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Blackhole Soul May 2015
I made a demon today
To test me tomorrow
Will i come out and play
Or wallow in sorrow

Dragged away
From this skin of mine
Floating in a bay
Waiting for my time
Blackhole Soul Apr 2015
These words i write
Come together
Like bonds of a molecule
Dependent on one another
A bond never severed
To tell of my mind
And the twists and binds
But its here
Within these bonds
That you may find my legacy
Blackhole Soul Apr 2015
I dreamt of you again
I wonder where you went
Why i let you go
The love we shared
The life i spared
This life doesnt seem fair
Blackhole Soul Mar 2015
Begging for the light
some beautiful sight
But the times never right
and time is a fright

trapped in an ocean
currents in constant motion
Craving Romeos potion
Desiring a loving notion

No up no down
and darkness surround
lusting for the feel of ground
and all the earthly sounds

Knowing of but never seeing
The legend, the happy being
knowing not of a darkened feeling
to meet he i must stop fleeing
Blackhole Soul Mar 2015
As I watch the white water pass
And against the rock
It clash

I think about the empty stash
The good ol green
That hash

For now nicotine soothes
The current of mind
That thinks *****
Blackhole Soul Feb 2015
For her
I do desire

Our hearts
So full of fire

Warmth in our eyes
As she stares at me

Unlike other guys
Her stare

It sets me free

Another she holds
So closely
So dear

Never would I dare to interfere
But in love and war
All is fair

And she holds me

She is

She is
Who she chooses to be
And if she chooses
To be with me

I promise
To let her be

She will always be

Always be
Love is weird
Life descends into the vice of those who judge...
Unconditional opinions give those the nudge...
The nudge into darkness we ride...
Back into the corner we hide...
From those high on life's pleading destruction...
It's hard for us to begin our reconstruction...
People unable to enter society's plains...
Due to the judgmental's menacing claims...
It's time we stop listening to those of scorn...
It's time to know those are the ones truly torn...
For we are all beautiful in our own little ways...
It's time to realise it with no more delays...

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
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