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Dear Self , Sometimes I Wonder What It Would Really Be Like If I Really Took The Time To Love You .. If I Gave You A Chance Instead Of Ripping You Apart Piece By Piece Every Chance You Get .. I Allow So Much To Happen That I Probably Had Control Of .. I Beat You Up For The Hurt That You Had Nothing To Do With But Yet I Expect You To Be Happy Even When You Not .. You Can't Even Allow Anyone Into Your Live Without Living In Your Pass .. Sometimes I Wonder If Your Heart Is Filled With Hatred And Pain Because You Once Love The Unloved Or Is It Someone That Wasn't Good For You Because Your Scared To Trust And To Believe In Something That You Think Or Even Thought Was Real .. But I Just Can't Love When I Don't Know How My Heart Grew Ice Around It .. But I Can't Even Want Or Hope For Someone To Love Me Or Be In My Life When I Can't Even Love And Trust Myself .. Hmph Ain't That Twisted Up ? I Just Want The Unknown For Myself To Conquer What People Said I Wouldn't Conquer But I Have To Gave Myself The Respect That I Deserve Before I Ask Of That From Someone Else.. I Wonder What Life Would Be Like  ... I Blamed You For Not Letting The Pain Stop ...  But Really The Pain Stopped But You Can Still Feel The Pain Even When It's Over , Because Believe It Or Not You Overcame It .. Now Do Me This Favor Brianna ? Smile Look Into What Your Future Holds In The Palm Of Your Very Own Hands .. Hmph Not That Simple Huh See You Have To See It Or You Will Never See It, Meaning It Will Never Come To Pass But See I Believed In You Even When Others Didn't I Knew You Could Do When You Thought That You Couldn't Do . When Those People Left I Stayed Here But You Over Looked Me , "But Now That You Let You Shine Through You It Has Become Much Easier For Things To Happen For You Saids The Lord." Now Shine Brianna Like I Taught You To Shine .. Walk Like I Taught You To Walk Brianna .. Speak What I Told You To Speak Brianna .. Because That What Makes You Who I Told You To Be .. My Child ☺️

— The End —