Eliot York   Apr 12, 2014
Suggesting corrections
I'd like to tell you about the first in what will be a series of new features. Everyone now has the ability to suggest changes to any poem on Hello Poetry. Of course, a suggestion is just that: a suggestion. No one can actually edit your poems. Here's how it works:

  1. Someone suggests a correction on a poem of yours by clicking the icon after reading your poem (near the heart). They can leave a private comment with their suggestion as well.

  2. You're notified and shown their comment and a preview of the suggestion.

  3. You review this suggestion. For example, someone might have corrected a typo (their -> they're, its -> it's, etc), corrected a misspelling (two != too != to, etc), added a tag or just suggested a slightly different wording where they felt it didn't work.

  4. Once you've reviewed the person's suggestions, you can either accept or reject them. If you accept the suggestions, they'll be applied to your poem and saved right away, otherwise if you reject them, the suggestion will be deleted and no changes made to your poem.

You can of course correct classic poems too (by, say, E.E. Cummings or Shakespeare). If you've done that, the change will be recorded and reviewed by the moderators (more on this soon).

There is much more to come in the coming months. For now, I'm hopeful that this will enable a new level of collaboration between writers, help tidy up the classics library and encourage everyone to help others improve their writing, one small suggestion at a time. There are writers of all ages and skill levels here on Hello Poetry, and we can all benefit from each other's wisdom and unique experience.

As always, I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions (ha!) or concerns about these features. Just use the comment box below.

Have a great weekend,