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Brett Bender Jun 2014
Billowing winds brings a wayward can to my foot in the soot to The Throat Slit Man
Now and then when I see your face there's a hole in the door feel the cold of space
Hiding in the hose of a rootless tree The Throat Slit Man's always looking for me
Long ago in a time and place when the moon and the stars never showed their face
There's a romp in the swamp with The Throat Slit Man plug your ears with spears it's part of his plan
Run away home when the sun goes down eat the moon with a spoon build a mob in your town
For 39 years lived The Throat Slit Man under fog in the bog in The Darkwood Land
But he left his home to haunt my dreams I know in my soul he's coming for me
You can scream you can run you can make a stand you can try but you'll die in The Darkwood Land
Verse 2: I haven't been home since '95, tell me friend are you still alive?
'Cause there's a man at my door with cold dead eyes and a two-by-four.
I don't think he's here to play because there's blood on his boots and he's come a long way.
I guess I've met this man before because he's said the same thing since I opened that door just,

You betrayed me nooow
You betrayed me nooow
You betrayed me nooow
You betrayed me NOW YOU MUST DIE!!!

(Starts over verse 1)
Brett Bender Jun 2014
Hello I missed you my dove
From your perch up above
I can never reach you
So your feathers turn blue
But they still shine so bright
When I wish you goodnight
But you're so far away
Carry on day by...

Hey is that you on my phone?
I've had too much Patrone
Words they slur I can't think
Why'd you show me this...?

Hey **** that noise get the boys
Lock your load **** your toys
Silhouettes every night
Make them stop with a...

Broken like rides at the fair
My tongue spits out your hair
Portraits move on the wall
Come to life watch your...

Sorry no promise I catch
All the worries you sketch
In the back of your head
1,000 years you'll be...

"Down with my boat" captain wrote
Water rose to his throat
From the window to wall
Ah ***** ***** *******...

Bawl as they crawl to their tomb
In the woods where we spoon
And when I hug your back
We can fly by the moon
Brett Bender Oct 2013
There comes a day when the soldiers sway
Back shore to the ***** they married last May
But G.I. Joe never loved no ***
Caught ****** from a ****** down in México
Times are dead when the law gets tough
Like Rachael Ray I like it rough
Kickin my can goodbye life-span
Spend a dime every time I **** up the plan
Toss your blood soaked badge of fear
That you earned at the turn of your life last year
No soul in the hole ever gave two *****
About a washed up Queen and her billowing ****
Long legs shaved at a soldier's grave
Jane never leaves the tomb of her husband Dave
She just couldn't wait till next shore leave
Got caught pants down with his best friend Steve
Brett Bender Sep 2013
Oh lullabies please gouge out my eyes
I thought I'd never see your face
I'll be ****** if I spend one more day, standing in one place
Oh God please no
Here comes my soul
I thought I left you to die
I don't wait for the things that are dead
Like angels and goodbyes
If all was well
I'd be in hell
But there's no room for you there
You're the highest light I've ever known
Besides my electric chair
With thought, time, and smack I scrubbed the plaque
Off of my heart
But there's blood in the mud of my dreams
Never returning your memory's blurring
Under time's muffled screams
I've fought this and that, ******, bled, and spat
But there's no goal
You can feed me but I'm never full
Nights are too long now that you're far away
But I won't ask you to stay.
Brett Bender Jun 2013
Stuck in a hole
I'm trapped in a haze
I've been locked up for three or four days
Word a whisper why I shoulda asked when
I never thought I'd see you again

Belt around my neck
Five notches too tight
Been walkin this road three years to this night
It took a lot of time but I don't have a home
I can't find a bed here now let alone a throne 'cause...

Midas won't touch me with a ten foot pole
My cause has been lost since I sold my soul
Tonic and gin who lives without sin?
When the warm wind blows I'll take off my skin

And away
Just can't stay
Slip away
You die today
A work in progress
Brett Bender Apr 2013
Dirt between my toes
Where I've been is now exposed
I thought I rubbed your taint
Off the crust in my eyes
A willow tree keeps growing
Where you **** on my head
Keep me out of your prayers
God keeps burning my bed
Oh and there goes the shrill, dragging nails on my door
Those freaks you paid with hope
Don't let me sleep anymore
Choking laughs while I bolt
She thinks I can't run all night
But I have two breaths to go, and my next shelter's in sight
There's a pouch in my heart
That holds the sludge from my guilt
And it's dryer than the bones off the home that we built
I refuse to redeem
All your dreams that I broke
I know not what I did
Girl I can't see through your smoke
Running faster again, there leaves a trail of my slime
She feasts upon my sludge
Because it quenches her mind
Maybe one day we'll run, out of the ***** that we give
And redemption will fade
So we can finally live
Brett Bender Apr 2013
I've sung to a corpse
Looked a baby in the eyes
While I ****** its protector
And I played a house of lies
The film won't stop rolling
Till I'm cold and all alone
How long will you stay silent
While I listen on the phone?
I found you out west
We were both so far from home
You belonged to someone else
How the **** could I have known
I wrote you a song
But you knew it was a joke
I'd take back the things I said
If I knew I wouldn't choke
The friends we made are gone
I'm convinced they were a dream
The joker and the ***** were much deeper than they seemed
We all survived together
In that new and scary land
You told me you were happy
That first time I grabbed your hand
Each night alone with you
I thought our bond could never end
How fast you were seduced, by that man you called a friend
All the flowers in the world
Couldn't keep you by my side
Your passion faded darker as each wilted petal died
Now you've run away
Into the safety of your lamb
But if you ever need to find me
I'm still lost in Muskingham
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