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Buzz Dec 2015
I know you might not read this
But I'd still write it for you
Though it might be straight from the heart
But you better bet it's true

You are a blossoming spring morning
Littering the streets with bouquets
Chilling the atmosphere
A refreshing misty wind
With a breahtaking view

You are a flowing river
In the midst of a calm meadow
You lushed with greens
And sparkled with pureness

You are the silent moon
Greeting people
With that heartful lunar light
A stunning monument
In the lone starry night

I know you might not read this
But I hope you do
It's just another cheesy poem
From me
To you
Buzz Nov 2015
Little by little
Shadow engulfs the weary soldier
As the dark drapes hide the light
The senses onced sharp
The focus once once intense
The confidence once large

As the head nods unconsciously
in succeeding rhythmic locomotion
Dozes the student
From the horrendous boringness
As the teacher shuts
the dusty only-once usage textbook closed
Marks the end of the informative torture
Awakens the knowledge searcher
From his unexpected quick slumber

Thus came night
For the student to do the task obtained
Little did he know
Not a single knowledge was gained
Buzz Nov 2015
Dusty & cheesy
Poems that are poured by yours truly
Rhyming to the brink of uncertainty.

Well, tainted hearts love company
Especially, one such as thee
I'll wipe the dust away
With mayhem and glee.

What can I say?
Writing drags me away
No need for **** or ecstacy
Save them for crackheads in the alley.

Did I improved?
Did I journeyed?

Just less cheesy
A little bit more minty
Buzz Jul 2014
Along came the roof,
the shelter those who dreamt weak
for we are always dominant
throughout history, as so we thought.

Ours were exceptional
The sway and fway of the legends
Thou it might seem
We were still full of 'weak'
As that oppose our original codex.

Someday, defeat is inevitable
The taste that all is to receive
But our desire is constant
Never to be dimmed
The will to protect what's right
The strength to preserve the might.

If we were to be dictators, forgive us
As that oppose our original codex.
Buzz Mar 2014
Take a long view towards the gesture of mine
See what it is to unfold
My hands clenched as my spirit grows
Doubting things never a option
A fool, an idiot, a loser
For I have many infamous callings
Tho none of them were true
Still, they drove me with confidence
Locking memories of mockeries into my heart
Let it be known to them
That I don't give f@#k
Overflowing confidence, perhap?
Nah, that doesn't resemble me
For modesty is my policy
But I will tell you this
That I am what I (*******) am.
Released lot of stress writing this crap
Buzz Mar 2014
Shroud of sunsets
blankets the eye
Tombs of tiredness
Dwelve inside
From all the efforts
Lighting the path
That no one dares
To even sneak a peek

"I don't care"
Said the commoner
For I have faith
And hope to follow
As these combined
Can mould the world
From a shattered piece
To something that lingers

Sweat sips
From the knuckles of the fighter
As he respirates for glory
Surely, a mountain of burden
Is carried on his collapsing shoulder
The face of his is pale
Fear of the future
Nevertheless, he is resilient

Days come and go
Seasons change
Friends made and forgotten
Age gained

Today, I stand to you
To tell you a tale
Of the man of will
To never be extinguish
For he has achieved
For what he had begone for
A dream of his
That no one seems to believe
Buzz Feb 2014
A little hug
On this speeding jeep
Would surely soothen the heart of a man
Who just commit a risk never to be taken
Adrenaline pouring on the veins

A light stroke
At the hair between the ear
Would provide enough serenity for a girl
To give it all for love
For they are at the deserted highway

The couple move along
Nothing will stop them
For love conquers all
In anxiety, they perish the to be-regretted
And hone together their hopes
For their future, they'll fight together
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