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Betty Ponder Jan 2014
Upon waking yesterday morn, the temperature was 8 degrees;
cancellation of events and slippery icy roads, disliking winter!
T'was out driving and dealing with the limited visibility; freezing.
Wasn't fun maneuvering usually two lane streets; turned one.

I'm sitting here wide awake and staring at ice crystal windows,
went to bed last night, temperature was frigid sub zero; No joke!
The furnace had a busy night keeping this old drafty house warm.
My cute little budgie who "was" chirping, is now sleeping on perch.  

Giving a memory of yesterday brief thought and still find it funny.
Went shopping after losing the debate of exiting a warm vehicle.
Over heard a conversation regarding me, based on the "assumed".
The two ladies(without a doubt) read what's posted on net sites.

Standing in the next aisle, ears slightly alert, hearing my full name.  
Should I walk up to say, "hello!" or tell them to mind own business?
Found it amusing and a bit flattering, despite negative words used.
Did they see me enter the store or did they even care that I heard?

If I were indeed the "rumored" witch, I'd melt every inch of snow.
Why did these villagers "presume" I'm holder of necromancer's card?
Defective reasoning of me practicing "voodoo" and casting many spells.
A bit of food for thought; It's one-dimensional and illogical thinking.
Betty Ponder Jan 2014
Engaging in conversation with you renewed distant past memories,
nostalgia's brush strokes painting the enchantment of quaint scene.
Do we, two mere humans, stand a fighting chance against kismet?
Can we rewind to a time of trust, love, serenity and best friendship?
Felt euphoric and wistful catching glimpses of your brazen glances,
same look of longing witnessed in your eyes when we shared our lives.
Fate's timing or did you request the radio station to play that song?
Same dedicated song Delilah played for me at your request in past.
Thanks for the laughs and view of past that brought back memories,
such great  memories that bring to mind why I fell in love with you.
Betty Ponder Dec 2013
My morning has been filled(thus far) with going about my busy life,
spending time with kids, answering questions only mom's can.
Spent a moment or two reflecting upon the swiftly fading year; and,
realizing I've no regrets, looking forward to coming year and more.

Thankful for my children growing up strong and well adjusted,
thankful they are great students who work hard to make the grade.
Grateful to have male friends who know hi means hi and that's it,
never assume my kindness means, "Hey there! Wanna you know what?"

I have some items on my walls that are meant to inspire or motivate;
favorite quotes: "Great Spirit, grant that I may not criticize my neighbor",
"Never sweat the small stuff, in the end it's all small stuff", when people
are negative, I like coco's,  "I don't care what you think about me!" quote.

Most recent knee treatments give hope that I'll be walking without pain;
if that should happen, Great! If not, what did I lose, had to try something.
Miss wearing my little red dress and that **** gold with fringe number,
I have hopes I'll be that very tiny size and proudly wear both dresses again.  

Extremely happy I have non judgmental friends with accepting hearts.
Am I content being alone? YES! I don't need a man to complete me.
I'm highly content to post poetry on Hellopoetry only occasionally,
I'm happy to be the musefulspirit posting, own thoughts, on blog spot.

Happy New Year 2014 to one and all!

Betty Ponder Dec 2013
Betty Ponder Dec 2013
I could care less how many hours you spend on the net or what you do when you're on. I have no clue who you are nor do I care to know you. You crossed the line in claiming one of my poems as your own.

Please be advised, It takes only a few minutes to upload electronically to the Library of Congress. Also, please be advised, certificates have been issued under the seal of the Copyright Office that attests the registration of all my poems on this site have been identified as being solely created and owned by me, Betty Ponder. There are stiff fines and penalties for attempting to take credit for works that are not your own.

Below you will find the link to the poem regarding Nelson Mandela I wrote and you get no credit for it being that I don't know you and we have never met or collaborated on anything.

Betty Ponder
Betty Ponder Dec 2013
Sorry you're not finding it to your liking and to my knowledge,
"Borrowing" isn't the "norm" on this site, it's the exception to the rule.
I read poems; but, far less than what's posted. Who has that much time?  
From what I gather, the alleged person who "borrowed", was a tad upset.
Upset and sought revenge due to comments she didn't agree with at all.
Her revenge; a rapid and endless stream of posting posts by fellow poets?
I am so not into and highly allergic to mentally draining drama. ARRGH!
I'm on daily when I create poetry and my friends are also to lend support.
Does it matter how many hours adults spend on this site or on the net?
Better question; Is it really anyone's business? Short answer; Who cares!
In regards to criticism in general: They're "personal opinions" and that's it.
If you fall apart, get upset or are seeker of revenge over random's comments,
lock yourself indoors, don't go out in public and don't post on the internet.
What's truly impossible; Finding a way to please everyone at the same time.  
Grow a thick skin, roll with the punches and graciously learn to take criticism.
Betty Ponder Dec 2013
You were the rebel, the prisoner, the fighter for a people without rights,
a people who fought valiantly and with hopes and visions of equality.

Such a pity, the greater population of the world lived in ignorance
and denial of the existence of the endless fight and plight of a people.

War in the streets, the blood and bodies of men, women and children
was common sight witnessed and price paid to gain basic rights of human.

After over a quarter of a century and pressures building to gain your freedom;
unconditionally, you arose like the phoenix and emerged to greet sunlight.  

A continuing mission of freedom and liberation of a people oppressed,
remained upper most in the heart and mind of one who would not rest.

You emerged from the darkness, seeing the walls of apartheid standing,
standing strong against your beliefs and be architect of it's destruction.

Who could foresee that the island with bars housing a man with resolve
would foster a journey of a prisoner to wise and great leader of a people?
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