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Bethlehem Aug 2017
Do I dream too vividly?
Hope too foolishly?
Fall too easily?
choose to ignore, what's right in front of me?

Am I asleep while awake?
Love while I hate?
Give just to take?
Destroy what I create?

Do I run to death to feel alive?
Do I need a purpose for this life?
Do I fear my future or my past?
Does happiness really last?

Am I lost or has my mind drafted, has the world gone mad, or am I just twisted?
Bethlehem Dec 2016
When the leaves turn and the moon breaks apart,I look at your face and don't know where to start.

A Foolish dreamer who lived in a tower held together by her dreams, but nothing is ever as it seems as time stumbled by, her dreams fell from the sky.

Reality caught her by surprise and exposed it's ugly lies, and a once hopeful soul was forced to live in disguise.

Her world grew unforgiving and cold, as she questioned all she was ever told.
A fragile heart filled with nothing but despair, shattered at the slightest scare.

As months turned into weeks and weeks into days so began the second phase, that left her body broken and her mind a drunken haze.

She lived for the wicked games,that set her world to flames creating pleasure from others misery,for each broken heart she claimed victory.

It's a work of art the way she plays her part, just another clone paralyzed Floating from one moment to another, her heart ice cold she dose as she's told.
At the end of the day wishing to dream the night away,but the sandman won't come out to play.

watching as time is washed away and the night surrenders to the day, she knew behind her endless pain was the truth her heart couldn't accept, she was just a lonely being trying to connect.
Bethlehem Oct 2016
A new day is Rising.
A new way is becoming clear,so lift up you head now and don't shed another tear.

I shall not be consumed by these fears that haunt my dreams,breaking down my walls to spread their poisonous seeds,then fleeing in the night like cowardice thieves.

I shall not be consumed by the saddness that plagues my heart,day after day threatening to tear it apart.

I shall not be consumed by this anger that burns deep down to my soul,like an engine that runs on coal.

I shall not be consumed by these familiar voices of doubt that play endlessly on repeat, I will bury them deep down in coffins made of concrete.  

I shall not be consumed by your toxic words that brings darkness at any time of day, I will cast them out like the sun casts the night away.

I shall not be consumed by these idols I've made from clay, that fed on my dreams and left me to decay.

Though i was set up to fail, like a snake eating his own tail.
Though I don't know what the future holds, I shall fight till my last breath,the only thing that will stop me is the bitter teast of death.
Bethlehem Sep 2016
Mother watching me with piercing  cold eyes, your dreams for me were nothing but lies.

Mother suffocating me with your so called love and expectations, my lungs are dying like cancer patients.

Mother who is ever so wise, I've lived my life for you in disguise.
Turning into what I hated, till my lies became too complicated.

Mother am flowed I will be the first to admit, but you are the real hypocrite.
What do you see when you look at me? am not the once fraile girl you knew me to be.

Mother who wastes my youth without care, there only so much a person can bare.
I hear you laughter in my head, it is a sound that I've come to dread.

Mother you gave me the precious gift of life, but all your words cut like a knife.
Why do you hate me? do I remind you of everything you wanted to be.

Mother who feeds on my anger and
Frustration, Like a hunger stricken nation.
Nothing I will ever do will be good enough for you, I feel it in my heart It must be true.

Mother I know you only do what you think is best, that's why you made my life a test  

Mother it seems our worlds are destined to crash, leaving behind nothing but ash.
Bethlehem Aug 2016
Everything can change in the blink of an eye, pull up a chair now don't be shy.

The world is burning to the ground, you can see it yet you can't hear a sound.
A world with streets painted red, nothing's been done it's all be said.
A cloud of poison follows me everywhere I go, it's not who you are it's who you know.
Acid rain burns my skin, a million drops for a thousand sin.

Nothing is as it seems were all trapped by our dreams, we lost our minds shut the blinds and ignore the signs.
Everyone does no one asks why, there's nothing left you cannot buy everything's for sale wrapped up in a lie.
Poor souls trying to numb the pain close your eyes and shut off your brain, standing in the rain calling to god again and again but it's the devil that knows your name.

Wake up and throw fuel on the fire, make the flames dance higher

talk me off the ledge take a lesson from my page, you can run but you can't hide all you have left is your pride, you don't have a choice your hands are tied you have to win you have to fight.
Bethlehem Jul 2016
I see trouble on the way.  
I see evil coming out to play.

I see doubt in your eyes, I've been counting all your lies.
I feel chaos as the wind blows, how it began nobody knows.

Your so far yet so close, this is not the life you would have chose.

Snow falls on blood covered stones, I felt it deep down in my bones.
I need to move, I need to go above the clouds I hear the crows.

In the distance, the bodies froze, as the smell of death hits my nose.

Look at the mess you made, think of the price you paid.

Are you strong or are you afraid, don’t you know you're going to fade you can't hide in the shade, do you feel betrayed?

Somethings been screaming in my head, someone's been sleeping in my bed.
Trapped by my mind, I've been walking around blind.

How many chances will I get, how many memories will I forget.  

Into the unknown I jump, don't look back it's just a bump.

Am I ready for what's to come, I let it all go and bang the drum.
Bethlehem Jun 2016
The sky turns jet black the wind knocks me down on my back,everything looks the same in the dark, your love really left it's mark.

Last act of a desperate man,hold my breath and count to ten.
Last thing I need to do,is find a way to get back to you.
Time has torn you away from me, maybe you and I weren't ment to be.
A drop in the sand reach out to hold your hand,as you turn away can't we meet half way.
I hear the wind whisper your name, guess I'll take all the blame.
I spent all this time waiting for you,but I was tossed aside for something new.
As I Look up at the moon my mind plays a haunting tune,that tells me you'll be mine,I smile and chills run down my spine.
Am looking for the path that leads me back to you, I wish for the stars to give me a clue.
Eyes wide open as the sky turns blue,
looking for the way to get back to you.
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