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Oct 2017 · 208
Point of View
Caitlin Nesbit Oct 2017
It’s not as if past skies
didn’t offer the same
harmonious hue,
they’ve just taken on
a different meaning
sharing them with you.
Jul 2017 · 217
Caitlin Nesbit Jul 2017
Crack the surface,
awaken the spirit inside,
make these catatonic feelings
once again alive.
Jul 2017 · 467
Caitlin Nesbit Jul 2017
Does it show?
Is it easy to see?
The way I focus
every single time you touch me.

The caress of your fingers,
the movement of your tongue.
Fixated on nothing else,
to the rest of the world,

It's as if in these moments,
time ceases to exist.
A black hole's event horizon
after every single kiss.
Jun 2017 · 201
Caitlin Nesbit Jun 2017
For years
you were the constant in my life.
My first touch in the morning
and my last each night.

Love is weird that way.

How at one time
someone's skin
can feel as familiar as our own
and yet today,
that contact
would feel unknown.
May 2017 · 192
Caitlin Nesbit May 2017
Your promises
are nothing more
than pretty little lies,
misleading words
cloaked in the most
clever disguise.
May 2017 · 205
Woman to Woman
Caitlin Nesbit May 2017
Break away
from this state of servitude.

You must find happiness
in your solitude.
May 2017 · 309
Last Call
Caitlin Nesbit May 2017
another weekend,
story the same.

punishing our livers
for our hearts' mistakes.
May 2017 · 915
Assisted Suicide
Caitlin Nesbit May 2017
I can't be the only one
held responsible
when I drown
in your ocean eyes.
May 2017 · 211
Caitlin Nesbit May 2017
how sad it is,
we no longer touch ourselves
with thoughts of ***
in our head.
love has become so taboo,
we now fantasize about that
May 2017 · 266
Verbally Challenged
Caitlin Nesbit May 2017
I bite my tongue
and use the blood
to paint these words.
Apr 2017 · 227
Weekend Love
Caitlin Nesbit Apr 2017
She's grown tired of only experiencing weekend love-

The kind of love that doesn't make it past Sunday afternoon,
the kind of love that stays within the four walls of her bedroom.

A bourbon-infused romance,
an ill-intentioned ******.
Apr 2017 · 521
Nothing More
Caitlin Nesbit Apr 2017
Naiveness does not plague me.*

You are nothing more
than one too many drinks,

nothing more
than sweat-stained sheets.
Apr 2017 · 418
Caitlin Nesbit Apr 2017
During times of sadness,
when you're drowning in your tears,
don't forget who threw you a lifeline
and who pushed you off the pier.
Apr 2017 · 684
This Morning
Caitlin Nesbit Apr 2017
I woke to the smell of rain
rolling in through my bedroom window.

It smelled like you
and past nights of regret.
Mar 2017 · 293
Caitlin Nesbit Mar 2017
I used to melt so easily-
The touch of a hand,
the whisper of sweet nothings.
I had a constant yearning
for the warmth of another.

I was stuck in a hollow
gelatinous state,
Ready to mold myself into
any desired shape.

But now, my exterior
has become much harder,
layers of stone
to protect an interior that's softer.

Now requiring others
to do a lot more forging
and convincing myself
to do a lot less morphing.
Mar 2017 · 537
Caitlin Nesbit Mar 2017
Finding love
where only lust resides
is like
stopping the moon's pull
on the oceans' tides.
Mar 2017 · 670
Out-of-Body Experience
Caitlin Nesbit Mar 2017
The best way for me
to describe
the demise
of our marriage
is an out-of-body experience.
I watched helplessly
as it all fell apart.
Mar 2017 · 828
Fine Art
Caitlin Nesbit Mar 2017
The strokes of your tongue
could rival those
of a Picasso painting.
Mar 2017 · 201
Never Again
Caitlin Nesbit Mar 2017
I've found it easier this way-
to **** things up before they even begin.
resisting vulnerability.
avoiding the ruse of misleading men.
Mar 2017 · 200
Caitlin Nesbit Mar 2017
Women are relentless creatures--
using the same stones thrown to
break them down
to rebuild an even stronger existence.
Mar 2017 · 363
Sunday Funday
Caitlin Nesbit Mar 2017
here we are
tangled up in these sheets-
a battle of radiance
will surely ensue
between this smile on my face
and the light of the moon
Feb 2017 · 549
You're Better Than This
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
It breaks my heart
to watch the women around me
allow men

to silence their song,
mute their colors,
smolder their fire.

Love is meant to lift us up,
not destroy our existence.
Feb 2017 · 172
Chemical Reaction
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
searching for an inner warmth,
I breathe in your oxygen,
one final attempt to reignite
the smoldering fire in my heart.
Feb 2017 · 347
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
I can't continue allowing you to do this-
opening me up,
exposing my heart to the elements
with no intention of providing any shelter.
Feb 2017 · 240
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
I'll have one too many beers
and scroll through my phone.
Send tantalizing texts
in hopes you'll take me home.
Ending the night
with you sharing my bed
will drown out this lonely noise
consuming my head.
Feb 2017 · 177
You Without Me
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
I look at your Facebook
from time to time.
The man in the pictures
is not the one I called mine.
A genuine smile,
a face that glows.
Actual happiness
that finally shows.
I've come to realize
this is what you had to do.
Losing me to become
a healthier you.
Feb 2017 · 231
This Mess
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
I've gotten caught up
in your trainwreck of a life
and I have no intention
of untangling myself.
Feb 2017 · 227
Valentine's Day
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
Today is for all the lovers.

The lovers going to bed alone.

The dreamers
searching for that someone.

Someone whose heart beats to their exact rhythm.

A rhythm that's in perfect synchronization.

A synchronization that makes them question how anything worked before this love.

The lovers who refuse to lose hope.
Feb 2017 · 228
Mind Games
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
Your love was nothing more
than a giant contradiction.

Like a history book
derived solely from fiction.

You provided never ending pleasure
in my bed,

but unrelenting pain
inside my head.

There were times you praised me
and other times you were just malicious.

You became both my anecdote
and my sickness.

You gave me well wishes
yet you walked out the door.

That night we became the strangers
we never were before.
Feb 2017 · 421
Inspiration, Part 3
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
The smile on your face
is enough to inspire.

To make these hands
dance like fire.

Enough to electrify
these dull, empty pages.

To spark emotions into art
that will last for ages.
Feb 2017 · 144
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
Time is a tricky thing...

the way it flies by
when we're together,

but yet feels like eternity
when we're apart.

the way it's capable of
healing my soul,

but also of
breaking my heart.
Feb 2017 · 588
Blonde Ale
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
This is only our second encounter,
but yet here we are,

entranced in conversation,
shutting down the bar.

Perhaps I'll fall too quickly,
all rationale forgotten.

Ignoring all the warning signs
to "proceed with caution."

But if hanging on your every word
is something I'm meant to resist,

I think I'll just continue my journey
into this beautiful descent.
Feb 2017 · 297
Day Job
Caitlin Nesbit Feb 2017
With each passing day
spent within these walls,

I start to wonder
will I have any creativity left at all?

Or will it simply be driven out
by all of this sadness?

Allowing this mundane lifestyle
to siphon off my madness.
Jan 2017 · 223
Toxic Decisions
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
We fell asleep
less than four hours ago,
but yet here you are
heading out the door.

"That was fun"
is your weapon of choice,
inflicting pain
using only your voice.

I return to the mess
we made of my bed
with your final words
stuck in my head.

Too many drinks
and a lonely text in the night.
A vicious cycle
with no end in sight.

Opening up to you
when I'm far from sober
then piecing myself back together
once it's all over.
Jan 2017 · 261
Fueling the Fire
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
I hope I never witness the day
when I no longer welcome love, lust,

or even heartache.

For these emotions are the ones I savor,

the emotions that keep this pen
dancing on paper.
Jan 2017 · 334
Changing My Tune
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
One day I will meet a man
worthy of an uplifting poem.

I will use the kindest of words
I've never before spoken.

He'll make me rethink the sadness
that's always dripped from my pen.

And make me forget about this heartache
that has become so entrenched.
Jan 2017 · 267
Drastic Measures
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
Grazing my fingers
up and down your back

Abusing your body
as a means to distract

The longer you wait,
the more I grow eager

Breaking your flesh
as I dig my nails deeper

As you enter my body,
I place your hands on my throat

Begging for pressure
as a way to cope

Experiencing pain
reminds me I'm alive

A way to counteract this lifelessness
I feel inside
Jan 2017 · 230
A Better Place
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
One thing is for certain-

I do not miss you.

Even on my lowest days,

surrounded by solitude.

Because there are far worse things

than being alone.

Like living in misery

and calling it a home.
Jan 2017 · 215
Fuck It
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
I’ve experienced it so many times before-

That moment when sadness turns to anger,
disappointment into mere frustration.

No longer concerned about a text back

or that long-awaited dinner invitation.

Because when you start to accept

that you simply care more than they do,

you can begin to recover what’s left

of your sanity and self-value.
Jan 2017 · 226
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
Maybe I should have foreseen
the way our story would unfold.

Reciting vows we did not script-
the most fictitious tale ever told.
Jan 2017 · 184
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
You always said I had no passion.

You said it so many times, it became ingrained.

Perhaps if I had discovered poetry while we were together,

perhaps then you would have stayed.

Or maybe this is how it was meant to be.

Maybe it was you that I was meant to lose.

So I could discover this zealousness inside of me.

So I could make you my muse.
Jan 2017 · 191
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
It’s a difficult thing for me to explain-

Being overly emotional
yet unable to express my feelings.

Like being in a room quickly filling with smoke-
I could open a window,

but I instead choose to choke.
Jan 2017 · 179
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
We barely slept at all last night-

too busy intertwining our bodies beneath these sheets.

But with a touch as electrifying as his, I really have no need for sleep.
Jan 2017 · 178
Heartbroken, but Hopeful
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
I’ve grown tired of being made to feel that I am difficult to love.

That the happiness others are experiencing, I am undeserving of.
Jan 2017 · 207
Academy Award
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
I have fallen victim
to some of the best actors…

Each reciting lines of love.

When in reality,

their scripts were full of nothing more than lust.
Jan 2017 · 175
Dripping with Sarcasm
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
Of course,

tell me all about your weekend plans,


I’m just dying to know

how none of them involve me.
Jan 2017 · 138
The End
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
As I prepared my body

to house new life,

you privately decided

you no longer wanted a wife.
Jan 2017 · 143
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
Rainy days always remind me of you.

Not the kind of memory

you look back on with fondness,

but one that brings with it a sense of relief.

It seemed your sadness was always

the worst on those days.

As if regret fell down with every drop of rain.

The forecast is calling for several days of showers this week,

but within this new life, that prediction just doesn’t seem so bleak.
Jan 2017 · 299
Taking Back Control
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
I’ve given up on the therapy-

The chats were always the same.

A plethora of emotional issues

and “daddy is to blame.”

Why, as women, do we allow men to control our mental state?

Knowing **** well it would be impossible for them to ever relate.
Jan 2017 · 181
NY • KY • CA
Caitlin Nesbit Jan 2017
595 miles.

The distance you traveled to start a life with me.

2095 miles.

The distance you traveled to get away from that life.

(Endless miles of heartbreak between the two.)
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