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bluejam Aug 2010
hello poetry
are you active?
no one reads my poems
so i feel sad

hello poets
are you here?
you don't read my poems
so i feel alone

hello, hello
are you listening?
please read my poems
be kind to a poet
bluejam Jul 2010
Go sit near the piano
Let me see your colors and textures as music
Take your place in the rainbow
Fly like a flock of doves (in)
Choral sunlight
Radiate visions (of)
Peace and hopefulness
Let us praise this woman (of life)

Take that cup of cool water
Offer it to me
Sing in a chorus of angels joyfully alive
Stand in the sun
You are radiant truth (my lady)

Take down that book of poems and hold it near your heart (sweetness)
Join gentle history made for lovers
Earth’s precious produce
Touch poor hearts
Release their light (sweet princess)
Take away this man’s binding scars
With healing grace
bluejam Jul 2010
Beware poets.  Conceit consumes

Oh yes, we understand how you have suffered
Such great gifts no one understood,
Except that teacher, so eager to please with ink stained hands

Beware young poet of your mirrored pen-hand
Reflecting only your own visions
        As if you could replace God in this universe of stars
Your mirrored hand withdrawn from the waters of truth leaves no impression
Only the smallest ripple for an instant remains (poets understand this)

Beware young poet of your own conceit
You say nothing new,
You write old truths to fresh eyes
Is that enough for you?
Stand without ego if you can…strive selflessly
Put ambition away
Show love
Let go of conceit to see the world and write
bluejam Jul 2010
A lady I know shuns the light of unknown things
The doors she opens lead to safe and safer places

This lady holds tight to self
Her grasp fast to a man-made light

If she lets go, she fears, she will fall
And falling brings winds of unknown places

She works on mooring lashings tightly fixed
Breath and blood squeezed out, never in

      Until life intervenes and teaches
             The dear lady will be loved but not know love

By gentle hearts surrounding and kind minds protecting
She sleeps in the hollow of her making

Her children give **** to breast
Mother flows out to her only growth

Dance to her drum pilgrim, bow low and say excuse me
Perhaps you will linger awhile with this lady

Open the door to your reflection dear lady
Sweet princess, sweeten the womb that nurtures you

Bring your soups of solace to the loving
Pass out the mead that brings controlled acceptance

But for your life, open a door not knowing
Break the seals held to your safe keeping

Tip platitudes platter crashing to earth
Rip your blouse and cry for new life

Stir the nest, your fledgling heart to fly
Fall into future; change is chance, fear not loved lady
bluejam Jun 2010
I ride this watchful journey

   Rivers wind through ancient caverns

    Across open plain, up mountain side

  Vantage point where you stand

           Alone and wondering

Telling out the things you see and taste

Would you sleep quietly, your dream sleep

             Nestled next to poet devotion?

Flesh and blood casualty to your secrets

     Body giving way to deep views under your wants?

I stand staked a slave to ripping eyes and mind

        Laser-look lingering on motive

     Report what you feel and desire and wish poetess

     Grist to you, fuel to passions stylus, my blood, river to your sailing
bluejam Jun 2010
I tried to write an epic poem about you
Each word I wrote diminished the truth
So I stopped
bluejam Jun 2010
sad sad heart

kiss your image

sadly frozen in pictures

taken to find some hope

spread those self-portraits

on the floor of your life

find one that says patience

touch your face with courage

open your heart to your smile

freeze-framed like a frightened bird

pretty dress and hair of ribbons

tell us your story sad sad girl
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