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Brittany J Mar 2013
I saw your latest picture today.
You smile the same way,
I've always remembered it.
Your lips a perfect fit.
You've always wished your teeth were a bit whiter.
Your dimples are even wider,
Drawing all gazes.
Though as much as I hate to say this,
I remember the look in your eyes.
You always hated to disguise
Your feelings
Always energetically reeling,
Even in life's lull!
Too bad now--
Your eyes are dull.
Brittany J Mar 2013
some say that
the greatest
is to lack
a body to
hold through the night

my greatest
is to be unable
to scratch a
pencil on paper
just right
Brittany J Mar 2013
Ruby liquid
Boils in the needy
Under the hard toils and heat
Of reality
"I can't be here forever"
The blood runs thin and hot as the routine
I am left in the wake of
Something better.
Brittany J Mar 2013
The crooked smile,
Chipped tooth and loose lips
Obstructing society from
The view of true
Brittany J Feb 2013
Today I awoke to a song;
It filled my lungs  
With the fragrance of life
that I
Had always been gasping for.
Brittany J Feb 2013
The seas of pain whine
Bashing into crags of doubt
The planks that creak upon
Sea foam fills the
The ship is sinking
"Yar she blows!"
The capsize of the soul
Brittany J Feb 2013
We all have
To question things
We've never asked;
But where do we find
To  answer things
We've always known?

— The End —