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blxzd Feb 2014
they clutch and roll,
ignoring the sand creeping into their clothes,
they kiss,
full of fire,
and he reaches for her pants,
tugs at the waistband.

envisions of a capsized ship,
artefacts sinking to the bottom of the ocean,
trailing an SOS of bubbles
that never make it to the surface.
an anchor settling into a bed of mud,
tangled in seaweed.

she untangles herself from him,
and walks away.
blxzd Feb 2014
he is the sunrise that kisses me on a cold winters day,
just to say i am still here.

he is the cool breeze that presses against my skin,
to remind me to keep going forward.

he is the rain that washes all the sadness away,
to teach me to let go, and start new.

on the darkest of nights, where i am found jumbled in my own
thoughts.. where i can not fathom the idea of him gone.
i ask myself why he had left me.

when really he hadn't left me at all,
he is the brightest stars on the darkest nights sky.

just to say, i am still here.
i did not die.

— The End —