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Caitlin Deaver Jul 2012
Sing me to sleep
With this soft lullaby.

Wash away my fears
With your kind heart.
Stand by me
With your unfading loyalty.
Remind me of our memories
With your steady breath.
Take me far away
With your endearing imagination.
Help me let go
With your will to live on.

Sing me to sleep
With this soft lullaby.
Caitlin Deaver Oct 2011
The gravel crunched beneath each footstep she took.
Small beads of sweat rolled down her face,
Her hand sweeping across her brow repeatedly.
Her heart was racing, her breath becoming labored.
The voices were following her,
Their whispers and hushed laughter haunting her.
Faster and faster, she ran --
But the voices grew louder with her effort.
She gasped, "Please" -- crunch, crunch -- "not me!"
The voices became shadows,
And the once brazen and bright sky
Turned to lightless obscurity.
Shadow after shadow,
They crept after the girl.
Her world morphed into an endless plain --
It didn't cease, as if she were running in place.
They swarmed her body, their hazy bodies overwhelming.
"Remember..." they spoke to her.
"I can't," she rejected.
"Remember..." they taunted once again.
She keened,
For she knew it was time to face her demons.
Caitlin Deaver Oct 2011
Repose with me amongst the golden prairie
And eye the presumptuous high blue.
Entangle our fingers
And feel our easy breathing.
Feel the summer zephyr stir the lengthy grasses
As they caress our skin.
Smell the wildflowers
That dance with ease in the breeze.
Listen to my heartbeat,
Lubb dubb,
Lubb dubb,
Lubb dubb.
Watch the sunlight
Pour upon our flesh.
Electrify my blood
With those gentle words.
Tell me what I already know,
That this is a perfect moment.
Caitlin Deaver Oct 2011
She said, "It's too late,
It'll never feel like this again."

He said, "But I love you,
Isn't that enough?"

A gentle circumstance
Becomes an arduous feat;
For once she felt pain
But saw the light.

But the light could only survive for so long;
Her happiness --
It hasn't vanished yet.
Frightened and ashen, she turns away.

She said, "This can't be right,
And is the disappointment worth it?"

He said, "But I love you,
Isn't that enough?"

Disappointment aside,
She took a chance.
Pulled the chains rooted in her heart,
Finally free.

He said, "Maybe this went too far;
We should take a break."

She said, "But I love you,
Isn't that enough?"

She found her heart,
Soon enough for him to break it.
But what was lost,
Was what he wanted again.

He said, "We can do this,
Give me another chance."

She said, "I let myself love you,
And that just wasn't enough."
Caitlin Deaver Oct 2011
Like waterfalls’ spray,
We all fall sporadically,
Once, and never twice.
Caitlin Deaver Oct 2011
And I'm suddenly terrified
As your life collides with mine.
One move this way or that,
You always appear.
You're my unspoken focal point,
Where if you were suddenly to vanish,
I'd be lost in my own world.
I didn't ask for this;
So is this a cruel twist of kismet?
A subtle realization?
Or am I simply over-thinking this?
And I'm suddenly terrified
As this fatal absolution concretes itself.
This can't be a tale of Wonderland;
No real mystique or query in sight.
And I'm suddenly terrified
As every moment
We become closer.
Closer only under sincere observation;
We share no same feelings,
We share no common beliefs.
All we are
Registers in the brief moments...
So here we stand,
Always in sight,
Always in mind,
But never together.
Caitlin Deaver Oct 2011
Smile and wave as you pass me by.
Forget our past,
Our journey and hope.
See through the memories,
See through our dreams.
Keep walking.
Keep walking.
You may leave what you have done,
But what you’ve done will never cease to be forgotten.
It will remain,
And it will perish along with you,
That heart of mine you’ve stolen,
And the emptiness of our existence.
* Had this published in a college student collaboration book three years ago.
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