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Brooke Conner Feb 2016
I only ask that you bare your soul
that you give me your truth
Tell me all that speaks to your heart
Tell me all the things you could never utter to any other
I want to know you from the outside in
I want you to bleed your soul onto the page
Tell me all the things you wish to hide, I want your truth
I want to cry with you, laugh with you
I want to feel you, know you
Tell me all the things you wish to hide
I only ask that you give me your soul
But this I promise
I will give you mine no matter the cost
I will give you my fear, my happiness and my despair
I will hide nothing
This I swear
Brooke Conner Oct 2015
There is nothing more sensual than the soft kiss of a beautiful womans lips.
She stands in front of me, she leans forward only slightly, just enough to know, to know what she wants.  My hands tremble as I reach for her. My breath is quick and I wonder if she will change her mind. I lean forward my hand upon the side of your face pulling you into me. Our lips touch and I feel every nerve in my body explode. You move your body against me, if not for the wall behind you I fear I may fall. The softness of your lips, more lush than a fresh peach in August, I devour them, the sweetest thing I think I have ever tasted. I want so much more, but know this will be it, that what happens will stay here in this moment. That my memory of the taste of you will be all I have.
Brooke Conner Mar 2015
I realized my mistake a second too late.
I had given her just enough to seal my fate.
The worst of me stays hidden from sight, so she placed me high above with no thought of what lies beneath.
She will run; this much I know. If she knows the truth there will be no where for her to go.
I'll close my eyes now and again just to see what I did then.
I promise you this, I'll not let us go there again.
I would rather have my friend than a loneliness that burns without end.

— The End —