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Cam Stoker Oct 2017
They say not to hold on
to what is now gone
it still upsets my gut
Cam Stoker Aug 2017
Little b little r little e little a
Oh how I wonder if you are well today
I think of you almost everday, I wonder if you have found your way, are you doing okay?
Once a fragile, broken girl,
I pray you've found peace in this world
I hope that work has kept your pockets full, I hope that play has kept you wonderful.
I pray that dark rooms shine with your light from within, that God has kept you safe in a world of sin.
I remember when we were stupid and small, and I haven't forgot you in any way at all.
I pray the boys all treat you right, and that you have sweet dreams at night.
Cam Stoker Mar 2017
Looking for a group of friends
Driven by art and music trends
Sweep me off my feet this week
I've lost interest in food and drink
Cam Stoker Jan 2017
Looking inside all of you
Life is not as bad as I made it out to be
Reading your work gives me hope
Cam Stoker Jan 2017
Thank you for your time
These are my grateful lines
From hateful and lying
To a saint who knows that I
Don't have to chameleonize
Anymore I heard lots from guys
Who are spending time
Living life and getting ahead

Now I realize I've lived life like I'm dead
Time to repent read this every day
If I doubt Jesus' love I've fallen astray
It will all be okay if I choose to live
Life is a privilege from God thank you for the gift

When I wake up I won't make up
Anymore excuses I'm gonna say deuces
To the loser Cameleonized
Blending in with all the guys
Lending love through lotsa lies

U realized that I try way to hard
To please too many people who would happily see my die
I won't fail I will prevail
I will remember the right done by me
my family my blood I won't blame them for the crud that I've done I am the one to blame and I must hold myself accountable
It's about honoring the ones who show you love it doesn't matter if push comes to shove learn to forgive them for I am their son
I owe the world a new me a free being
I deserve to start listening and lose my attitude that what I see is what we get when what's inside matters more than can
Be described
C m stoker on the mic
Influenced by peoples lives
Wolf in sheep's clothing needs let out
I'm tired of hiding behind my doubts
From now on every challenge I am faced with will empower me to step up my pace I'll win I can be forgiven of my sins if I really give my all

Remember that we fall to learn to get up
No matter what happens or how hard it gets
Never forget mom and dad and the sisters I grew up with
I've talked so much **** about the ones I love
I'd like to say I'm sorry and if I could I'd him
A tune in remembrance of you but nothing I can create would do justice to your love or the beauty of my upbringing

Now I'm singing a different tune please zoom in on this I thought I wa worthless but it's not about me it's about praying for a brother when he's down
Laying my head to sleep remember praying saves the meek
Changing my ways I kissed my mother on the cheek
On these streets around the mission I've learned that we all have to stake
Our lives against fate I won't let the demons inside my head prevent me from doing right by them
I won't wait to make a change in sick of acting strange ready to rid myself of the shame of blaming other people for my mistakes

Hope this wasn't to late
My life has been great
Pray God give them strength
Family friends and mates
Those who work to change
Can be freed from being enslaved
Open up my mind to love
Guide my mind I won't judge
I began life abusing humans
I thought games and toys and fun
We're givens deserved by everyone
Now I have learned that
I have done lame oh boy I've lugged
Around but now the sound of
Jesus' voice helps me to make the right choice
Cam Stoker Dec 2016
King of the house hosts a royal crowd, a ring surrounds his post, all loyal to the crown bounds a herd of proud mammals from all around the world.

Chameleons in the jungle locked changing colors hide
As the lions on the rubbled rocks hanging out and sigh
A passing fly mumbles talk both meat & leaf eaters sufferin this life
Feeling the struggle at the top parrot says free your mind with words it's worth it share life with those at rock bottom and those in cloud nine.

As chirps of birds protesting the parrots' wise lines
A chameleon disappointed us all wasting all our time
Heard from the rest of the herd he tried to join us then sighed,
That white water rapids entered the river to the red sea after one year of rivers clean.

Whenever we leave and life ends:
We never forget family and friends.
Cam Stoker Dec 2016
Growing older found my reasons
Flowing bolder lines this season
Snowing colder outside freezin

Slow time stuck writing lines a satellite with no reception lost in outer space. Odd square boxed in a blank existence the problem is scattered makes no sense stuck typing rhymes from this melted head. Molten lead my bones ache gravity is crushing me I'm floored to the carpet can't get on my feet to stand up and go to sleep in heaps of moon dust broken lungs no oxygen smoking guns spoke enough now I'm done.
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