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Breannah Cross Apr 2015
Take a breath
Breathe it in
To figure out
How you'll pretend
That you're not breaking
Caving in
Just so you don't harm
A so called 'friend'
You hear the lies they always speak
Are you still listening

Please let it all fall out
Now and scream it loud
All their lies their pretending
Everything they've done
Every misplaced feeling

Let them see the pain
Let them see the anger
And everytime you've walked away
Show them how
They've underestimated
They picked fights
You walked away
They don't believe
One day you'll break

And show them their fears
That you won't be walked over
Or critized
You won't be knocked down
And you will fight

And show them who you are
All of your thoughts
Because they think they can push you
But it just taks once

And show them what you are
Breannah Cross Feb 2015
Yesterdays hold little meaning
Yesterdays have lack of dreaming
Yesterdays are in the past
But yesterday is all we have

In yesterday you help my hand
Yesterday you loved this
Today has only brung me pain
Today is not the day for me

In yesterday we were in love
Yesterday had an us
But yesterday is long gone
Yesterday could be our song

If there were words for yesterday
Thoes words would be you and me
If only yesterday was on repeat
Though yesterday lives inside of me

I wish on yesterday could be relived
I wish today all the best
Today hold heartbreak
It holds pain

Today is the begining of the end of me

Breannah Cross
Breannah Cross Feb 2015
When did we become so deaf
To the screams of lonelyness
Why is this the path we walk
To prideful to say we've lost

When did we become unfeeling
Blind to a touch
Deaf to yeilding
Why is this the road we've paved

When did we become so hard
Rage and lust becomeing all we are
Why have we laid down these tiles
A path that holds not reconcile

Why is this the world we've made
Why is home not a safe place
Why are caght up in the lights
Why is life eaisily left behind

Breannah Cross
Breannah Cross Jan 2015
If you could only believe
Every word that they speak
If only I trusted them
Like they trust me

But trust isn't given
Trust is earned
It's far from a handout
It's something you learn

Some trust easily
Others not so much
Trust can be broken
As soon as it's hurt

So believe I trusted once before
But trust is a path
I'd rather not follow
At the end of the lane
Is a heart that's been swallowed

At the end of the lane
Is a heart stuck in sorrow
Trust is an issue
Trust is a game

Trust was my friend
Now my enemy

Breannah Cross
Breannah Cross Dec 2014
Why open up
When they give you reasons to close
Why give them love
If hate is what they show
Guard yourself
As I guard me
If I let them creep in
They'll only harm me

So don't knock down walls
I'll just have to rebuild
Don't call me your sister
It the relationship isn't real
Don't dare tell me to talk to you
If you don't like how I feel

I refuse to tell you
What you want to hear
My words are now truth
I don't care how you feel

Breannah Cross
I was cut short sorry
Breannah Cross Dec 2014
Darkness is all she sees
When she looks at you
Even when she looks at me
The abyss of her sorrows
Goes down for days
Each day she borrows
Because it has never been the same

There are taunting whispers
Turning to screams
She lays awake crying
Afride of her dreams
The abyss in her heart
A hole to huge to fill
The abyss in her soul
It will never heal

She wonders each morning
How she will feel
If today's not a good day
She wonders how she'll deal
She has been falling for a while now
But no one has noticed
She has been hiding for a while now
But no one has found out

Her abyss is her prison
Her skin her cell
She's on eternial lockdown
Trying to breakout
Her efforts are pointless
Her attemps she has failed
She wants to stop trying
But the pain she can't bare

She is begging for help
But no one is listening
She is living this hell
But they dont see her missing
They don't notice
The look in her eyes
But I, I notice
Every single time

My abyss is my prison
My skin is my cell
Is it of my own making
I can't even tell
My wrist they hold scars
My heart is all bandaged
My soul tells the stories
My mouth can't manage

By; Breannah Cross
I feel that this is a poem that needs to be written, to the people who read and enjoy my work I thank you from the deepest part of me because this is the only way i know how to tell anything I feel. Thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying
Breannah Cross
Breannah Cross Nov 2014
Tell me something new
So tired of your almost truths
You make me feel alone
When I'm right beside you
So I will stand outside my home
And wait for rain
So I won't be alone
You'll show up like a dream
But that's the only way I'll ever see
Unless it rains your never there
All alone with no one here
I wish on all the falling drops
I didn't need you
That this could stop
But still I stand and wait for rain
Because with rain you'll save the day
I want you here when the sun shines bright
But you're only near when it's put of sight
So I'll pray for rain
So I'll see you
And once again you'll do nothing new
You'll cover my head
With the jacket that smells like you
You'll hold my hand
Then bid adue
Until the next storm
I won't see you

By; Breannah Cross
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