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Brady Oct 19
life will come,
life will come,
but my thoughts settle on what could stop it.
Brady Sep 24
hearts flushed and close to the chest,
how could you not play 'em?
what's wild wont stay with you, I mean,
how many times have you heard "captivity" in conversation?
Brady Sep 24
lonely, hotbox room
             high off my own c o 2
this nostalgia potent.
             i see the window wave memories
at me like a tv screen.
              i'm sad, the walls see me
reek in self-pity. i hear
               old brakes screech at stop signs--
Brady Sep 7
what if the wind blew me too far away?
would god speak up for me?
if my voice was too soft, would you?
do i look like i belong here?
what do i do?
Brady Aug 11
A cup that holds water over the top of its lid.

A wrong answer key to a set math problems, still bold enough to dress itself in red.

I've never seen a rabbit hole that wasn't deep enough to get lost in.
Brady Aug 11
I wonder if I'm handsome. The mirror only has my eyes to offer, so the best evidence I have is the girls that have begged me to forgive them. If that feels like a boast to you, I beg you to consider why God might love ****.

My face feels like soft music. Lyrics about wanting, not knowing, and water would be redundant. It's something like fluffy pancakes with no syrup; I apologize and wish I was sweet. I love the word "charm" but hate what it means. Still, I hope that made the right side of your body chill.

I never cared about the arc of a football so much as I loved holding something with the tips of my fingers. I ran routes to chase the euphoria of not letting the football down. I think that made me a lover. If you let me talk about love I won't be introverted. Laughter is a quick fix, but it's easy to go out of style in a room full of people.

I stared in the mirror for a long time. I wanted to see if I was the only new thing I had. I decided I missed my lover's face.
Brady Jul 25
Can you accept what you've always wanted when it shows up in time for you?

In the face of your own ghosts that have failed you forever,

Can you accept what you've always wanted when it shows up in time for you?
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