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Benjamin May 2015
and suddenly, everything lost it's meaning.
it's all so very simplistic.
put it into a metaphor if need be,
that when we smoke we use the flames in our hearts to light our cigarette.
but, narrow it all down
the crevices in your hands are as thin as your patience
and can be split by even a paper cut.  
i light my cigarette with a ******* lighter.
what fuels it all?
well, really some butane or naphtha or any lighter fluid you prefer.
get a grip.
you're not facing any of those deep rooted issues in you
and those don't go away.
for ***** sake, you ripped your heart out of your chest to light a cigarette.
Benjamin Apr 2015
i want to breathe without the usage of my lungs

i want to see without any eyes

i want to feel a heartbeat in the center of my mind

yet there's nothing here
but silence and wind
and a lack of real meaning in life.
Benjamin Feb 2015
im afraid
that people ****

*and im a person too
sorry to be an ***
Benjamin Feb 2015
theres nothing to say
you put a knife in my back
and i moaned
its just *** honey
Benjamin Feb 2015
another wasted hour
wasting ink
and wasting paper
im wasting your time
as well as mine
im soon to be a wasted life
can i waste one more second of your time to say im sorry
Benjamin Feb 2015
that creature of disguise
the one hiding in my eyes
it is something of my creation
Benjamin Feb 2015
i am a piece of the sky
i am kind to the human eye
i dont need your eyes to see my beauty
because there is nothing to see
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