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Blake Watson Jun 2011

Stay young as long as you can.
You have inquisitive minds.
You're not afraid to make mistakes.
You have creative spirits.
But as you grow up, the world will try to take these things away from you.
They will call you dumb if you ask too many questions.
When you make mistakes, they will call you a failure.
They will squander your creativity.

Don't let them.

Albert Einstein made scientific breakthroughs in physics because he never stopped asking "Why?".
Thomas Edison perfected the light bulb because he wasn't afraid to make mistakes.
Leonardo da Vinci made some of the best art in history because he refused to let his creativity die.

Adults are really just big kids who have forgotten how to have fun.
Try to remind them from time to time.
Blake Watson Feb 2010
I dwell on an island.
It’s sunny and bright.
It’s lined by the blue water’s foam.
My house, my possessions,
Are here in plain sight.
But the island is far from my Home.

I look all around me.
Creation I see.
Trees sway and the animals roam.
I will stay here for now,
But soon, I will leave.
For this island is far from my Home.

Corruption is here too,
I’m sad to affirm.
There’s danger when out on your own.
I must take the right paths,
And make the right turns.
Since the island is far from my Home.

We’re here on the island,
With Good and with Bad.
And sometimes we feel all alone.
We can be comforted,
Because we all know,
That the island is far from our Home.
Notes: A poem inspired by Shivakumar Sundaram.
Blake Watson Feb 2010
The breath of God gave Adam life.
And he did the Garden receive.
But Adam was alone, without a wife.
And so God gave him Eve.

When His people were as slaves,
God sent plagues to set them free.
But they could not get across the waves.
So God parted the sea!

Jericho had a mighty wall,
So the Israelites found.
They said it was thick, and much too tall.
And so God tore it down!

When they fought against the giant,
They wondered which man to deploy.
Their foe was big, strong, and violent.
So God sent a boy.

Man always acted out of line.
From sin he couldn't run.
But the love of God is pure, divine.
And so He sent His Son.
Blake Watson Feb 2010
I look out the window.
The raindrops cloud my view.
They drizzle down the window,
But are quickly replaced by the new.

The raindrops lead to a peace,
And the peace leads to reflection.
Life could have lead a different path;
Taken a different direction.

From birth, a weight was given to me;
That I shouldn’t freely go about.
Gradually, its effects amplify.
And it continues, without a doubt.

A half of my soul is missing.
Tangled in its greed, it fled.
The half still here, it doubled.
And the other, it is dead.

“If” surfaces now and then,
But usually hides from sight.
Memory is read-only.
So I read, but never write.

The raindrops remain in the window.
And though they cloud the view,
The light still pierces through them,
As the day begins anew.
Blake Watson Feb 2010
Long ago, in a far away place
There was a tiny planet in the depths of space
All of its people were all the same
They were all the same color, and bore the same name

An asteroid from space hit the planet one day
And dust came about and went on its way
All around the planet, they were covered with dust
And when they washed it all off, they were left in disgust

It was horrible, like nothing they had seen
For now all the people were blue, pink, or green
Prejudice set in, they couldn’t get along
If the pink said they were right, the blue said they were wrong

The green wouldn’t eat with the blue or the pink
If a green ship was sinking, the blue let it sink
They cooked different foods, they played different games
All the people were different, nothing was the same

But there was one blue person who was loving and nice
He traveled the world to give out his advice
“We used to get along, or have you forgotten?”
“We’re not that different, we have plenty in common.”

“We all like to laugh, and have a good time”
“We like to read poems and hear a good rhyme”
“Variety is good, it can paint a great scene”
“Some houses can be blue, others can be green”

They all had to admit the idea wasn’t bad
Besides, they would have a lot more fun then they’ve had
They all made a promise to forget their harsh past
The blue, pink, and green people came together at last
Notes: I was asked to write a poem about what diversity meant to me.
Blake Watson Feb 2010
As he walked along the peaceful shore,
He reflected on years past.
It didn’t turn out like he wanted.
“How did it go by so fast?”

Another step, another memory,
It consumed him like a flame.
So many things he wished to take back.
So many things fueled his shame.

It could not be his fault, he shouted!
He did the best he could do.
What happened to his trustworthy Guide,
Who promised to see him through?

The sun was blazing in from the West.
He turned to cover his face.
He saw two shadows cast behind him.
Was he alone in this place?

It struck him like a bolt of lightning!
Of course he was not alone.
It was his Guide, his wonderful Friend!
Oh, how he wished he had known.

His Friend never led in this journey.
He was never in front at all!
He always followed, stayed behind him,
To catch him when he would fall.
Blake Watson Feb 2010
Hey, I'm miles away from Earth
I'm up in space
I'm drifting toward a frightful unknown place
To prove that what I saw was real not fake

Hey, the oxygen's not getting to my brain
It's wandering, my thoughts cannot refrain
From drawing Martians who traverse the red terrain
Building their canals
I hope it rains
I hope it rains

Hey, I could turn around and go the way I came
I've burned up all my fuel
I need a flame
The gravity is pulling me away

And I drift closer
Notes: Song lyrics
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