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Benjamin King Apr 2013
She slowly fainted in his arms
after failed attempts of his charms
she had not coped with what he had hoped
only gone in the way of harm's

And the blade was stuck
deep in her heart
he watched her pupils dilate
but had no fraternal feelings to impart
upon her undesirably fierce and dry fate

Moments of minutes went by
the atmosphere began to clarify
the scenario that would terrify
much more than the most potent
of cacti or fungi

And near he was drawn
without fear towards the dawn
of grotesque mutilation
an act of sheer exploitation

This hunger wasn't getting any younger
he had to heed the need and proceed

First he quenched his thirst
of desirous yearning
infected her like a virus, earning
euphoric pleasure, but this was not the real treasure

Second he reckoned that a peek wouldn't hurt
it was a situation he couldn't revert
so he dug in deep like a creep
with shining silver he mined and drilled her

Third and last, he conquered and harassed
her entrails, which disgustingly unveiled
a regretful miasma pouring out of the lifeless plasma
she got the last laugh, but he didn't hear any laughter

Now the darkness approached
his mind gradually felt encroached
and on the cold, rugged, concrete floor
an innocent beauty lay
tainted with horrific gore
and not a single thing to say

Thereafter he collapsed
with a peculiar shout
as he blocked the whole world


It was a bright summer morning
dewy, dabby and wet
dark twinkling thoughts
competed to fill his head
fragments of odd memories
of vivid amenities
flickered like an unstable light bulb
projecting images of resolution
implying personal evolution

A trail invited him
the green hills excited him
and he wandered the path of exemption
like a pilgrim, seeking redemption
but he came upon a tree
with branches full of fleas
he examined it for a while
but went on like a careless child

Sliding down a hillside surprised to collide
with an unoccupied, undignified graveside
he quickly absconded and swiftly responded
to an extroverted residence presented with great convenience
and as his legs were tiring his energy was expiring
he became an intruder, quite aspiring.

The hallway seemed warped
on the wall a cachet, forked
a regal insignia
to the eyes like ambrosia is to the tongue
and that was when someone sprung
out and swung a knife at him
yelling and screaming about his break in

He was apprehensive
he turned from defensive to offensive
concerned that he would be defeated
and as she retreated he dealt a lethal blow
ending the show, felt the afterglow
as the knife like a dart
spiked and impaled her restless
and fast beating heart.
Benjamin King Mar 2013
I am a hexagon
with a tail
when you inhale
down the trachea
I go
my trail
quid pro quo

I split in two
and enter into two
pleura-covered chambers
and this is where
I might cause
unpleasant dangers.

I dissolve
on the membrane
of vitality
and tickle
the red cells
providing warmth
to reality

I leave red puddles
in a white desert
and I make kin care
with grueling effort

The core pumps
scarlet liquid
through upper
and lower
It splits me
carries me
in all

I end up
in the cortex
I alter
gray matter
I fumble
with your strings
I am the annex
of your receptors
I am a helpful

I control
your flow
of information
your hunger
and your memory
in return
you are
I make you happy
to be
I am THC.

— The End —