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British Bulldog Feb 2010
They throw their hands up as if there is some higher being;
Little do they know there is no such thing.
Singing and speaking to something that doesn't exsist;
Each one brainwashed into believing, convinced their destiny is assured.
Leaders putting themselves as better than everyone else;
Bathed in the irony that this goes against what they speak.
British Bulldog Feb 2010
****** as a ****.

Making no sense.
British Bulldog Jan 2010
*******! *******! Father, *******!

Left mother, ran away from his problems. Shacked up with a piece of ****.

A mother's tears, a sister's tears. Brother so far away.

Forgiveness is not forthcoming, hurt still raw.

Why did he leave?

*******! *******! Father, *******!

— The End —