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9.3k · Sep 2015
Wanderer Sep 2015
Twisted sheets, mind on stutter
Unable to sort through this midnight clutter
Put it away for tomorrow
But what to do with my gnawing sorrow?
I circle soft blue on color book pages
Hoping the repetition eventually assuages
The raw edged reality of lonely dark hours
Filling the void with Crayola flowers
6.3k · Mar 2012
Consumerism Thesis
Wanderer Mar 2012
Happens every other day
Feelings of guilt as a wasteful being
Rearrange brain function
Monopolizing firing synapses
Recycle, reuse
Regurgitating, dull whitted infomercials
All wanting you to buy, buy, buy
Sure you could use another sharp knife
Maybe even a blender
On special now buy one get one free
A kitchen already full of utensils that you don't use
Caught up in McMonsantoland's corporate sponsorship
Frankenburgers all around
Cancer is the cure
Picking you off one by one
Intelligence retardant children growing up in front of CIA bugged televisions
They know your patterns, habits, what makes you tick
Big Brother is watching  all of you be enslaved
In the end your box will be numbered
Eight humans deep
Stacked high along the streets of America
Guiding the way to the ****** sunset of our existence
6.0k · May 2012
Wanderer May 2012
Day breaks over a sleepy village
Morning absolutions completed
An excited buzz is in the air
Everyone is a buzz with cleaning
Hundreds gather wild flowers in the fertile fields
Many were in charge of raising the fires
Soon the whole town had bright blooms weaved from one end to the next
The horizon alight with smoke and power
Goddess and God rights invoked within circles round
Pulsating, rhythmic energy racing through each dancing body
Gyrating to the cosmic beat of life
Couples jump merrily together over cauldrons ablaze
High hopes rise and give way for dreams of children
Lovers round and round they twine
Maypole ribbons rainbow hued passing through hand to hand
As dusk falls the Queen is crowned
Mead flows freely through the jubilant worshippers
The moon hangs round with fullness above their heads
Lighting the way for love into the night
Wanderer Jul 2012
Waking up startled, to battering wind and rain.
Tide marks surging to great gasping heights.
Catching breaths stolen by the wind.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Watching idly by while pieces of you dissolve into the shadows.
I want those clouds weaving through my fingertips.
Their curious renderings like powdered ***** sugar.
Taste it and they fall heavy with gloom like **** death in the aftermath of such storm.

Counting the miles to the storm.
Ticking, tocking, and clicking.
The clock waiting in anticipation for the next thunderous sound.
Cold shivers up my spine like a thousand Carolina insults.
Your ghost still haunts and seeps into my pores lastly at night.
I taste defeat in the way you love.
It's like weaving clouds between my fingertips
Trying to grasp and hold onto every flowing motion of you pulling away from me

My cold, cracked walls are surged.
Towered over in their crumbling decay.
I want to taste your rain.
Your lips gently sink into mine.
Crushed velvet smooth and warm waking up the army of dead hearts ready for battle.
I am no warrior but there's blood painted across my sky.
Red sky in the morning, sailors warning, as I float on out into your turbulent seas.
Looking back on shore I realize that I'm finally home.

These seas roll uneasy.
Watching thru the mist towards our lighthouse that guided us to these depths
Trembling away like an afterthought.
The land has disappeared into the mouth of the shark.
Digested in the belly of a whale of angels.
Our sorrow holds us here, anchoring us to the tumultuous waves.
We battle our sea sickness with kisses of death lingering.
The soft pull of our exile turned oblivion.

Navigating with open wounds the silky expanse of midnight unwinding above us, within us.
Knowing us through and through.
An island of quivering vulnerability breaks the static horizon.
Lights, smog beginning to choke the sea air in my lungs.
Too long you've been left unkempt, grown comfortable.
That will change with new currents,
North winds bringing the frigid breath of winter.

Licking the sun off of the salty expanse of our sunburned red flesh.
The ****** of desperation lingers thru our moaning fingers
Feeling and pleading for our SOS call to be heard by anyone’s ears but ours.
The shores of this icy water leave my mind beneath the dredges of polar sleep.
We've grown strained, frost bitten, and distant in the few feet we are able to part.
The growling of hunger satiates our parched thirst.

I am rendered speechless adrift without you.
Hurricanes a coming.
Stand fast.
Secure the riggings.
Solaris brightens to light the way into calmer seas.
Those tepid shores of wonder and new beginnings fade into the horizon.
It's just you and me left to face the swelling tide.
Hang on.
The water is rising.
No one left to pull us saturated and insatiable from these waters of shadow and secrets.

The siren's song will bring us to our sharp shore end.
Resist the silky flow of nocturnal snakes wrapped around chilled flesh
Pulling closer to our aquatic hearts.
Hades and Persephone bond.
Glowing abysmal rage.
Holy grail veins.
Bleeding back into the orange crush dawn.
Night gives way to hollow rebirth
But once again we are inside one another.

These waves crash on overboard.
Trying to drag us back into the frigid depths with each ebb and flow.
With each crash of wave I can feel our resolve growing weaker.
The sensation of just letting go and giving in.
Should we let go and just give in?
Leave ourselves at the mercy of shipwrecks.
This hurricane dance we've perfected on the endless depthless ocean
Left us weak and willing to pull ourselves apart.
To taste our insides on the outsides.
How many times I've wondered have you noticed my stare.
The lustful licking of my sun blistered lips.
I want to taste the way you think and feel the warmth of your life to keep me alive.
The oceans call, I have heard, brings out the worst in sailors.
Always searching for the elusive siren to sing us a song.
A song from the depths of mythology to lullaby us away from our status adrift.

Our bodies collide in the tide once more.
Salted skin heated and torn
Latching on to something greater than just depths of starless prose.
You were a wicker man, weaved strong and whole.
I was a water girl, slipping straight through your bowl.
Wishes flow to and fro on tepid air laced with promises.
Our fingertips will never lose grip again,
the melody writhing between us like staccato heartbeats
Seeking solace on the endless seas.*

These waves rock us to shoreline.
Rock strewn and littered with the ribcages of whales
And the bows and sterns of shipwrecks long ago.
We pick up these pieces and hold them closest to our chest
Realizing the possibilities of a new home and a new start to this oceanic life we've drifted into.
We build a fire to warm our hearts and suspend our thoughts
Cradled and nestled in the crook of each others arms we leave our sea and our island
Soaring high into the clouds and the sleep we’ve begged for with our parched lips and swollen tongues.
Our dreams at night are the call of the sea begging to be drowned in our sand encrusted lungs,
To be one with us and our failures
The bequeathing cry of the seagull wakes us dully from our slumber
We peer out with sea salted eyes and realize it was all just a dream
We shout for help with all the voice we can muster
Letting in lungs full of icy ocean and dead crustaceans
Filling our bodies like bags of sand immobile
We’ve been sleeping with our anchors held closely
Down in the depths of the endless ocean rolling.
Plain text BK Barnes
Italicised text Brook Ilges
3.8k · Aug 2015
Horae Hand Holding
Wanderer Aug 2015
August heat rolls in unchecked
I dab softly at my neck with a hint of Autumn whispers
Already yearning for cardamom and patchouli
Winds to blow Chai kisses my way
3.4k · Jul 2014
What Gets Me By
Wanderer Jul 2014
I write you out
Give voice to the silence
I would talk about it out loud
An injustice though, for those unfamiliar
With loss
You hear the words
But do not feel them
Cradled arms hold close and tight
To memories full of soul deep and light
You brought so much joy
Your name still feels whole on my lips
Life is always a stage
Some would say yours was a tragedy
I know better
An epic drama full of love, adventure
Comic relief
When the despair becomes unbearable
That is what I cling to
My oasis amid drought
A light house beaming bright
During storms raging against rocky shores
I'm still afloat with our laughter
I'm still afloat
3.3k · May 2012
Wanderer May 2012
Regardless of where my life is headed
No matter which wild path it is on
There are always voices that claw their way out
Sadness, Misery,Dripping desire, Torment, Gore...
Live inside of me
I have bubbles in my laughter
Sunshine sky ways in my smile
You'd never know from reading
That I could bake your pants off
Fix your camaro regardless it's issue
And clean your whole house all at the same time
******* operator get you off with her voice kind of love
I make no apologies
Excuses don't dwell here
****** poet with a taste for flesh
An open book with banshee hair
The desire for more and more ink endless on my fingertips
3.1k · Aug 2014
Mother Mountain
Wanderer Aug 2014
Mist moves through early morning
Swirling a top the remaining craggy Gods
Standing tall to form the Appalachia
PawPaw trees hang heavy
Laden with fruit, ripened by Eastern sun
Precious ecosystem sustaining what shouldn't grow in this hemisphere
What's left that has not been removed
By blasting coal extraction
Towers above us still, breathing deep
Guarding us in silent repose
Footsteps weave to and fro
Sweet grass brushing sensitive skin
My laughter echo's through the Old Oaks
Honey bees gather pollen
Buzzing happily by my side
We must protect this special place
Turn away from stripping her of her glitter
Of her shine
Clean air, healthy soil
She can recover, she will survive
We have the technology, ability and choice to use sustainable, green energy. West Virginia does NOT have to become a TRASH state due to mountain top removal and fracking. Contact KEEPERS OF THE MOUNTAIN, a non-profit organization that can help you turn your land into a wildlife conservation that will be PROTECTED from harm. Don't let our precious mountains be *****!!! Coal is filthy and unnecessary no matter what propaganda is spewed by the coal companies. We have a choice, let's make the right one!
2.6k · Apr 2012
MaryJane's a Lesbian
Wanderer Apr 2012
Tight, wet, heat
Sweetly encompassing cold blown glass
No *** shops on this end of town
Head shop will have to do
Sensual, low clouds of Nag Champa swirling
I looked at many until I found the right one
Just knew
My deepest...depths clenching with need
It may not be the best thing
But it gets the job done
******* myself doesn't take nearly as long as I would like
So I touch softly, dragging out the insufferable torment
To crescendo into a blazing glory
A Phoenix on third degree fire
To the staccato beat of my lonely heart
2.6k · Jul 2012
Cold Steel Frame
Wanderer Jul 2012
My hands gently sift through your silky hair
Pulling softly at the base to hear you moan
A shiver tingles down my spine at your purr
I can be impatient
I can be bossy
But you always give in to my urges
Ripping, tearing, biting, *******, a menagerie of ***** slick sweat ****
Bleed for me
What can they not understand about me needing that?
Crimson welling up beneath your ribcage
Only a small slice, small sacrifice to lay at your *** goddess's  feet
Most bring flowers but only you know what I really want
Copper twist rot ****** at the base of your ****
I can only give love once
Broken and bruised you'll never get the same me twice
Reborn matted and patched
Willing to skull stomp them all to come out on top
2.5k · Apr 2012
Wanderer Apr 2012
Raking a hand through unruly hair
I pull roughly at the cigarette between my fingers
Feeling as though my skin is far too tight
I want to fly
Keep waking up with a hole in my chest
Where my initiative used to be
I was told to be patient
All would reveal itself in time
The nights get longer and the ache more pronounced
You are getting closer
Slithering along the outskirts of my perception
My instincts all a flutter, aroused
Anticipation coats my mouth like a cotton candy buzz
The beating of your heart reaches me across vast distance
As unable as I at forgetting
Arms and legs start to relax
Tired eyes and mind slipping shut
I drift off once more, atune to the pounding rhythm
2.5k · Aug 2013
Wanderer Aug 2013
I want to take better advice
Latest being love like you've never been hurt
Dance like nobody's watching
Keller knows a thing or two
I found part of myself within those Break Science
Pigeons creating a helix of electricity
Within the shallow depths of my fingertips
Thankfully I can pull it closer
Feel it's lazer beam muscle spasm ******
Straight through to the other side of how I think
How I interact with the pulsing beat pounding within my vasodilated veins
I lost the darkness in your shadows
I found the light in mine
We raged that night until our bodies, twisted and wounded like geriatric versions of ourselves
Fell into tired cuddle puddles
Smiling, saturated with festival funk
All thoughts dissolving into psychedelic dreams
2.4k · Jun 2012
Insightful Malice
Wanderer Jun 2012
Suppose I was more agreeable
Instead of arguing over coffee about politics, religion
All those subjects deemed taboo that neither of us truly give a **** about
Pressing my point like daggers against your ribcage
Knowing the sweet spots that make you moan
I would give in, applaud your cleverness, then leave for work

You would be left wondering if you should feel insulted.

of course you should

As usual,my filterless memoirs have become vocalized
******* them back in tight and quick is useless
Once freed, the damage is done

But. they. are . just. words.

the previous statement is ridiculous and the author should be shot

Never could I slice you deeper, **** your private mind or lay your soul bare
Then with the bitter, caustic, truthful edge of my observations
You are just as vulnerable as the rest of them
Barbed wire telegrams
Frozen emails
Ash and arsenic letters
Cut you to the quick

But I like it better when I can witness the damage
Basking in the upper handed afterglow of my superior ability to mortally wound
For no bit of silver that I've ever found
Was ever sharper than the razor edge of my tongue
2.3k · Dec 2014
Crochet Momma
Wanderer Dec 2014
Single. Double. Pull it through.
Single. Double. Pull it through.
Chain after chain
Row after row
Blisters on fingers that pull tight
I work well into the night
Only when I have the light
Baskets spill over
Sari silk yarn
Acrylic blends that mold and stretch
A thousand colors tangled
Before my eyes
Into warm, cozy gifts, a birthday surprise
The feel of the hook is home to me
Ask me nicely and I may see
If I can make something gorgeous for you
With hook and yarn as I am known to do
I adore giving home made gifts!
2.3k · Jul 2014
The Climb
Wanderer Jul 2014
There is kinetic energy
Shaping around you and me
Lengthening our edges of
Passion's high held ledges
2.3k · Apr 2012
Inevitable Outcome
Wanderer Apr 2012
The irreveracable state of falling moral
Piecing together newspaper dooms dayers
Always curious about generalized detachment
Yet unable to see the forest for the trees
Picket lines are home
Raging infernos of injustice and malcontent
Laying stoically at their doorstep
Wrapped messily in insomniac nightmares at yours
Big, BOLD letters voicing the masses
We are, We are
Oppressed, Depressed, Repressed
No longer though
Passing out the hymnals of our revolution
Unsatisfied but spent
I sit back and enjoy the show
Saturating my senses with the smell of burning GMO fields
Wanderer Mar 2012
Every muscle aches
Stretching into yet another morning
Awaiting the inevitable
Slinking through dark hallways
The front door pulled free, sliding open on silent hinges
I breathe deeply of dew
My hands shake in my coat pockets
I don't want to go to the doctor
I know that I am getting a shot
They (my illusion of control) always tell me to behave
Well I'm not like them or anyone else I know
Drawing in quiet, shadowed corners
I barely hear the soft cry of doves
**** them
My whole Thursday is ruined
Shouldn't I have some say?
Property. Separate beating heart.
Separate thinking brain
Why even run, someone else will just find me
Try and stick me with "anti-bodies"
Under the guise of "knowing-what's-best-for-me"
**** them.
Feet moving faster.
Only I know what's best for me
2.1k · Apr 2012
Wake n Bake
Wanderer Apr 2012
Rubbing sharp sleep from tender eyelids
Unable to see clearly yet
Already the heady, green desire afflicts me
Pleasurable thoughts swirling around an exhausted brain
Yesterday was difficult
Tomorrow no better
My tin full up of sticky sweet African mango
Going no where
Sliding softly into all my sore spots
Just what I needed
To start my morning
Wanderer Aug 2012
I would like to feel again
Burst abruptly from this cocoon of numbness I find myself in
Ice Queen.
Eskimo ***** is mighty cold or so I've been told
Lucky me no Inuit runs through these punch drunk crazy veins
The taste of blood, copper and meaty, is sharp on bitten lips
The facade of laughter, worry
The years that stand between us
Are held up for scrutiny
You are always lacking
I am always wanting
It is our way
Now I find us at a crossroads
Another path blossoms thick and heavy with unkempt erotica
Dripping silky sweet between the sheets
It is one I will walk alone, living sin
Our path is ripe and full
Surprises swinging around every corner
My every desire obtained
Going to sleep lonely but repeat
Such is the choice of a woman
Or is it?
2.0k · Apr 2012
Wanderer Apr 2012
Inside my throat expands under water mountain ranges for miles
Sea salt love affairs dance across shell pink lips
Telling all of Poseidon's secrets through drift wood bonfires
I love you
Parts are missing so I gather bits and pieces close
Always in need of more cosmic adheisive to keep you here
Stalwart and worthy your effigy stands carved of whale bone steel
Starry night sky corsets cinching our tied tongues together

We once had a name, a place
Desires and wishes flooded the air between us
Now it's just me constantly rowing against the current
While you glide smoothly ahead riding the trough
I have storm clouds hidden in my sunshine smiles
****** pearled laughter stifled and worn
Too tired to see the nautilus of my thoughts dragging me under
2.0k · Apr 2014
Valkyrie Heart
Wanderer Apr 2014
Wanderer. Gypsy. Warrior.
A coalition of stardust children
On a hunt for home
I've laid out my welcome mat before
Lit the candles
Not for long
Whispering, the wind picks up
Moving across the tundra
To howl through my iced cavities
My edges are sandy shores
Muspelheim soaked with sea salt love letters
Loki resides on the interior
Playing tricks
Searching for a völva who will guide his way
Perhaps I am she
Who shall never rest
Until I reach Valhalla
2.0k · May 2012
Wanderer May 2012
He woke up bathed in moonshine
Sleepy Appalachian mountain eyes
Fading autumn honey liquid gold
Into the white background noise of reality
He always did have one foot in, one foot out
A ghost to those that he let see
Physical boundaries ignored, retired
Weary bones begged him to slip back into the comfort of oblivion
But for him sleep was ever elusive, a tease

Racing over lush valleys, dead seas and fertile plains
His thoughts are boundless
Synthesizing emotional code into poetic expression
He must pull it all together somehow
Beats and rhythms sparkle off the edge of his perception
They rarely paused long enough to remember
But he always did

Calloused hands prove a life of grunt work
His dreams had been so much more complex
Weaving through the atmosphere, linking fully with the cosmos
Lines whisper across his flesh
****** and impulsive
Sensitively attuned to the pulsing energy around him
Shaping it into flourished verse

He is the sun
I merely the **moon
Wanderer Aug 2012
Through the eyes of heathens
Dancing altars made of poppies and ash
Coat jaded tongues in bittersweet memory
We are eternal yet our spark is on the verge of annihilation
Government needs a turnicate
Big heads bloated, filled with ego
Defiled our homeland
Seemingly snuffing forever the bright flame of freedom
A sea of distraught bodies marching onward into the night
Their chants of "HELL NO TO GMO" crescendoing as it passes by into the packed square
Those in power so easily comforted by their AKs and steel walls
Dia de Los Muertos masks hide determination
As the bombs ignite setting fire to the sky
Comprehension of our purpose is realized
We are not here to ask nicely
We will not be obedient to our peers as masters
Behind our smiling sugar skull masks
**We grin as they burn
2.0k · May 2012
Aplastic Anemia
Wanderer May 2012
A voracious beast devours my Husband
Distraught and upset I must put on a strong face for him
Every day I watch him grow paler and more thin
At night my dreams are consumed with needles, prescriptions
IV tubing and bad food swirl in the mix
In his eyes I see an exhausted spirit on the edge
The need to protect is a driving force within me
Hospitals should be more sterile
The next school of medicine reject who doesn't wash their hands
Will have them cheerily  burned me
On the inside I seeth and cry, throw a child's tantrum on the floor
Unfair does not even begin to describe the pain he has endured
Some would say to let him go, *******
They just do not know us
For my exterior is made up of stone
Supported by a frame of steel
I will never give up
We have a will of iron
A malignancy has no control over our strength
Into the coming war of medical procedures we are defiant
Strong and Worthy
We will never give up
1.9k · Feb 2013
Transplant Journey
Wanderer Feb 2013
He is suffering
The tell tale signs of decay setting in
It's all I can do to not break down

Five hours later

Gentle hum and gurgle of breathing treatment
Wakes me from dreams of good-bye
Sweet and gentle but suffocating
Do you even know I am here anymore?

Two days later

I can hear them whispering outside
He's too fragile, not much else we can do
My voice catches in my throat yearning to rail at them
His breath still draws and my hands are fighting

The failings of a weak condition paired with bacterial war are too much to bare. Go home babe. Sleep with the angels for I cannot be selfish and keep you here so tortured.

*I never let go.
Wanderer Jun 2014
I had a dream last night
That we, Humans
Evolved without vocal chords
In the near distant future
Due to our advancement in technology

(it will be here before we know it)

Cars already can read our eye focus
Pretty soon they'll drive us home
Social responsibilities fall tragically short
With robots watching our children
While adults go out to play

Our communication skills dwindle
Abilities to talk heart to heart
Eye contact
Conversations over dinner
Are limited to blank boxes
Black text
Our once brilliant colors, faded
I feel this disconnection
Heading back to nature to heal
What I know not how to fix
Besides to spread love, laughter
Especially kindness
With every step
Wanderer Jul 2012
She sits on the sidelines
Outlined by shadow and smoke
Her curling p's and q's go unnoticed
Watching him wallow in darkness
Persephone and Hades comes to mind
Although in reverse
The ashes of her springtime **** craves the bright burning flame of his 
Coming on like a fifth street ******
Red lips and sky high thighs
She's got bad intentions 
His fathomless inkwell craves the sweetness of her embrace
We all aren't built the same she thinks
But she'd let him tap her vein
Violets and stars winking in her vision
His cold touch finally reaches her
Hot skin melting past his reluctant facade
It was all a game he whispers
To get you closer
**To make you mine
1.9k · Jan 2015
Wanderer Jan 2015
Our relationship with the Earth
Can be defined by two choices
Parasitic or Symbiotic
We choose to be fleas
*Why not choose to be Pilot fish?
We can all live together harmoniously
Yet our first thought seems to always be immediate gratification
What can I get now?
Instead of what can I give now?
1.8k · Jun 2016
The End by Jim Morrison
Wanderer Jun 2016
This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of ev'rything that stands
The end

No safety or surprise
The end
I'll never look into your eyes again

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need of
some strangers hand
In a desperate land

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain
There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the king's highway
Weird scenes inside the goldmine
Ride the highway West baby

Ride the snake
Ride the snake
To the lake
To the lake

The ancient lake baby
The snake is long
Seven miles
Ride the snake

He's old
And his skin is cold
The west is the best
The west is the best
Get here and we'll do the rest

The blue bus is calling us
The blue bus is calling us
Driver, where you taking us?

The killer awoke before dawn
He put his boots on
He took a face from the ancient gallery
And he walked on down the hall

He went into the room where his sister lived
And then he paid a visit to his brother
And then he walked on down the hall
And he came to a door
And he looked inside
Yes son
I want to **** you
Mother, I want to...

Come on, baby, take a chance with us
Come on, baby, take a chance with us
Come on, baby, take a chance with us
And meet me at the back of the blue bus

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end

It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follow me-aca
1.8k · May 2012
Wanderer May 2012
I do not feel myself today
Stolen stunned sparkle sunned
Crystallizing adrenaline ***** hypertension maniac
Overwhelming in here. Crowded.
Always willing to be the first to jump
Potent love affairs with rushing wind and endless heights
Break apart.
Come undone.
Let go.
More surreal than tangible
Fading softly into the mist of kilauea
Great fire mother blessing me with the burning
Ablaze, a Phoenix from the flames, rising into the night
Bursting all over the constellations, adhering to the cosmos
Third eye open
1.7k · Aug 2013
On Painting and Better Times
Wanderer Aug 2013
Houston stood up from his stooped position on the sunken mattress edge. Shuffling over to his one lone window he grabbed a paint stained old t-shirt and used it to gingerly wipe the filth off of the closest pane. The light he allowed entrance made the sorry state of his quarters look all the more uninviting. Piles of soiled clothing, dozens of glass bottles, torn canvas shreds(he could never hold his temper long enough to sleep on it) and empty paint pots from one unkempt corner to the other.   No wonder he had not worked in months. How could an artist create in such a state? He sighed heavily to himself and pulled on faded blue jeans with a plaid button up. Clothed and comfortable he surveyed his "work" room, which consisted of his five foot wide, two foot deep closet with the doors removed. The easle sat sad and empty, waiting to fulfill it's sole purpose: to support the realized weight of this man's genius.  He was a painter. A **** good one too or so some folks said. He was still a skeptic. Houston mainly  painted to control his temper. It was his only outlet for a hair trigger rage that simmered just below his sweet and gentle demeanor. Those closest to him understood his struggle and did their best to not instigate but every once and a while they dealt with the business end of Houston Montgomery. Not a show anyone would want a repeat performance of.
       One of his so called "masterpieces" was sold to a gallery down town for twelve thousand dollars last year. Seven months had come and gone since then. . He would trade his most amazing memory to be able to rewind back to that day.  Around that time the fates must have decided Houston was having far too much fun. That very same month he also came across a down on her luck actress who went by Sylvia Stone. He had been doing pretty well for himself up until that point. Bills were paid, fridge was full and his clothes were clean.  Then everything went to ****. She was easily impressed with Houston's new money and thought jumping on this pony was better than settling for a jack ***. Houston spent more time with her than he had expected. More time than he really wanted but he had not been with a woman in many many months and she was incredible in the sack. She did this thing with her mouth that had his eyes even now rolling into his skull and his spine quivering. Too bad she turned out such a psychotic ****.
         His art started to suffer. Normally he could sit down and pump out two pieces a week. For four months straight he only produced three total and they were horrible, shamefully lack luster. He told Sylvia he needed space, that it wasn't because he did not want to be with her but that he needed more time to work. He would get a few pieces done then they could spend a week together.  She seemed understanding but distant. Houston went back to dedicating his time to his work. Hoping that after he made some money Sylvia would be open to picking up where they left off, Houston worked quickly to pump out something fantastic.  

Things were quiet and productive
for seventeen days.

**Then Sylvia called.
1.7k · May 2014
Tie Dye Party
Wanderer May 2014
Luscious swirl colors
Sunlight reflecting off of
Rainbow jeweled depths
White cotton absorbs the laughter
In banded, restricted patterns
Blue lazy afternoon
Pink sugar candy
Green that's not so easy
Indigo spot light shining
Mimosa bubbles fizz with comedic intent
Juicy honey bells spiking my taste buds
I soak you up, great God of life
In turn creating sacred geometric love
On simple fibers
*splash your soul in thousand foot puddles. Leave your laughter everywhere*
1.7k · Jan 2016
Wanderer Jan 2016
30 years now I've been here
A drop in the bucket
A lifetime full
Realizing that the majority of my 20's
Have been spent loving and caring
For those who's hands have been helpless
Plans laid out that I drew blueprints for
Coming together in squeeze tights ends
I need to learn to let go
Blowing out candles one by one
Each their own silent wish
A milestone reached
*Happy Birthday to me
1.7k · Mar 2012
Between...Part II
Wanderer Mar 2012
This is exhibit A. witness testify to a false maker
of false hopes a dreamers dream disappearing on the lids of
a waking being. So is the theme spoken in rainbow
brilliance the soul is trapped in a toys body break me discard me
no use for this
this is exhibit B. a lifeless rendition of a restless warrior begging
to be freed from his crime in watching his own hands  children
and a pregnant woman willing to sell her soul for redemption.
Break him, discard him but never let him forget

Time elapses travel to the future, Raggedy Andy and the soul
a machine cold and calculating everyone wants one for Christmas
unwrap the gift and sell it tomorrow
wont get much out of it. Devoid of extraneous packaging
it's lost it's worth and the scars are blessed tracing them with my tongue
a willing conspirator in your lie that you live day to day. Praying to whatever
that tomorrow you won't wake up and the pain will stop. Should have never
beqeuthed my soul then because now I'll never let you go

The welcomed touch of another to soothe the decay build a house of
legos galore a horror left untold but whispered in empty space someday
it will reach the ears all will be out of place the blessing of scars and the blessing
of tides. Wash the dreams into reality
yet with your eyes squeezed shut you cannot see the smiles
I flash you from across the room. Another cold winter with plastic walls,
the floor rough beneath my paper thin feet. I am getting older and your passion
still falls to ripping me open and seeing what color I am today. Your
dream is my hell. A reality we all want but some never have a blessing
of the tides for you but not the patchwork of needle veins left on my

A ragdoll sows well after unthreading unraveled secrets that are being
spoken a hidden meaning in things known so well and held
so dear the addict is addicted the silver polish of another exit
and a feared exit (exist)
picking away at the surface he is relieved to see his own
reflection on fates tinderbox. Matches with his name on them and other
wealth's of knowledge he cannot comprehend. I take in his
apathy and replace him whole.

Existence is superficial floating ecstacy through a ravers midnight
meltdown the drugs that soothed soon are smoothed out of the system
a gentle touch the softest if skin paper thin paper thin
licking the edges and listening fast, a deep puff, euphorium. Wanting to
play tonight the caterpillar sees, puffing his own blue smoke fast.
bloodshot eyes hide the daylight from your stolen afternoon. The headboard begs
for some grease, let's at today, my love, let's break me again

The twins of wonderland and the cat disappearing a story
forever after faintly breathing from the lips of the souls
sought wondering
sharing a shotgun with a confidant the after taste sour and strained. Not
enough we all see into your twisted head. Plucking on my heart strings
too rough. Wanting to see me bleed. Not this time the queen of hearts will
soon beat you with a flamingo and send you flapping
through the hourglass a king of king and clams

A nursery rhyme for all children to sleep a child's toy finally
dies leaving behind soiled

1,187 words
1.7k · Mar 2012
Wanderer Mar 2012
Consumed by mutation our species struggles
Dying out from exaggerated consumerism
(soft drums) When will we learn
Monsantoland economics adopted
Three headed grasshopper
A malformed genetic *******
Other intelligence, for we are known, must be confused
At our inherent stupidity
It cannot be called ignorance, see through lies
Great hulking vats of toxic slushy
Pouring into our very veins
Pollute the pipes, it all goes to hell
Handbaskets filled with frankenfruit
Our deformed future draws quickly near
I know where my tomato's been
Do you?
1.6k · Apr 2012
Driving Force
Wanderer Apr 2012
He anchors me
When my carefree wings take me too high

Tentacle arms surround him
Past my wintery armor he sneaks by

Ever the sunshine skip
In my stormy seas sway

Cradling my heart softly
Intensifying come what may

Blending completely
Edges blurring into one

Always in tandem
A moon for her sun
This poem is for my husband, Jeremiah.
1.6k · Aug 2014
Wanderer Aug 2014
I spent last night consoling you
Your hurt flooding Kleenex after Kleenex
Make a mess, don't spare a thought
We ladies must stick together
When the arms that should protect us
Raise in anger
That is not the love of a man
That is the insecurity of a coward
In the dark, lost
You do not need more shadows
Keep on shining pretty girl
I'll be your mirror
To Brittany. Last night was rough but you survived. I hope you come into your own and realize that love does not have to be painful or a game of using. You deserve to be loved the way YOU want to be loved.
1.6k · Mar 2012
Wanderer Mar 2012
Porcelain goddess gaining momentum
Wishing she was anywhere but here
Popularity on hermit hiatus
Bile creeps up her throat
Bloated and dizzy
Binge. Binge. Binge.
Food a constant companion
Over indulge with sloth
Gluttony floods the senses
Smiles wreathed in decayed ruin
Mirror image rotund, unclean
Distorted into a thin, glowing unreality
I cannot make it through to your blistered self
Protected and coddled by strangling disease
You clean your toilet everyday
Hiding KFC wrappers under your bed until the smell permeates
Filth and Rot have become your calling cards
Twisted around the pinky finger of an esophageal acid burn deity
1.6k · Nov 2012
Wanderer Nov 2012
Hollywood is not happy any more
A thousand nights of sequins and *****
Collecting beneath her skirts like love letters
Plastered with admiration and cheap perfume
Blowing into breezy corners as she twists and turns
Escape attempt
Razor glitterati teeth biting at the media's  ankles
They never listen
Watching, waiting with flash bulbs and endless ink wells
This will all be over soon
Lit match in her justice hands of frigid midnight
Sins of sulfur and *** saturate
She will burn you all down
Wooden hearts and cork board shoes
All to ash before the dawn gives birth
In the aftermath she sheds sooty skin
City once again clean
that is
Until the next ultra gaudy fad comes to town
1.6k · Sep 2013
Date Night
Wanderer Sep 2013
I **** softly on my finger tip
Showing you exactly what you are missing from so far across the room
Your dark eyes keep a steady stare on my tongue and teeth
Paying extra attention the way my soft mouth wraps around my flesh
With as much grace as I can muster
I unfold out of the chair I was occupying
Straighten my satin teal cocktail dress and head towards you
The crowd is crushing tonight
Too many panting, grinding bodies between you and I
When I finally reach you my heart is racing
My mouth wet
A trickle of sweat slides down my chest
Settling in my ample cleavage
I want you to lick it off me
To ******* desire
You lean in close
Wrapping one arm around my waist as you do
“I want to tear you apart” whispered against the sensitive shell of my ear
My body trembles, leans into the pull of yours
You guide me out onto the dance floor
Where slow, pulsing music hypnotizes our hearts to beat as one
Twirl and grind. Spin then wrapped tight again.
As the music ends and blends into something upbeat
My voice is soft and pleading “Take me home.”
Eyes sparkling, breath quick, you thread our fingers together
**Leading me out into the night
Written with you in mind.
1.6k · May 2012
Wanderer May 2012
She had better intentions
Bile and filth caked under her fingernails
She had planned on stopping
Laid as a film of grease over her cleavage
Been at it for hours
Started off slow, tying him up
Making him sigh and moan in ecstasy
Her hands guiding but firm
The candle flames burned hot and low as she worked
Casting shadows against already dark walls
His sweet, addictive lifeblood welled up fast and easy
He begged her not to go so deep
She couldn't help it
Soon she was ******* him with her sharp edges
Tears and snot made rivers down his face
His mind and body slave to her rhythm
No escaping the inevitable fall from grace
A final explosive ****** left him wet, writhing in her arms
Layers of his death like a hunting trophy caressed her skin
******* gently at an index finger she muses
Hoping like hell she'd still have his taste on her tongue  come morning
1.5k · Nov 2012
Alter Ego aka Victoria
Wanderer Nov 2012
Your phone calls always startle me
Never knowing what I might find if I pick up
Your voice is deep and melodic
Dragging me back down into the hypnotic ******
Of late night *******
Your moans do not escape the pulsing of my secret flesh
Reaching crescendo as I bare witness to the sound of your ***
Just a little longer you say
Tie me up a bit, spank the delectable juicy round of my generous ***
Fantasy handprints mark alabaster like a second grade Thanksgiving turkey art project
Only here feathers are far more threatening
I'll be whatever you want me to be
Between midnight and six a.m.
Caressed by the curling waft of sunlight through smoke and shadow
Your voice fades away into static
Always left wet and wanting for more
1.5k · Jul 2012
Sea Witch
Wanderer Jul 2012
Burn me up
Burn me down
I feel like all I ever do is drown

Concave throat straining against acidic salt water sizzle
Ghost swim in my vision
Ethereal and non-committed, I'll never break through
An anvil weighs heavy on an already heaving chest
My struggles won't last long now
Great depths are unforgiving, waves barrel and crash above me
I can see stripes of sunlight cutting through murky layers of gray and blue
Pieces of wrEckage descend around me but nothing to latch on to
Spreading blackness like octopus ink converts knowledge to fear
Fluttering response  of muscle, I no longer have the strength to fight
Numb. Unconscious.
Floating softly to the ocean floor
*Where I will be part of you always
1.5k · Jun 2016
10 Years Gone
Wanderer Jun 2016
I was held close on foggy mornings
Clouds rolling in to the tune of distant thunder
A tangled mess of gray sheets
Goodbye on the edges of our teeth
Looking back now through clearer lenses I know you better than I should
Lessons and years of laughter lie between us
Still, I slumber while watching traffic in my sleep
1.5k · Sep 2011
Wanderer Sep 2011
Crushing ache throbbing through flesh and bone
I burn for you
But to ashes and into the wind is all the air you have to give
Steady rhythms of tears and rain swallow quiet evenings whole
I cannot recover
There is no drug or cure for me
Although cloud 9 knows my name
Whispering softly against goosebumped flesh
Come to me. Give in.
1.5k · Sep 2011
To Ashes
Wanderer Sep 2011
Admired. Required to perform.
Feathers of turquoise and purple bruise my stage name.
Blooming eggplant bright and dewy.
Eyes dance and twinkle only for you.
Indulge me my pet. Sharpen your knife.
I feel like blood tonight.
Tight smiles wreathed in crimson.
Waiting. Waiting for release.
Tear me open.
Burn me down.
******* away.
1.5k · Jul 2014
Wanderer Jul 2014
From your hands spring forth dreams
You race them across my starry sky
Shedding light where shadow reigns
I can still smell you on my skin
Taste the storm on your wind
For wherever you go...
*I follow
1.4k · Aug 2012
If I Were A Pirate...
Wanderer Aug 2012
Constantly dipping through gray and black
Wraith like and silent, slipping through undetected
I, Captain Shadow, stand guard at the wheel
Inky hair liquid alive around my shoulders
Whispers back and forth through the mist
Shady Lady glides easily through calm waters
No light penetrates her hull
***** and women a plenty to plunder
But it's knowledge this captain seeks
Traveling the world over for barnacled secrets
Treasures that spark the mind and illuminate the darkness
A bottle of rot gut fits comfortably in my rough hands
Reinforcing sailor's spines grown weary
They all said a woman belonged on land
I ****** in their ale cups
Jumped my rails and set sail
A cold fire in my heart
Weaving through shadows into the night
*Come play in the dark
1.4k · Feb 2015
Wanderer Feb 2015
Ocean waters lap against the tickling edge of my toes
Warm, salty grooves on the airways
I cannot help but soak you in, great puddle
My veins too, acquire significant salinity
You and I are on the same page, balanced
Maiden moon pulling us both to dark depths of shadow
Then back up again to silver drenched shores
Our chemistry entwined, as one
The night holding such promise
1.4k · Apr 2016
To My Grandfather
Wanderer Apr 2016
At least it was springtime
I whisper to myself as he eases into the unknown
Such a strong man, a quiet man
My grandfather no longer suffering
Another gentle soul these hands have helped
Continue on this journey of "being"
No longer human
Scattered amongst the in between
You are loved
You will be missed
Rest in Peace
William Reppert passed away at 11am this morning after a much love filled life and a short amount of suffering.
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