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Blake Rogers Nov 2015
Three thin walls and a faux wood grain
This is my home, four hours a day
Turning the page, writing in scribbles
Hundreds of books with tests in the middles
Out on the hour, sit in the sun
Wait for the scheduled break to be done
Back to our desks, writing away
This is my job, four hours a day
Dedicated to Premier High School of Abilene, Texas.
Blake Rogers Nov 2015
Will there ever be someone so graceful, so kind
A person so prominent, invading my mind

A comrade, a companion, a brother to me
My searching's in vain; no other I see

I end this writing with a simple request
Please, let your day be simply the best.
My friend.
To a very special friend of mine, a fellow poet. I hope your days are well. I miss you!
Blake Rogers Dec 2014
Traversing the tundra as my thoughts tear to tatters
      My heart starts to wonder if anything matters.
I stumble, I fall, my scrapes start to bleed
      I've abandoned the loved ones that I dearly need.
The earth here is cold, the outlook is bleak
      The love of another, I desperately seek.
I'm caught up in cold, I'm blinded by snow
     Will we meet again? I cannot really know.
I will lay down to sleep in the arms of Jack Frost
     *Do not come to find me, it's too high a cost.
Blake Rogers Dec 2014
These strange people tell me of a place they control. A place filled with knowledge, and secrets untold.

I do want to go there, my curiosity is true. Maybe I'll meet someone who is just like you.

Or maybe a land full of darkness and greed. A world mirrors ours? The last thing I need.

I entered today, and knew you weren't there, because for my emotions, not anyone cared.
Blake Rogers Oct 2014
My thoughts were untameable.
In a single moment, I changed gears.
I started struggling to keep up.
And my thoughts no longer
Everything moves too fast anyway.
My mind is thick, my thoughts are
Viscosity-defining a liquids resistance to flow.
Blake Rogers Jul 2014
Discordant sounds; shrill, jarring,painful.
Two rivers, a valley, a town or two separate me from the cacophony.
I listen closely and still don't hear your blessing.
If it existed at all, it was lost in the air, battered by the chaos.
It's all I listen to anymore, the pandemonium.
It is my wish to ascend, to search from above for the long-sought approval.
I will try for the sake of my own tomorrow.
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