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I find myself running
through a dark haunted field
late at night while I'm sleeping
and I see things through eyes
untainted by notions
obtained while digitally bleeding,
over the things
that scare me to death
consumed from a tube through the TV
and I've filtered the world and what they want me to see
but I'm still haunted
haunted and running

I try to make sense while they try to deceive me
they're trying to change my perception completely
And they've mastered the world to manipulate my brain
My hand held devices are going insane
So I turn off the power and I throw up the shield
and I run and run through that dark haunted field

And soon up ahead
a bright light approaches
dropping ***** of fire on the field below
and all those Smart things that make your life easy
burn up in a ball of their control

And I find myself running
through a dark haunted field
late at night while I'm sleeping
and I can't help but wonder
if anyone knows
we're all just slaves
they're digitally keeping
The hole would be immence
But he had to do it
He had to leave
Tears filled his soul at the thought of not being with her
How could he tell her
His heart cracked and splintered
It was unbearable
How could he break her heart
How could he break that bond
Love does not describe his feelings
But he has to go
Bullets and sands call

And duty has no mercy
Is love really coming to save us?
Or are we left here to do this on our own
Trapped in the fear box
A speck of blue hope
Lost and alone in an eternal evil ocean

Puppets scurry and herd the sheep
Puppet masters lick theyre lips at the coming feast

The Fear Farm spins on
Out of control

Blinded from our true reality
Awarness stifled
Under their control

But there can't just be evil

Love must be coming soon

Must it not?

Somewhere in the blackened infiniti
there must be a higher form of love coming
To show us little misguided lovlings how to do it

Hurry the **** up!
Is all i can say
Through a golden crack in the universe
Love rains a single drop

It blazes through earths atmosphere
Radiant and pure

Wading through the mundane
i pause a moment

An unseen force holds me still
What an odd but overwhelming feeling
A comforting spirit seems to fill me
I start to trudge on

A drip on the top of my head

Its not raining

I continue on
My step suprisingly light
I feel great

I smile and walk

I never noticed the smell of the trees before
Feathers sing
Rays dance with puddles

A boy helps an old lady across the street
I smile

Thank you young man
She says
He smiles and catches up to
his friends and books

In someones yard a wagging tale plays with a purr

My shoes seem to float
My heart seems to blaze with hopeful expectance

Just up ahead a beautiful young woman drops her hair clip
Her gold hair clip

Excuse me you...



I could barely speak she was so beautiful

She said

And when she smiled
the world turned gold
Galaxies form in the smoke
They spin and dance in sun rays

I exhale again creating a new existance

The evil windows breeze scatters my creation

The universe is but a fleeting glimpse of reality
blown from the corners of our eyes

Fragile and delicate

Floating along in the hurricane of time

Destroyed and reborn in the spiritual ebb and flow

Exhale and spark a supernova

Inhale and swallow a black hole

We are all gods
The same god

Particles of everything that ever exsisted
on earth is in the air we breath

I am Earth
Earth is me

Earth created me
and i contribute to its future attributes

So i will exhale love
I will exhale hope
I will exhale heaven

I will just breathe
Each morning since the start
Just two months ago
I feel a poetic ******
is sure to stem my flow

I start with a word
and then another

To the gods i do not beg

And pretty soon
there's a steady flow
of poetry down my leg
My first ever poem
All those 2 months ago

A flash on the horizon

A supernova fizzes through existance
and crashes into loves ocean

Flares and hearts explode

A fiery tsunami approaches

Embers fall from the skies
Reflected in your amber eyes

Turn and face the coming tide
that scorches all who try to hide

Love burns bright when deep and true

And this my love
My flame for you
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