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Brian Facemire Nov 2018
I watched you come into the world.
Your first uneasy breathe.
The moment you opened your eyes.
Your first long night and early morning.
All the sleepy snuggles and warm hugs.
Your first smiles and giggles and coos.
Your first steps, using the dog as a balance.
The first time calling me daddy.
Never have I been more whole and complete than when you came into my life.
Everything I've ever aspired to be pales in comparison to what I get to be now, your Dad.
I'll tell you every day how much I love you, but you'll never know how much you've done for me.
You've made me better than I ever was, than I ever thought I could be.
I love you my son, thank you for letting me be, your Dad.
Brian Facemire Nov 2018

The kind of love that blinds the eyes and binds the heart.

The kind of love that leaves men bent and broken.

The kind of love that brings us to our knees and tears to our eyes.

The kind of love that draws in the sun and moon.

The kind of love that consumes entire nations.

The kind of love that you can see dancing in her eyes like fire.

The kind of love that blacks out all other feeling.

The kind of love that was lost.

That kind of love,
Your kind of love.
Brian Facemire Nov 2018
Of all the things Ive lost in the world, you're the only one I wish I could find again. Though we are a world apart, an ocean of trees, a tangle of roads, an endless expanse of both known and untamed wilds; I would walk this distance a thousand times over if it meant I could find you in the end.
Brian Facemire Nov 2018
I've flown across oceans, mountains, seas. And you've never felt so far from me.

Worlds have passed us by in a momentary blink. Now hearing your voice, I start to sink.

I have wandered this world meeting people of all races. Never the same, always different faces.

Though Ive searched for myself for many years. Which has brought to life my greatest fears.

When I cannot find myself, how can I find you. When your sleeping next to me, within reach, only a foot or two.
Brian Facemire May 2015
He stopped and stared, never before had he ever been taken aback so much from such beauty.
She turned his way with eyes that lit up like a diamond in the sun. Such wonder these eyes held.
Love, understanding, but with a fire that burned so brightly of adventure and mystery. Longing for the unknown, never to settle, always wandering, learning, eagerly gazing over nature's beauty like it was her last day on earth.
Her eyes met his and in that brief instant his heart caught fire and shown just as bright as hers. She made him believe in something bigger. Something he needed so much back into his life was finally home again, brought back to him with just a look from the girl with the diamond eyes.

— The End —