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cg Aug 2020
you want the silhouette
you want two things to be true
cg May 2020
feels like a blonde memory /
strong /
my hand over your smaller hand /
begging /
close your eyes /
dream /
we might never see this again /
cg May 2020
The Prodigy of Sensitivity (the hermit crab)
crawls through the sand
away from another lover--
cg May 2020
I believe in the life we can't (express)
the night's confidence in a coin;
a few drops of drink
and your skin has already left you
in search of something better.
cg Apr 2020
me in my car,
twirling around this place,
a little soul here,
I keep spinning,
I keep looking,
for that road,
where my other life was from--
aren't you in this place?
cg Mar 2020
There was winter,
every year.
every year,
around New Years,
there would be a house party
or a bar
where someone would eventually yell:
"Close the door!"
and when the door was opened,
the bricks that were left behind
would be colder,
and whatever walk was left for the people
would make them the same.
cg Mar 2020
I cant believe I snorted you!
I cant believe I’m the new AMY, playing with fire
Until it burns the **** outta me!
Write about lovers, write about lover who
Left left left, no wait she stayed and you left? You gotta write about that,
Whattakid, just leaving girls he has no business leaving, lemme teach you about
LEAGUES, leagues guy,
Why did you think you could play around like you were a God,
*******, how about I leave you with everything
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