoms Cost

His eyes they told a story
Of a man who gave his soul
No words were ever spoken
No lies were ever told

I remember him so clearly
As all the people passed him by
He sat there on the sidewalk
With sadness in his eyes

He held a simple cardboard sign
That he wanted all to see
Hoped we could remember him
For the way he used to be

He didn't ask for money
Or for feelings of dispaire
Would fight today like he did then
For the freedoms we declare

A veteran of the many wars
That allow us to live free
With a sign that read I fought for you
Will you please now fight for me

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts
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Just Smile, Smile, Smile

Listen to these words I say
I swear they are the truth
There's a love I feel deep inside
And its because of you

I wanted you to know my love
Each and every day
So each morning just as you wake up
It puts a smile there on your face

Just smile, smile, smile
Every single day
Smile, smile, smile
You make my world a better place
Smile, smile, smile
A love that is so true
Smile, smile, smile
I smile because of you

You make my life more beautiful
Just being who you are
Never let that go away
Keep a smile there in your heart

A love that fills your inner soul
Its what I give to you
I hope you truly understand
How you fill my heart too

Just smile, smile, smile
Every single day
Smile, smile, smile
You make my world a better place
Smile, smile, smile
A love that is so true
Smile, smile, smile

I smile because of you

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
It can be a wife, a true love, a child or a even a loved friend. Let them know that they make you smile.
Driveway Moments

Shows we hear, songs we sing
While on our way home
Pull in the drive and close our eyes
And simply sing along

Hear them talk about that thing
That we've always wondered too
Smile and say I understand
And think its just for you

Driveway moments take us away
Say things we need to know
Lets us sing along with them
And sometimes helps us grow

Gives a different point of view
Memories from the past
Moments that get locked in time
That will now forever last

The voices come across so clear
The tunes we can't forget
We sit and listen to each word
Driveway moments are the best

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
Was just thinking of those moments when a program or song is so riveting that we just sit in the driveway and listen. Sometimes we talk back to the program or we know every word to the song and sing along. Weather a song or a program, Driveway moments keep us calm and are some of the best and happiest moments in time. Next time you see someone singing along or talking back to there car radio just remember its all great memories.

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You Are Everything*

You are everything I've wanted
Much more then I deserve
Inside I feel a calmness
Just knowing that I'm yours

You are everything I've asked for
Make all my dreams come true
Give to me a peace inside
Whenever I'm with you

You are everything I hope to hold
Are always on my mind
Each night just when I fall asleep
I want you by my side

You are everything that I need
To make my life complete
My one true love forever more
You are everything to me

You Are Everything*

Poem By: Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
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How To Write The Perfect Poem

So you want to write a poem
The world will want to view
One that is so perfect
It will change a life or two
You can try to make it funny
And make the readers laugh
Or maybe a love story
That will bring a feeling back
You can try to bring them into it
Let them feel the pain
Show them their's a different side
A new path they can take
You can let them see deep within
Give them something new
Have them ask a question
Or answer one for you
You can write the perfect poem
If it's what you want to do
Just take the time and feel the words
That are deep inside of you
But know that many poems of the past
They get read by very few
Still each poem, your poem is just perfect
If it touches only you

Write your perfect poem

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
Many times when I tell someone a poem, I hear them say, I wish I could write poetry. I sometimes tell them I can teach them how to write the perfect poem and it takes just a minute. I tell them I actually put the instructions into a poem and then share this poem with them. If you just write what you feel it makes it your perfect poem. If matters not how many people read it or even understand it. Each poem is perfect to someone even if that someone is only you.
The Reminder Of Love

Once we were lovers
Then somehow it all changed
Now we act like perfect strangers
Trying to forget each other's names

In your hands you held my heart
Back then it seemed so real
Now my heart it is in pieces
Trying to remember how you feel

When you left it hurt all over
So much more then I could bare
I hid my feelings deep within
Pretending I don't care

No new memories of the good times
Where we walk while holding hands
Just the knowing of a love once strong
That has now come to an end

As we walk away from this love
And go our separate ways
I will always see the love we shared  
In the child that they made

Collaborative Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts &
R.G. Browning
Helped write this for a close friend who had a child with a lady he once loved. Although they now go seperate ways there will always be a reminder of their love with the child that they made.
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