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In a world full of envy,
In a world full of greed,
You're a breath of fresh air,
which some see as odd,
I stand not alone, but with vision of 3
You, me, and God
Today's hope
tomorrow's memories
If our soul is purified by fire, we shouldn't get mad when someone throws a little wood on it.
Those that live by the sword
Shall die by the sword
Hate is killing itself
God is Love
God created us like Himself
We are Love
The reason you were created was to love
Used contrary to your design will destroy you
4 a.m.
A fire
Sleepy eyes
Waiting for the sun
Another day
Looking for you
The very people and principles that we the American people dispise, we now allow to run this country.  It's time for the American people to rise up and make a change!!!
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