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Bree Jun 2015
See, here’s a topic not many can say
That they have mastered.
Listen close. It is the art of drowning.
First, find some water.
Not too shallow, mind you, or you might fail.
You won’t. Stop frowning.
Secondly, you must not learn how to swim.
Simple enough, yes?
Check for a lifeguard. None? Well that’s perfect.
Get in the water.
You may hold your breath. You’re still new to this.
May be slow, I suspect.
Since you’re just a beginner, flap your arms.
Enjoying it yet?
It’s scary at first, but the fear will fade.
Now relax a bit.
You should start to sink down to the bottom.
Now are you afraid?

Ah yes, if I may,
It’d be easiest just to take that test.
I hear it’s less stress.
Besides, we’d miss you every single day.
Bree Apr 2015
I caress
The moon with the tip
Of my fingers dipped
In black polish, smooth.
I dream
Of some huge spaceship
Kissing the stars one
Long light-year away.
I see
The One who will equip
My mind to dream or
Think reality.
Bree Apr 2015
My mind is spinning
Lovers of math, how?
Kerosene, my desk.  
Just kidding. Or no?
I** am falling to the floor
Help, no signal… Dead.
Gather the marbles!
For why don’t you flow?
Everywhere I look,
Dumb numbers look back.
Call it what it is?
Bothersome old foe.
Bree Feb 2015
Down, down, down the quiet lane.
I listen, and I hear tears
Splashing on the cool hard ground.
Before me lay all my fears.

Dreams donned dark blue as if dead
But too poor, pale to wear black.
It then blurs like a snowstorm.
Twirling, twirling, Jack of Spades.

I see my mother’s worn hands,
Red roses ripe for picking,
A horse’s gentle brown eyes.
A clock that has stopped ticking.

Tell me it will be all right
And take these terrible fears
Far, far, far away. Purge me.
For I have been dead for years.
Bree Feb 2015
I want to run back to you.
Hold me in your arms, dear God.
Help me believe it is true.
You’ve forgiven me, a fraud.
Bree Feb 2015
I’m afraid to hate.
I’m afraid to love.
I’m afraid to feel.

I’m afraid to date.
I’m afraid to shove.
I’m afraid to heal.
Bree Nov 2014
This I cannot forget.

They're things I've been needing.

From afar, He pursued.
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