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3.5k · Apr 2014
Three and Six
Bree Apr 2014
Testing the water, it’s hot and pleasant
Salty, but its waves will not overcome the ocean
For it is small and not quite in sight
It’s power is a mystery.

A box of grey and blue, cooing softly
Silver, but it cannot overcome the hawk
For it is small and like a man’s fright  
It’s feathers are a mystery.

Fluttering bows, bright and colorful
Fun, but it’s flight will not overcome a plane
For it’s small and like a star in the city tonight
It’s magic is a mystery.

But here is a thing, not one described
Powerful, and it overcomes all but the deaf
For it is both small and large, it does excite
To the deaf, a mystery.

Here’s one more, one of five together
Complex, and it overcomes all but the blind
For it’s both wide and near, a strange might
To the blind, a mystery.

It creates an appetite, it can be unpleasant
Indescribable, and it overcomes only taste
For it’s none too large, and not hard to write
To the sick a mystery.

One to go with that, something to crave
Sweet, and it overcomes an appetite
For it’s more than hunger, a thing of delight
To many, a mystery.

Warm or cold, skin to skin it can be
Inviting, and it overcomes weak-wills
For it’s always there, a strange, quiet plight
To the dead, a mystery.

This is not one of five, but a sixth
Confusing, and overcomes even great scholars
For it’s vast as the ocean, something to write
To everyone, a mystery.

Great heart.
3.4k · Oct 2014
I Miss You
Bree Oct 2014
Ashley, I love you.
I wish I could give you hugs…
And popcorn… and tea.
We should talk sometime. FB me. I miss you. How are you?
3.4k · Jul 2014
I Tried...
Bree Jul 2014
I’ve tried to write you a poem, Ashley,
About you, but no matter how much
I try to write, it still doesn’t suit me.
I just want to say what a good friend
You are to me, and that I love you.
I can’t quite tell you just how much,
But since our friendship grew…
Well, let’s just say I think you’re amazing.
You don't know how many poems I went through about you. xD Some were really long... Haha, finally decided I should just give you one. ;)
1.5k · Nov 2014
Bree Nov 2014
I tried to tell her.
I did! Did she listen?
No, she didn’t bother.
It was test upon test.

You can’t pass something
You haven’t learned
However hard you’re trying.
But I gave it my best.

It was today that she
Finally graded that those tests.
Her look a degree
Colder than cold.

“This is very, very bad,”
Said she, and I agreed.
I couldn’t tell if she was sad or mad,
But she showed me my mark.

Fifty three out of fifty five.
“At least I got two,” I thought.
No matter how you strive,
You can’t know what you don’t know.  

I tried to tell her so.
Turkish class... "Learn how to fail a test."
1.5k · Apr 2014
Bree Apr 2014
She’s a mystery.
Auspiciously suspicious.
Cute little red-head.
Yeah. Auspiciously suspicious. v_v
1.4k · May 2014
Aspen Trees - Sonnet
Bree May 2014
If you’re to be one kind of tree, which one
Would you pick? So many there are – tall, short,
There’s weak or strong, but I know there is none
As the tall aspen tree, and that’s the sort
I’d wish to be. It makes such music, art
And it’s a tree of color and of life
Peel off its bark, and you get its heart.
A thing of beauty amidst all the strife.
It’s not like pine trees, oak trees, or others,
No, it stands, thin and tall, like a dancer.
Together they stand, united brothers.
It seems if they ask God, He then answers.
This is the tree that I would want to be –
An aspen tree, for that is just like me.
If you were a tree, what kind would you be?
1.0k · Apr 2016
Domestic Violence
Bree Apr 2016
Not cancer within our bones,
But it’s a cancer of our homes.
It’s a “hierarchy” deemed “alright”
But it’s a battle – a true fight.

It’s a longing for control and
It’s a simple punch, fist, hand
Or not even that. It could be
Lashing words that ignore her plea.

He denies her to her loved ones
For that’s who would step up with guns
Of love, ropes of safety. “Keep quiet,”
She’s told, which is now her best bet.

It’s shame that keeps her in silence.
It’s love that frees her from *violence.
992 · Apr 2014
Deep Compassion
Bree Apr 2014
With deep compassion
He brings us back. Eternal
Kindness – this He gives.
Isaiah 54:4-8 ^_^
978 · Apr 2014
Goodnight, Ashley
Bree Apr 2014
“Go to sleep,” I say,
But does she listen? Never.
She’s still here, writing.
V_v You stubborn little thing.
879 · Apr 2014
Bree Apr 2014
Like cancer it spreads
Reaching, spreading, but still smooth
A perfect circle
754 · Apr 2014
Cookie Batter
Bree Apr 2014
Here I go
Tip toe
Into the kitchen
In the oven now
On my face
Is placed
A big huge grin
My thumb
Sneaks some
Batter – the last, I vow.
Yummm. x)
704 · Apr 2014
Loving Kindness
Bree Apr 2014
Once put to shame, I –
Afraid, humiliated –
Was called back, redeemed.
Isaiah 54:4-8 ^_^
656 · Feb 2015
Memory Lane
Bree Feb 2015
Down, down, down the quiet lane.
I listen, and I hear tears
Splashing on the cool hard ground.
Before me lay all my fears.

Dreams donned dark blue as if dead
But too poor, pale to wear black.
It then blurs like a snowstorm.
Twirling, twirling, Jack of Spades.

I see my mother’s worn hands,
Red roses ripe for picking,
A horse’s gentle brown eyes.
A clock that has stopped ticking.

Tell me it will be all right
And take these terrible fears
Far, far, far away. Purge me.
For I have been dead for years.
639 · Apr 2014
On His Desk
Bree Apr 2014
It begs.
Calling out,
A dusty tome  
Sits on his desk
Begging his mind
To let go and roam
Those thrilling lands
Explore the ocean deep
Discover memories past
Fight and win battles it lost
To restore those relationships
And right those thousand wrongs
And forgive what debts weren’t paid
And create that not created or made
Calling, sing all the unsung songs
Once more kiss his wife’s lips
To cure bitterness of frost
Answer what was asked
Try unexplored paths
Warm frozen hands
Befriend a gnome
Get more sleep
Escape the bands
See the ocean foam
Release those confined
Write stories Romanesque
Return to his mother at home
Become a young, little boy scout
It begs.
625 · Apr 2016
The Leap of Faith
Bree Apr 2016
I leapt as far as I dare not
To do naught but prove wrong or right
Yet knowing not if what I sought  
Was truly the truth I ought to fight;
Who can know what really exists
Without that tug that so insists?
If there be such a like as doubt
There must be grains of faith about.

Without faith, there be doubt, but with,
There must be some belief inside.
Standing here, looking down the cliff
Walls, eyeing this gap so mightily wide,
On two feet must I stand, so sure;
As tall as the mustard seed did spur
So filled with courage and little pride –
Weight that sinketh, not make me glide

No lies can I then tell or then
Shall I fall – or not even step.
Courage must I have the day when
I try; no burdens then to schlep.
But try I must, for what indeed
Is life without our soul’s life’s need
For adventure and risk. Oh! How
Hard, though, to take the first step now.

No ground under my feet but what’s
Inside my soul; breast pounding hard;
Then mind and heart align; fear cuts
Its tie on me, and fall does my guard
I had so carefully mortared.
Now soars my hope like wizened bird.
Leap, for you cannot know ‘tis faith
Lest fruit of actions so saith.
Inspired by John Donne
551 · Apr 2015
No! Math.
Bree Apr 2015
My mind is spinning
Lovers of math, how?
Kerosene, my desk.  
Just kidding. Or no?
I** am falling to the floor
Help, no signal… Dead.
Gather the marbles!
For why don’t you flow?
Everywhere I look,
Dumb numbers look back.
Call it what it is?
Bothersome old foe.
525 · Apr 2014
Bree Apr 2014
It was an innocent kiss
A simple, sweet, silver tease,
And a clever little message
Or sometimes just “Hershey’s.”
516 · Apr 2014
The Only Judge
Bree Apr 2014
He is loving and
Therefore, He is just. He is
Holy, thus candid.
509 · Jul 2014
To My Father
Bree Jul 2014
Daddy, tell me what your love language is,
So that I can say, “I love you,” just right.
I’ll hug you before you leave for work each day,
Quality time? I won’t let you out of my sight.
Or do I just have to tell you the words?
If so, I’ll tell you every morning when we eat.
Do you like gifts? I’ll make you something.
Is it acts of service? Like making the house neat?
If so, let me find a brush and I’ll clean that tub.
Just know that I love you, Daddy. I love you.
502 · Nov 2014
Smile, Jesus Loves You
Bree Nov 2014
This I cannot forget.

They're things I've been needing.

From afar, He pursued.
439 · Apr 2014
My Aunt
Bree Apr 2014
She’s the best at jigs
She gives "sour kisses," too
And she’s super fun. x)
421 · Jun 2015
The Pack
Bree Jun 2015
“I appoint you an official member
Of the greatest group (not club, mind you,
For we are better than all that nonsense),”
He said with a proud sniffle, “My good sir,
You are now a Busy Bee of BV.”
He leaned in close to the wide-eyed new boy.
“That’s short for Bumbles Ville – our secret fort.”
He straightened his ratted baseball cap, “See,”
He said with a smack of gum. “It’s not ‘bout
Bees ‘t all.” At this the new boy giggled.
A secret! How clever! “But what’s it ‘bout?”
The little boy asked, his voice squeaking out.
They grabbed a paper scroll marked “OFFICIAL!”
                We keep all secrets
                We may take small bets—
“There’s more notes on that at the bottom of
The page, see, right next to our initials,
‘Cause we couldn’t agree at first, and Jim
Here didn’t know what a bet was, you know.”
He didn’t know, but nodded. Then, “Dinner,”
He said at once, scamp’ring down the tree limb.
“We didn’t tell him what we’s ‘bout,” Jim moaned,
“Took his dog, too.” He glumly bowed his head.
414 · Jun 2015
Bree Jun 2015
It rumbles and shakes
The very ground
And strength in
With every sound
And sure it
Flies along the ground
It runs, stepping
Without a fright
Tossing its head
Like my hero knight
Free to do anything
A star in the night
Huge, soft, warm,
My wise Storm.
408 · Apr 2014
Mother's Love
Bree Apr 2014
She holds the child to her breast
Gently stroking the girl’s hair,
And wipes the tears off round cheeks.
Her words soft, as if not to scare
The trembling little two year old
Any more than she has already been.
She says, “I love you,” and gives a kiss.
The girl sniffles and tucks her chin,
Shivering and nodding with a sniffle.
Then she says, muffled by the hair,
A fierce, “I love you, too, mommy.”
393 · Apr 2015
I Sleep
Bree Apr 2015
I caress
The moon with the tip
Of my fingers dipped
In black polish, smooth.
I dream
Of some huge spaceship
Kissing the stars one
Long light-year away.
I see
The One who will equip
My mind to dream or
Think reality.
382 · Apr 2014
As a Child
Bree Apr 2014
Dependent, learning
Seeking love, friends to cherish.
Ever trusting, bright.
Matthew 18:3 - "And he said: 'Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'"
371 · Apr 2014
True Love
Bree Apr 2014
It’s that agape
Love that brings this world
Together again
357 · Apr 2014
An Abstract Art
Bree Apr 2014
She’s a broken heart
She’s a wounded soul
She’s an abstract art
But she’s fallen.
355 · Apr 2014
Ce Faci?
Bree Apr 2014
Ay, ay, ay, ce faci!
He says, every single time
It is his trademark.
Little Romanian dude. x)
Bree Jun 2015
See, here’s a topic not many can say
That they have mastered.
Listen close. It is the art of drowning.
First, find some water.
Not too shallow, mind you, or you might fail.
You won’t. Stop frowning.
Secondly, you must not learn how to swim.
Simple enough, yes?
Check for a lifeguard. None? Well that’s perfect.
Get in the water.
You may hold your breath. You’re still new to this.
May be slow, I suspect.
Since you’re just a beginner, flap your arms.
Enjoying it yet?
It’s scary at first, but the fear will fade.
Now relax a bit.
You should start to sink down to the bottom.
Now are you afraid?

Ah yes, if I may,
It’d be easiest just to take that test.
I hear it’s less stress.
Besides, we’d miss you every single day.
347 · Jun 2015
Once Upon A Daydream
Bree Jun 2015
Up, up, up…
       Let’s fly away to a magical land
       We can sing and skip hand in hand
Out, out, out…
       To the space outside
       Let’s watch the receding tide
Laugh, laugh, laugh…
       Look at the singing birds,
       Out here, there need not be words
Spin, spin, spin…
       Let’s dance all the way
       Down the hill this very day
Smile, smile, smile…
       Like the wind, we’re free
       Quick! Out to the tree
Run, run, run…
       Up the hill and down
       My smile never a frown
Play, play, play…
       I can always be good tomorrow
       But today I have my new carved arrow
Down, down, down…*
       Uh-oh. I hear my mother’s voice now.
       It’s time to leave now. Right now.
Coming, Mother!
341 · Apr 2014
Time Starts Now
Bree Apr 2014
Wake up! Wake up!
It’s time to dream, child.
Here’s your cup,
Now take a sip, my dear.

It’s time to create
No matter what they
Say about your fate
Only One knows, beloved.

It’s time to be,
Be all that you can
And plant that tree
Because you are His.

It’s time, love, to
Run this race. Run hard,
Seek what’s true.
This isn’t about you, child.

It’s time to give all
That you have got
And to take the fall
For someone else.

It’s time, you know,
Because you’re free
Truth in hand, go show
Love to your enemies.
337 · Apr 2014
Love Story
Bree Apr 2014
She was judged guilty,
His wife, sentenced to her death.
So he took her place.
The cross. Agape love.
324 · Apr 2014
The Color of Grace
Bree Apr 2014
Kicked off my tennis shoe
Sat back in a white plastic chair
With a bit of gum to chew.
Then I closed my eyes,
And let my mind go free,
And I dreamed of the skies
In which grace was a color
More beautiful than ever,
And even the greatest scholar
Couldn’t understand, but
Just basked in its glorious
Light, praising the One for what
He had done to set us free.
It’s a color none can describe.
324 · May 2014
Ran Like Fire
Bree May 2014
My ankles wobble,
And my legs tire,
But the strength
That they require
Was there, no doubt.
I am not a crier.
No, my horse,
He ran like fire.
- Me, after I dismount. xD
315 · Apr 2014
Bree Apr 2014
Grandiloquent – Ha!
Such irony in one word!
And so fun to say.
311 · Apr 2014
Don't Just Count Sheep
Bree Apr 2014
Go to bed.
Go to sleep.
Talk to God.
Don’t count sheep.
I love you. :)
But don’t forget
That He loves
You more, Jeanette.
Don't forget He wants to talk with you, too.
309 · May 2014
The Hunt
Bree May 2014
All I feel is the power,
The wind on my face
As I sit, towered
Above this place.
I feel the strength
Of his muscles as
They stretch leg’s length
And then once again – as
A drunk with his drinking–
He pulls the ground
Towards him, linking
Each stride to howling hound
As it calls up ahead.
His eagerness proves
What this horse was bred
For as his speed improves
And I find myself
Flying, floating, soaring,
As one finds oneself
When on a horse, exploring.
299 · Apr 2014
Me 'n' My Sister
Bree Apr 2014
She’s tall, I’m short,
She’s quiet, I’m loud,
She’s sew, I’m sport
She’s slow, I’m fast
She’s poor, I’m rich,
She’s first, I’m last
She’s soft, I’m bold
She’s math, I’m English
She’s does, I’m told
She’s cold, I’m hot
She’s soft, I’m strong
She’s plot, I’m not
But we’re best friends.
295 · Apr 2014
Ocean's Heart
Bree Apr 2014
Where’s the ocean’s heart?
Is it in the deep blue depths
Or the playful waves?
294 · Apr 2014
Bree Apr 2014
A shrill whistle calls
And a voice that warms my heart
Beckons me to come.
291 · Jun 2015
Bree Jun 2015
So loving, now gone
To be with God in Heaven.
My grandpa’s birthday.
He died with different types of cancer. He'll forever be remembered and missed, but he's where he wanted to be - with God.
290 · Jan 2017
Tantalized By Pride
Bree Jan 2017
When pride doth rear its vile head
And flesh and bones it beguiles,
The black guilt pierces me, near dead
Then nothing, nothing do I feel.
Pride devouring me, and I it in return
Lapping at its bitter milk like a dog
Until that day when I then do burn.
287 · Apr 2014
The Music
Bree Apr 2014
Oh, close your eyes,
Can’t you hear the music?
Listen, it cries.  
But, no, you’re blind, blind, blind.
It beckons you,
A dream, a hope, alive.
Look at the view,
Can’t you see it, my son?
But now it’s gone,
Forever lost, lost, lost.
285 · May 2014
When Writing a Story...
Bree May 2014
First you ask the question:
Who is my hero? Do I know?
Then I must mention,
What do they want?
What of this challenge
Is there to daunt?
How, then, is he or she
Pursuing this goal?
What is their heart’s key?
What are the stakes?
And to get to this goal,
Will he or she do what it takes?
Do they reach the goal?
And if not, what will
Happen if this goal
Is not reached?
What if their mission
Is suddenly breached?
Also, we must add
Will they stay focused?
If indeed the goal had
Been reached, is it
After all what they truly
Wanted, or must they admit
Their goal was wrong?
Will the hero’s goal become more focused as the story progresses? If so, how and why? Does this “redirected” goal make sense with what he or she thought he or she wanted at the outset? So many questions...
283 · Apr 2014
Best Friends
Bree Apr 2014
She held my hand
And we sat down
On that soft sand.
I told and shared
With her my most
Deep secrets as
We walked the coast.
We laughed with one
Another as we
Played around and
Splashed in the sea.
Oh, how hard we
Laughed that one day,
My friend and I
In the sea’s spray.
Bree Apr 2014
You know what I hate?
The dreams in which you’re falling,
Panicking… then black.
And then you wake up,
Heart pounding with sudden fear,
And say, "That's not real."
Bree Jul 2014
There is a road,
It’s wide and long.
There’s many a song
That try to goad
Me to face God’s wrath
On that beautiful path.

There’s a hidden door,
A secret road – twisted,
Narrow, and unlisted.
One song, but not more.
It’s a hard climb up,
Death calling to give up.

One of joy, one of pain
Yet, which is it I’m to take?
On the Narrow, I’ll break.
Yet on the Beautiful Main,
However straight, won’t I
Eventually fall and die?

Although hard to find,
I know what to seek.
The Narrow’s door so meek –
For though many are blind,
I see the light, and I have hope.
I’ll not grab Beautiful’s rope.

Twisted and Narrow, or else I’ll hang.
270 · Apr 2014
The Whisper Inside
Bree Apr 2014
I’m the whisper inside
That calls your name
I’m the whisper inside
That wants this fame
I’m the whisper inside
That pulls heartstrings
I’m the whisper inside
That can ruin even kings
I’m the whisper inside
That's named temptation.
257 · Apr 2014
Phoenix Wings
Bree Apr 2014
Like angels it flies
Fire or wind? Breath and life.
Look up at the sun.
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