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BlakOps Feb 2013
Life is like a box of chocolates.
I didn't know I would get
a brown eyed beauty
with a nice lil' *****
and she's cool see,
she been on her own vibes since
before the age of 5,
then we vibed.
now we live.
she decided I was her guy,
I decided to pursue this fly
cutie with a 'tude like, "shoot me,
has me hooked like a tuna at sea,
tamed me like a tiger and oh so lovely!"
Now I got 5 on it
thinkin' 'bout doublin' down
she wavin other girlies like,
"bye haters,
see ya laters
Im wit my man right now, bout to get"
BlakOps May 2012
the time is ticking
the hands, spinning
my feet, sticking
hoping for the trinity
I find myself stuck
between divinity
the gray area
seems like infinty
My regrets stick with me
shakin um seems tricky
money, cars, clothes, hoes
thats all my n**s know
not me though
follow me, past the vanity
the regrets seem to vanish
as if we planned it
what I life without wants
a life full of plesant haunts
sugar plum dreams
filled with chocolate streams
and everything that was
is not what it seems
then you see your queen
on a hill above the rest
you seem a little blessed
so try something new
anything new
sometimes thats
all we can do
BlakOps Mar 2012
4 words--theoretics boom
I believe in you.
Changed the world.
Changed the difference between me and you.
affects the peoples mindstate
Pushes coersive weight
subtraction the negative aura
Add positive floral
Multiply the 13 letters
Divide the cheddar  
Light as a feather
Bring the world together
BlakOps Feb 2012
If I had to have one
I regret that I regret this
But it seems too common to ponder on
Still I must
Careful though has been given
All others are forgiven
Life’s calculations are taken
Still I must conclude
One Regret
If I had to have one

I regret Not  remembering the times I laughed till I cried,
or till I fell to the floor and rolled,
or smiled from ear to ear cause my face was smitten with funny.

It seems memories of the minor,
Of the,
Mal-experience dominate what could be
A scare free history.
Critique is welcomed.
BlakOps Feb 2012
Still we sin
Still friends
Still trying to climb
Still behind
Still waiting
Still under achieved
Still under believed
Still blamed
Still unpaid
Still wasting
Still uneducated
Still hoping
Still praying
Still hated
Still my people
Still need freedom
Still need to be one
Still need to be brave
Still struggle everyday
Still trying to get away
Still this society seems still
Waiting still...
Critique is welcomed.
BlakOps Feb 2012
Stand up
Stand up
Stand up proud on the soapbox
U got something to say?
Say it
Say it
Say it proud on the soapbox
U ready now?
Get up
Get up
Get up on that soapbox
(Speaker crackles)

Crowd: hi!

My name is Prince L and I'm here to offend you.

Crowd: gasp!!!(Murmurs)

so settle down. it seems I can't reach your standards of presentation. is my hair to *****? are my clothes to cheap, hell anyone can see, I wear my **** proudly,

Crowd: gasp harder!!! He did not!

I did, oh **** I forgot I'm not supposed to cuss, o well too late, watch it unfold, my fate. this is my first time on the soapbox, let's talk about that, the box, is it needed? People use it as a trough to feed these stagnant ideas of life and how to live it. Why does everyone need to be categorized and seeded?

Crowd: hmmmmm....

The disparities between race in class are magnified cause we are gentrified, so we all feel polar to the other, opposite the fact we are born from another, check me I have love for you because you are you no matter your crew. O you have a conflict of view, don't matter unless u mad hatter tryin to riddle your way through the middle, cause in reality most of us are in this middle group, are you following? You're a regular sleuth.

Crowd: huh? We want truth.

Try this on for size. I think you might find, the separation between elite and u is a lot, spot the differences?  if you were part of the one you wouldn't be arguin with everyone. They got lawyers for that, they mouths stay strapped ready to ****** from you, so don't worry boo keep jaw jackin while the keep straight jackin, stealin, thievin, everything you see, reapin, the earth of its resources slowly turning it to hell. Its not a perception its a perpetual. why you think they always gathering, resources, yea they planning it, to own the world, don't be a fool.
Crowd: no way!!

I'm tellin you pray.  Appreciate the ppl who stand upon the soapbox, why? Cause they be fightin for every ones freedom. No matter the cause, no matter the fight,
Accepting thoughts and criticism
BlakOps Feb 2012
In chains trying to make change
Arrange for a plane to far away plains
In vain he hopes to stand
On his two feet but love, he cannot believe. So much pressure he bought it no receipt. I got these white collars stressing me, telling me, wear your tie pick up your feet, please, my ancestors didn't fight to see, me, 36 floors up fashion hanging me, from the metaphorical tree. No they won't see me groveling on my knees. I'm a proud black man dyeing to be, free, and its funny cause we all dyeing to be, something, and time don't cease and we just micro-living in peace, or pain, or plain vanilla.

(Columbus day)
In a noose finding proof
Board a boat to a faraway moat
Round we go, at least he's afloat
In a sea of uncertainty,
certainly, he can handle what he see's
But what about what he feels
I don't know what's worse.
The loss or the hurt.
I see the day as the end of natural earth.
Borders crossed never to be returned.
The order was established I'm still fellin the aftershock. They mock my art, mock my creativity, try to mock the essence of me. But in a sense its good, I guess, allowing free expression to get this stress off my chest. Blessed I feel every day to know I aint got to go. The box that surrounds me is just metaphorical. Even the rules in place are deplorable, meanin ignorable. If it don't help it hurt and the new jim crow need some work. But as long as I can escape it, as long as I can break out the box, as long as I can stand on two feet, the oppressor will never catch me on my knees in a noose or fighting to get loose. My mind is already liberated, my education has focused my hatred, and I realized they the ones that need the savin.
Critique is welcomed.
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